Why Vaccination is invading our society and how it a very simple way for elites to push their agenda?

Why Vaccination is invading our society and how it a very simple way for elites to push their agenda?


Australia has made it mandatory, certain states in U.S. has made it mandatory. If a child is not vaccinated he won’t be allowed to attend school and parents will be deemed unscrupulous and would be denied basic privileges in the society.

They are pushing this agenda in every way possible through T.V shows, awards where celebrities themselves takes the flu shots and regards anybody who says against it as muddle heads and uncompassionate ones.    

 What’s in them?

Do you really know what’s in the vaccines? According to the CDC, all the following neurotoxic metals and chemicals are intentionally added to vaccines: Mercury, MSG, Formaldehyde and Aluminum.  

These toxic elements which should never be injected inside anybody, let alone humans are priorities according to our governments. Their toxicity can be explained by their deadly side effects which include coma, seizures, high fevers, spontaneous abortions, pediatric cancer and god knows what else?

So the question is why the industry doesn’t make safe and clean vaccines? Obviously because it was never their intention, vaccines were always a tool to disarray people. Certain vaccines meant for toddlers when experimented on rodents developed a tumor like structure a study revealed. All scientists and doctors know what’s inside them yet they preach them and fend off the alternative view.

What’s the Agenda?

 You’ll be amazed to know that these deadly diseases are not even part of their agenda. You can call them as special bonus. Children below the age of five have a strong spiritual connection because they are unprogrammed, undiluted and unaware of the material world. This connection is definitely sickening to these people and they cut it with the help of proper vaccination.

The new age agenda is to push for no gender people. The thing is they think of us as objects and an object to have an identity and conscience is not a good thing. More and more kids are confused about their genders. New age parents say that our child have a right to pick their own gender which is incomprehensible and ridiculous in every way explainable. ‘Drag Queen’ which I thought was a movie or an Anime concept is a real world phenomenon now. These guys are the new celebrities in town and one word against them is blasphemy against the authority.

Where are we going from here?

 Vaccines also help in depopulation agenda. Since it’s difficult to govern this much population. Let’s make the upcoming generation sterile. With the coming of Artificial Intelligence in which every human will be treated as a number, in case you don’t know Google plans to connect every human brain with cloud by 2030. A leading chemist in London in 2011 said that we have already developed nanobots which can injected into human brain and works perfectly well with our immune system. They already performed the experiments on mice to see the results and were able to pinpoint each mice location within a five mile radius. So the upcoming vaccines would make our bodies more apt to be bonded with such technology.


 The push for vaccinations is certainly exceeding all limitations whereby they are planning to send nannies to each newborn’s house to check on vaccinations. Parents who refuse to accept the system are ridiculed, benighted and deemed unworthy of having children. Schools are developing special cells to take away kids from parents like that. The road ahead is certainly a difficult one, until masses learn of this tyranny and start non-complying, there won’t be anything left we can give to new generation.


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