You’ll be Called an Anti-Vaxxer if you don’t take your Monkeypox Dose(s)

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World Health Organization declares monkeypox a global emergency

by Sheldon Yakiwchuk

Now, I don’t know how up-to-speed you are on the whole Monkeypox situation…but if it plays out anything like COVID, you will be deemed an Anti-Vaxx, Racist, Misogynistic…something or rather.


Because when the World Health Organization deems something a “Global Emergency”, we all need to do our part, right?

CTV just published the following and I do encourage you to read this→Link, if for no other reason than being able to try and shut this down before people start lighting their hair on fire.

This whole article is so incredibly stupid, you will have that “sucking on a penny” concussion-like taste in your mouth after reading it.

Check it:

A global emergency doesn’t actually mean that there is an emergency…


They have no idea how it spreads…except that :

98% of the cases involved men who have sex with men.

Sounds like a complete mystery how this is transmitted, doesn’t it?

But…be assured that Health Canada has you covered on this…because we’ve already ordered Millions of Doses of the Monkeypox vaccine…

Where “Some Experts” have speculated that Monkeypox will become entrenched…

It’s all so stupid.

BUT WAIT…Thanks to Unacceptable Charlotte…you will also come to understand that the Side Effects of the vaccine that will be used, also causes HEART DAMAGE!


How does an STD become a Global Emergency that isn’t actually an emergency at all?

According to the story…WHO Director Tedros, says that he acted as a “tie-breaker” on the vote to make the decision to call it a Global Emergency.

The only thing is…if you dig into this a little…the Split Decision that needed Tedros to be the “Tie Breaker”, was 9 members of the Committee being AGAINST and only 6 in favor, according to Reuters →Link

Do you see where we are at?

For another Non-Emergency, you will need to take a vaccine that causes Heart Damage, because the World Health Organization doesn’t actually understand that even if Tedros did vote in favor of this declaration, the vote would still be 9-7 AGAINST doing this exact thing…

And if you aren’t “Doing your Part” to help stop this Non-Pandemic Sexually Transmitted Disease…you’ll be called an Anti-Vaxxer by people who are equally this stupid.

Just thought I’d lay this out for ya for easy reference.