You, Me and other Anti-Vaxxers are Good People

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It is Time to De-Stigmatize the Word “Anti-Vaxxer”

by Igor Chudov

I feel lucky that I started my Covid-skeptic substack a bit over a year ago. It was one of the best years of my life.

During this time, I met many amazing people opposed to Covid vaccines, mandatory vaccinations, and so on. Many of those, and even myself in the past, would say something like “I am opposed to vaccine mandates, but I am not an anti-vaxxer”.

I am sorry to say, but yes you ARE an anti-vaxxer — and that is a Good Thing!

Let me explain.

The term “anti-vaxxer“ is used to stigmatize and divide people. This word is used for the purposes of intimidation, as a wedge against the opposition. It is used to paint people who are asking questions or oppose any one aspect of official agendas, as ignorant, stupid, science-hating troublemakers.

Therefore, is it understandable that many people who think critically are reluctant to call themselves “anti-vaxxers”, out of misplaced fear of associating ourselves with a stigmatized word? Keep in mind, that stigma was created on purpose to market vaccines without opposition!

Let’s review the official Merriam-Webster definition of “anti-vaxxers”:

Merriam-Webster explains further, regarding anti-vaxxers and Covid-19:

As a result of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the use of the term anti-vaxxer has both increased and broadened. … With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic and new regulations concerning vaccination against the disease, anti-vaxxer also began to be used to refer to a person who is specifically against COVID-19 vaccines and regulations requiring vaccination against COVID-19.

You can easily see that the official definition of “anti-vaxxer” is very broad and expansive. For example, if you oppose one vaccine, for instance, the so-called flu vaccine with its 8% effectiveness, or simply oppose Covid vaccine mandates, you ARE an anti-vaxxer — according to the definition.

Even being SKEPTICAL of one specific vaccine makes you an anti-vaxxer! Merriam-Webster is very specific in relation to Covid: anyone who questions “Covid vaccine mandates” is an anti-vaxxer, leaving us with no doubt as to who we are.

Let’s review the above definition again:

  • You are NOT an anti-vaxxer if you support ALL vaccines, ALL vaccine mandates, and are not harboring ANY skepticism about ANY vaccines.
  • You ARE an anti-vaxxer if there is one vaccine that you do not support, or are skeptical about, or there are any vaccine mandates that you oppose.

Which group do you belong to? While I anticipate a wide audience reading this and I am not a mind reader, I would expect most readers of this article to be skeptical of at least something; some vaccine or some mandate. If you are one of those people, YOU ARE AN ANTI-VAXXER. Just like me. Live with it!

Let’s review a short 40-second video explaining what an anti-vaxxer is:

“If you campaign against the mandates, you are an anti-vaxxer”, says Michael Gunner — and he is absolutely correct! We are!

Demonization and Stigmatization

It should not come to us as a surprise, that people opposed to profitable schemes like the Covid vaccine or vaccine mandates supporting vaccine sales, would be intentionally stigmatized.

This is how we are stigmatized:


We are human, and therefore we do not want to be seen as stupid, unthinking ignoramuses who might even be on the verge of dying. (who wants to die?) Many of us have been so bombarded with official derision towards “ignorant anti-vaxxers”, that we do not want to identify as such.

I understand that. I am human too. But we need to take an emotional and intellectual leap into acceptance of us being anti-vaxxers and we need to reclaim that term, that we should carry with pride.

We, anti-vaxxers of all stripes, should be proud of

  • being skeptical
  • defending human rights
  • not accepting official dogmas without questioning
  • appreciating critical scientific inquiry
  • not accepting unproven, tested on 8 mice, and known-not-to-work treatments

We do need to separate the meaning of the word anti-vaxxer — meaning opposition or skepticism towards at least one vaccine or some vaccine mandates — from the ridicule, stigma, and fear whipped up by the official press and media.

We are critical thinkers. We have survived the psyop of the last two years and retained our ability to think and resist fear and demonization. We never agree 100% with each other because we do not need to show a fake consensus. Our strength is in the variety of our opinions, not in pretending that we know everything and that we agree on every little thing, or “represent science”.

That is why we are winning, this is why mandates are being lifted, kids 0-11 Covid vaccine is banned in the UK, and this is why prominent vaccine shills now say that “anti-vaxxers own the Internet”.


I am an anti-vaxxer. I feel lucky to not have taken Covid vaccines (but I am okay if you did). I oppose some — but not all — vaccines, and that definitely make me an anti-vaxxer. I am proud to be an anti-vaxxer.

Are you?