The Unfolding Truth Behind The Uvalde School Shooting Shows That The Whole Thing Was Intentionally Staged

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Uvalde Students inside were calling 911 and begging for help, but police officers stayed outside for almost an hour during the mass shooting. Why?

This is where conspiracy theory comes from, and why it exists because there are times when the “truth” that is being put forward just doesn’t make any sense at all. For example, it is obvious that Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill JFK, that the Warren Commission Report was a sham, with its “magic bullet” hypothesis total nonsense. It is obvious that planes did not bring down the World Trade Towers, and neither could they or any other plane bring that about. The Towers were specifically constructed to withstand multiple plane attacks. Uvalde police officers refused to go after the school shooter and stood there denying assistance for over an hour. Who put them up to that, and more importantly, why?

“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32 (KJB)

The Uvalde school shooting took place on Day 800 of 15 Days To Flatten the Curve, and from the very beginning, just about everything was off about it. Do we live in a world where actors within our government are actually capable of staging an event of this magnitude? We absolutely do, and you’re kidding yourself if you think otherwise. Think about it, the Uvalde police were openly harassing the parents, preventing them from going in to rescue their kids, while refusing to do anything themselves. Isn’t that the same thing as providing cover for the shooter? Were the police told to stand down, and if so, who gave the order, and why did they give the order? Who killed Kennedy? The same people who brought down the Twin Towers, that’s who. Who’s that? Why don’t you go to Washington DC right now and ask them, they’ll be there all weekend.

We enthusiastically support law enforcement, always has and always will, but what happened in Uvalde stinks and I don’t believe any of the official narratives. I have every confidence that the conspiracy theory community will dig deep and come up with some interesting nuggets to help us figure this out, they usually do. 

Something is drastically wrong in all accounts of police response to the Uvalde shooting

FROM THE WSJ: Children, some already shot, some not, were trapped in adjoining classrooms. As many as 19 cops were gathered in the hall just outside. The Washington Post timeline has the killer roaming the classrooms: “The attack went for so long, witnesses said, that the gunman had time to taunt his victims before killing them, even putting on songs that one student described to CNN as ‘I-want-people-to-die music.’ ”

Students inside were calling 911 and begging for help. The officers failed to move for almost an hour.

Everyone in America knows the story. Finding out exactly how and why it happened is the urgent business of government. We can’t let it dribble away into the narrative void and settle for excuses. “People are still shaken up.” “Probes take time.” “We’re still burying the children.” We can’t let the idea settle in that this is how it is now, if bad trouble comes you’re on your own. It is too demoralizing.

We can’t let it settle in that the police can’t be relied on to be physically braver than other people. An implicit agreement in going into the profession is that you’re physically brave. I don’t understand those saying with nonjudgmental empathy, “I’m not sure I would have gone in.” It was their job to go in. If you can’t cut it, then don’t join and get the badge, the gun and the pension.

The most focused and intense investigating has to be done now when it’s still fresh and raw—before the 19 cops and their commanders fully close ranks, if they haven’t already, and lawyer up. Those officers—they know everything that happened while nothing was done for an hour. A lot of them would have had to override their own common sense to stand down under orders; most would have had to override a natural impulse toward compassion. Many would-be angry now, or full of reproach or a need to explain. Get them now.

Within moments of the massacre’s ending, the police were issuing strange claims. They said the shooter was confronted by a school guard and shots were exchanged. Not true. They said the shooter was wearing body armor. He wasn’t. They said he was “barricaded” inside the classroom. Is that the right word for a guy behind a single-locked door? They said a teacher left open the door the shooter used to enter. The videotape showed otherwise. They didn’t admit what happened outside the school as parents pleaded with the police to do something and tried to fight past the cordon so at least they could do something. The Washington Post had a witness who heard parents tell the police, “Do your f— job!” The police said they were. A man yelled, “Get your f— rifles and handle the business!” Those parents were patronized and pushed around.

Even accounting for the fog of war there’s something next-level about the spin and falsehoods that occurred in Uvalde. READ MORE

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