Zombies of the Algorithm: A Soul in Prison

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“First, they came for the unvaccinated…”

by Tessa Lena

The weekends after Thanksgiving, attorney Kelly Conlon and her daughter came to New York City as part of a girl scout field trip. They planned to see the Christmas Spectacular show at the Radio City Music Hall, owned by MSG Entertainment. They all had purchased tickets. However, Kelly was singled out and not allowed to see the show despite holding a ticket.

Kelly was identified by the facial recognition software as an attorney working for a firm that was litigating against another venue also owned by MSG Entertainment. She was stopped by the security and asked to leave, which she did—while the entire crew, the kids and the other moms, went in and “enjoyed the show.”

“First, they came for the unvaccinated, and now…” 

We’ll talk about that in a second—but first, can you imagine how powerful it would have been if their entire girl scout crew—the kids and the moms and everyone—refused to go in and made a big deal out of their refusal?

How powerful it would have been if, instead of “checking” a passive and trivial consumerist activity—“spectacular” as it may be—they practiced camaraderie, rebelled against abuse, and spent their time together elsewhere, exploring reality, bonding, and supporting each other? Wouldn’t it have been the most brilliant, brave, educational girl scout activity ever—way better than seeing a generic show? And wouldn’t it have been useful to use the opportunity to teach the girls how not to bend over in the face of bullying?

But they left Kelly outside and went in. They didn’t rebel because they didn’t know how. They didn’t rebel because they were caught up in the moment and had their minds on the “program.” They didn’t rebel because for years prior, they had been conditioned to comply as the path of the least resistance. They weren’t thinking with their souls. They were on autopilot. They were like wet cabbage leaves on the algorithm’s buttocks (a modified Russian saying), as opposed to free people.

And if you want to know how tyrants eat people, this is how. One by one, group by group, while others are watching, assuming they’ll be spared (but they are rarely spared).

This brings us to the most important point:

It is not hard to fight fascism—but the trick is to actually fight it.

We, human beings, have the power to protect each other. We have the power to heal each other. We really have that power, and it’s not a small matter. But, see, in order for it to work, we have to use it!! It will only have an effect if we use it.

Hence, the favorite trick of any tyrant—a trick that tyrants have been using for thousands of years—is to scare as many people as possible away from their souls, to use both sticks and carrots and to drag the people so far away from their souls that the very thought of honoring their souls would make them anxious as a completely unfamiliar endeavor.

And this is how tyrants eat people. It is much harder to eat people who stick together and don’t betray each other.

And now about the unvaccinated.

Two Weeks to Flatten Freedom and Dignity

(You can also read it on Organic Consumer Association’s website.)

See, in 2020 and after, the tyrants in high chairs spent billions of dollars to make people feel secure and protected under the bad magic of Fauci’s “science” —while making the same people feel very anxious around the “vermin”—anxious to the extent of celebrating the humiliation of the “unclean” human beings, on moral grounds.

And this, again, is how tyrants eat people.

It is my belief that the world is in such disarray right now less so because of the tyrants—who are nonetheless horrible people doing horrible things—but because so many good people have forgotten how to act from their souls.

Really, all that is needed to start a good chemical reaction is to decisively act from the soul, unfamiliar or scary as it may be. And just do it, and do it, and do it.

That is what we need to start doing more of— act from our souls, in the raw, with no reliance on talking points.

Do it, no matter how foolish it may feel to do it for the first time. Do it, no matter what the algorithm tells us.

We all have the power, our power is in respecting our own souls and in standing up for our right to be dignified and loving toward others. This is a long-term plan that requires courage and patience—and this is how we defeat abusers. For real.