Transcommunism is coming

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Guest essay by Dutch Journalist and Filmmaker Alain Grootaers

by Robert Malone

This is the second guest essay written by Dutch Journalist and Filmmaker Alain Grootaers which has been published in this substack (with permission from the author). You can find Alain’s recent essays at his substack “Unconvenient opinion from Europe”, and I recommend that you include his work in your reading list. His opinions and insights herein are his own, but I recommend them for your consideration. It is important to understand that what has been happening to all of us over the last three years has been globally coordinated.

His prior publication here was titled “An Inconvenient Opinion from Europe”, and can be found both at his substack and here on this one.

Transcommunism is coming.

Better watch out

Alain Grootaers

“Never let a good crisis go to waste”. 

Winston Churchill made this statement towards the end of World War II when he sat in Yalta with US President F.D Roosevelt and Soviet leader Joseph Stalin to divide the Allies’ spheres of influence.   It also led –and Churchill referred to this with his ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’ statement– to the creation of the United Nations.

As with many of Churchill’s other quotes, that statement took on a life of its own, long after the man’s passing, but there are some things to be said against the final outcome.  The Yalta meeting eventually resulted in mistrust, the Cold War, the arms race, the Iron Curtain, the Berlin Wall and everything that came after.

Even the United Nations – apart from being an internationally very interesting New York talking shop for privileged people – turns out to be mostly an impotent mastodon where the original goal of Never Again War and Hunger is still a cynical illusion after 77 years.

Today, we see the ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste’ reappearing in all kinds of bizarre initiatives: the best-known statement on this is of course that of WEF leader Klaus Schwab, who saw in the Covid crisis and the reactions to it not death, economic misery and an attack on fundamental human rights, but rather (as he stated) ‘a narrow window of opportunity’ to roll out the scenarios that have been ready since a few years ago and about which the man has been very frank.  You can read it all in his book “The Great Reset”.

Now, the mainstream press is always a bit gun-shy about the WEF, and very much underestimates the influence the ‘little club’ has on government leaders and policy.  Anyone who comments on this is quickly dismissed as a conspiracy thinker.  It is nothing more than an informal meeting of world leaders, influencers, NGOs and captains of industry, the specialized financial press said as recently as this spring.

That now appears to be slightly different.

In Canada, the WEF is suddenly helping the Canadian government (which has basically become a WEF client state) set up the Federal Digital ID program.  The aim of the new initiative is to develop a digital ID that can be used in various systems and environments, “from government departments to airports and border controls”.

This “Known Traveler Digital Identity (KTDI)” was a pilot project of the WEF in 2018. Prime Minister Trudeau of Canada is a Young Global Leader of the WEF.  The other partner in Canada’s KTDI programme, by the way, is the Dutch government.  That includes Sigrid Kaag (D66), an ‘agenda contributor’ to the WEF.

Her Excellency Sigrid Kaag, Dutch diplomat and politician. First Deputy Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Incumbent. Assumed office 10 January 2022

Kaag is pretty much the Netherlands’ shadow prime minister and finance minister. She reported a few days ago that she wants to oblige banks to put all transactions above 100 euros into a large database, under the guise of fighting fiscal fraud.

That in itself is a huge breach of privacy law.

The Dutch government’s plan to track almost all transactions of its citizens could also be a preparatory step towards the implementation of a digital central bank currency (Central Bank Digital Currency).  That digital euro is again not a fairy tale of conspiracy thinkers, but was also previously announced by the European Central Bank.

Such a digital Euro, centrally controlled by the ECB is the prelude to a total social control society on the Chinese model. With it, every financial transaction can not only be monitored but then adjusted or even banned.  Linked to credit or debit cards, your spending patterns can be accurately tracked. Linked to your “Covid Safe” card or app (which will be soon renamed as a Health Certificate) your money can be blocked in case of ‘undesirable behavior’.

Bought too much meat or avocados from Africa this month causing your carbon footprint to go into the red? Then your digital money for these products will be blocked. Put too many bottles of Moët et Chandon Champagne in your shopping basket while your digital health certificate knows you have high blood pressure?  “Better not drink any more alcohol this month anyway” your digital money will say to you.

Anyone who already takes a plane once in a while will not be able to book their next flight if as a result your ‘CO2 plane points’ have been exceeded.  Airmiles will suddenly take on a whole new meaning.

Maybe the green tick on your digital pass will suddenly jump to red if it turns out that you have not been vaccinated, and you will be unable to buy anything at all.

And if you protest about it and want to hit the streets, the red tick might give a free pass to riot police to beat you up.  Excessive?  It already happened consistently last year at peaceful demonstrations in the Netherlands, Canada, Belgium and France.  And it’s all been happening in China.

“You Will Own Nothing and you Will Be Happy”, they once told us in a video at the WEF. The first part of that slogan is getting close.  Allow me to have my doubts about the second part.  Transcommunism is knocking at the door.  Better not open.

The Trans Communist flag.