Why so many people believe conspiracy theories?

Why so many people believe conspiracy theories?

A professor of politics at the University of Oxford has said that people who believe in conspiracy theories are too bored to do anything or find enjoyment in creating stories out of thin air. People are good at recognizing patterns and regularities and love to overthink that’s how they create meaning and significance which isn’t there, he added.

He besmirches the claims of Pizza Gate masterminded by Hilary Clinton and Twin Towers orchestrated by George W Bush. But why do people believe in such tales? To which he says conspiracy theories are around for more than 100 years and if you give a list of these theories to group of people, each one of them will end up checking few boxes because there is a hum in the background for such a long period.  

Masses have less to almost no understanding of how political policies work and very often we find ourselves either supporting left or right. So people who say Bush blew up the twin towers are mostly Democrats, and who thought Obama faked his birth certificate are mostly republicans.

Major Conspiracy Theories

  • Fake Moon Landings.
  • Nazi war criminal Rudolf Hess was replaced by a double in jail.
  • A shadowy group called Illuminati control the world’s prominent celebrities and politicians.

Psychology behind such stories is we create perception out of something which is not there. Then there are some buzz loving people who feed on these tales and mislead people.

We live in a society in which people with little to no political IQ harness such belief system and infect the masses.


The fact of the matter is that the article is so well and professionally written with no over hyping or over-stressing of events that an average person will end up falling for it. You can find the article by clicking on this link:


If some of you still think that I’m the one who’s the culprit please research Ted Gunderson (Former FBI Chief) on YouTube. We are living in a great age of deception. Every misery will come to us in the name of peace and unity. Slowly but eventually we will be ripped of our freedoms. And will be reduced to nothing but a number. These people are very well versed with human psychology and know exactly how to strike a chord with our mindsets. Conspiracy Theory was the term coined by CIA just to fend of the alternative view. People who are still confused about all this stuff end up becoming intellectual prey. On last note one should read his Bible carefully. And understand there is no conspiracy but confederacy. 

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