The Newsweek story from last week shows that there is a lot of money being spent on this research now, and Big Pharma has already started some trials to try and get FDA approval.

In the last six years, Alkahest has identified more than 8,000 proteins in the blood that show potential promise as therapies. Its efforts and those of Grifols have resulted in at least six phase 2 trials completed or underway to treat a wide range of age-related diseases, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

The result is a flood of investment money, an explosion of research into what precisely goes wrong in our bodies as we get old and the promise of clinical results down the road.

In the months before the pandemic, investors ponied up billions of dollars to fund biotechs aimed at commercializing the new science.

“You have no idea how many people are interested to investing money in longevity,” said Nir Barzilai, the founding director of the Institute for Aging Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University, and the founder of a company aimed at mitochondrial health. “There are billions of dollars.”

Although the vast majority of these efforts remain in preclinical development, several have recently entered FDA trials and could potentially hit the market in a few years.

Some are already appearing on the gray market, raising concerns that hucksters are peddling anti-aging snake oil. Others, meanwhile, worry what might happen if these drugs actually do deliver on their promise: Will poor young people be coerced into selling their blood to elderly billionaires? Will magical anti-aging pills become the province of the Park Avenue and Hollywood rich, like facelifts, hair plugs and botox injections? Will the rest of us senile peasants be forced to watch them age backwards as we are left to wither and die?

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And while Newsweek does address these “concerns” by presenting them as questions, this is obviously a pro-pharma piece designed to plant the seeds that “young blood” is going to be used to “cure” the diseases that plague mankind, such as Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s, two neurological diseases that many feels are actually caused by Big Pharma products, such as statin drugs that artificially lower one’s cholesterol for older people.

25% of our body’s cholesterol resides in our brains, so this could very well be another one of those situations where Big Pharma causes the disease to begin with and then provides the “cure” which is actually no cure at all, but just a lifetime of dependency on more pharmaceutical products. This is their sales model for creating perpetual markets.

Sounds a lot like COVID-19. What could go wrong?

How Big is the Illegal Underground Adrenochrome Market?

As we mentioned last year, the knowledge of the black market adrenochrome drug is now reaching mainstream corporate media outside the U.S., as Turkey, Bulgaria, and other countries began covering it last year.

You can watch the video above from TGRT Haber, part of the Ihlas Media Group in Turkey, with a viewership reportedly that is more than 10 million.

This is a very dark subject, and as we learned from Polish film producer Patryk Vega’s documentaryEyes of the Devil,  babies are bought and sold not only for sex trafficking, but also for body parts, and that can include the harvest of blood and bone marrow.

Here are some video sources for those who wish to know more, but please be aware that these videos are not for everyone to watch, and certainly not for children, as they are very graphic and disturbing.


ADRENOCHROME The Elite’s Super Drug (Jay Myers Documentaries), is still available on YouTube here. It is also on if it disappears from YouTube.

There is also a documentary that has been shared on some alternative video platforms since last year, that claims to reveal documents about the underground Adrenochrome production network, including detention centers throughout the U.S. where children are kept in confinement to harvest their blood to make the drug.

There is virtually no way to verify something like this, so look at the evidence yourself and draw your own conclusions. I think this documentary originated with a woman in Germany, and you can watch them here:

Adrenochrome Extraction from children Part 1

Adrenochrome Harvesting part 2

There is one thing I am very certain about, however, and that is that the current “crisis” at the border with tens of thousands of children without their parents coming into the country, is not an accident or humanitarian crisis, but part of a very large and lucrative child trafficking network and I can only speculate as to how long God will allow this to continue without bringing severe judgment against the United States, the #1 destination in the world right now for child trafficking.