UN Troops Brought In To Brutalize Peaceful Protesters Going Against The Official Narrative

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While the Freedom Convoy protesters have been rather peaceful over the last three weeks, with some bringing food, helping the homeless, and shoveling snow, that love and support turned violent when law enforcement moved to disband the movements. Once being mocked for having bouncy castles and hot tubs, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau now views the protesters as a dangerous movement that has led to illegal blockades.

Again, the violence in Ottawa didn’t start until the government descended on the protesters with full riot gear, batons, and even horses. But although Canadians are blaming local law enforcement, a new video suggested it might not be just police officers dealing with protesters.

In the video, which is featured below, a reporter for WTF News showed a short clip of her standing in North Bay on February 19, 2022. What is interesting about the video is the fact that behind her are several U.N. planes.

Having circulated around the internet, another person decided to go to the same spot as the reporter and found the exact same thing. Although it is at night, the video clearly showed U.N. planes in North Bay. The man even commented how they haven’t been sitting there for long due to them having no snow on them.

On top of U.N. planes being spotted in Canada, the so-called law enforcement who have confronted the protesters not only wore riot gear and carried batons, but they also made sure not to wear any sort of identification or rank. Staring down the power of the government, the protesters didn’t see police or law enforcement, only the latest attempt at silencing any person going against the current COVID-19 agenda supported by Prime Minister Trudeau.

With protesters fashioned with nothing more than cameras, flags, and calls for “freedom,” the supposed Quebec provincial police service made quick work of the demonstrations as they pushed the line of citizens back. Again, none of the protesters were seen fighting or instigating any sort of violence, yet they were met with extreme force.

It should be noted that the U.N. planes were spotted in North Bay, which according to the picture below, is only a little over 200 miles from Ottawa where the protests are taking place. What’s even more interesting is why the United Nations would want to visit a town that has just over 50,000 residents.

Although confusing, in another video, a man not only took time to congratulate the protesters and Canadian citizens for standing up against their overreaching government, but he also gave them a grave warning. Having seen the U.N. planes and the police in riot gear, the man clearly stated that it appears Canada is under WAR.

Take a look.

Source: RedVoiceMedia