With so many countries scrapping Covid measures are we soon approaching the ‘Peace and Safety’ moment?

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It all started with UK prime minister Boris Johnson ending Covid guidelines for face masks, mandatory vaccines and restricting access to public places. Now we can see a stream of countries that are ditching these regulations as well. This brings us to 1 Thessalonians 5:3

For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.

In the latest, we have Quebec premier Francois Legault who has dropped the idea of taxing the unvaccinated. He told reporters on Tuesday “I have to make sure that I protect the health of Quebecers, but I have also to protect the peace in our society,” he added that “In the last week or so there’s been an increase in the reaction of people.

“I understand that this divides Quebecers and right now we need to build bridges.”

They are angry more than ever. I don’t like to see Quebecers divided like we’re seeing.”

Denmark has also announced that it will be removing almost all Covid restrictions next month as it is no longer categorizing the virus as a “socially critical disease“.

Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen has said“Tonight we can shrug our shoulders and find the smile again. We have incredibly good news, we can now remove the last coronavirus restrictions in Denmark”

Also in England, the National Health Service (NHS) mandate for healthcare and home-care workers is being scrapped.

First, it was only a week ago that the Daily Mail was running this headline: “‘No plans’ to scrap Covid vaccine mandate for frontline medics in England, Downing Street says as it doubles down on plan despite warnings NHS could lose 80,000 workers overnight.”

Now according to Chris Hopson, chief executive of NHS Providers: “There were always two risks to manage here: the risk of Covid cross-infection in healthcare settings and the consequences of losing staff if significant numbers choose not to be vaccinated.”

So we went from “no plans” to “the mandate is scrapped” in a week.

Norway has also announced they are scrapping the Covid measures.

“We have finally reached the point where we can lift lots of the health measures we have had to live with this winter,” Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store told a press conference.

The Austrian Constitutional Court has put the authoritarian government on notice: prove the Pandemic restrictions are not based on a lie or end them immediately.

The Constitutional Court has calculated the risk of mortality “due to Covid” at 0,15 percent and demanded to know how the reduction in risk – absolute and relative – of vaccines should be understood. The Court wanted to know what the absolute risk reduction was after one, two or three injections. These questions underscore the doubt of the judges regarding the official propaganda that the vaccines have been 95 percent effective.

“What does specified vaccination effectiveness of, for example, 95 percent refer to? What does absolute and relative risk reduction mean in this context?”

Above all, we have the Canadian truckers’ freedom convoy which has given us all the new hope to fight this tyranny. Justin Trudeau is getting humiliated on all fronts. The Canadian government has no choice but to shift him to a so-called undisclosed location. But he is still tweeting nonsense which is only complementing his rock bottom image. What he is calling ‘fringe minority’ is more than half of the country. And he knows that very well. Does he not care about his repertoire at all or is he following a script?

I have said it before and I’ll say it again these political leaders are all disposable pawns. In other words, Satanists actually in control are itching to throw them under the bus. They don’t care about taking a few steps back. They always have scapegoats who will be blamed for the upcoming deaths and destruction. One of the main goals of this Covid plandemic is to make people so much angry that they want to root out their own governments.

This can be explained via a recent Joe Rogan interview that featured Dr. Robert Malone. Right now MSM is hell-bent on taking it down from Spotify. White House surgeon general Vivek Murthy himself called for it. Anybody with half a brain can understand they want you to see that interview. They are promoting it right in front of us. They want us to know the corruption inside CDC, FDA and other government institutions. People should have at least that much information so when the time comes govt can be discredited.

All the governments have to go for ‘New World Order’ to emerge.

But there are still many governments that are still refraining to budge. But that could change instantaneously if a false flag event happens. They are planning for it as you can tensions building up between Ukraine and Russia, China and Taiwan, Iran and Israel with most European countries threatening to intervene. All they need is to do create a big diversion, take a few steps back and roll out even more stringent measures. And kill most of the resistance in doing so. Or do you really think things will go back to normal? Truckers will win us our freedom.

For me, it is all unfolding of the Biblical prophecy and the sign of times to come.

by Ankit | WLIAMW