What you should be doing in this last hour? Now is the time to save as many souls as possible

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We are standing on the cliff’s end. It is the last hour and the best time to bring people into the light of Jesus Christ. It is the question that many must be pondering right now. How should I be spending my last hour? The time of his coming is so close. Should I relax and enjoy the rest of the days or should I keep doing what I was doing all along?

We can find answers to every question in the Bible. God’s word has all the solutions which can help us and our loved ones in upcoming perilous times. Tribulation can start at any time now. It also presents an opportunity for us god’s people to spread his last message. Of course, we will be raptured before it all starts, so this is an opportune time for us without thinking anything else to save as many people as possible.

How to do it?

The wonderful thing about spreading the gospel is it bypasses censorship. We are in the dark age of censorship where anything that goes against the mainstream narrative is getting butchered. Whether it is covid vaccine facts or great reset count down everything is misinformation unless it is from the government. So many people are confused right now about whether to take the vaccine or not? We must use this to our advantage. 

We all know the holy spirit works in mysterious ways. We cannot share a fact about covid vaccines on social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. But we can promote his name and gospel. I have seen people on Facebook who spend hours typing messages like ‘come to Jesus’, ‘Jesus saves’ ‘he died for your sins, now it is your time to believe in his sacrifice’ ‘we’re in the last hour only he can save you’ etc. These messages are not against their community guidelines as they are not revealing their evil plans. 

And I believe once a person starts looking into why so many people are talking about the same thing, we should leave rest in the hands of the holy spirit. Many people are trying their utmost, so we should use them as examples. If you can make videos, that’s the best way. But just posting comments and sharing stuff also goes a long way. If you don’t like typing, again and again, you can write it on a notepad and save it. Just copy and paste for an hour or so in your Facebook groups or YouTube videos. 

Now is not the time to sit back and wait but to save as many as possible. I’m not saying you should stop doing what you’re doing. I’m just asking half an hour or so to spread the gospel. That should not hurt anyone. 

I’m a non-Christian myself. And I came to this realization after keeping on watching Bible videos and comparing them with our history. Only when I verified the events of history to facts in the Bible. I transformed. His name has the power within it, and we should believe in it. 

I was watching this delightful video that inspired me to write this article. We are the church of Jesus. And in this last hour, we wield enormous power. Our efforts will get rewarded, so no time to look back. Even if you get negative feedback. Instead of getting annoyed you should pity the poor soul and move forward. This video is a must-watch and a must share.