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Although I feel it is shameful to ask for support, lately I have been struggling a lot. 

I do run ads on this website but I haven’t earned a single dime since last May. I have been running this website completely from my pocket. This site is heavily shadow banned and is getting more and more difficult to get the word out. Censorship is taking a very heavy toll on a small website like this.

I have to pay for maintenance and I don’t want to shut this site down. So, Can you please help me by donating a meager 1 dollar? If even 100 people donate. It would be of great help.

If you can’t donate kindly click on ads as much as possible. You can share the articles as well. Although I don’t know many places which support this content. But please give it a try. I would greatly appreciate it.

Please support independent media by clicking on ads or donating. When people like me don’t see the response it demoralizes us. We don’t know whether we should continue or not. Kindly comment as well as it keeps us going.

You can go to the donate page from the main header menu or click here to do the same. Thank You.