This is the Reason they’re Pushing the Boosters?

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by Sheldon Yakiwchuk

I had a look at this weeks data update and there was all sorts of fuckery going on with it, including -13 deaths in the Unvaccinated – Meaning 100% of the cases were Vaccinated and 50% of them were Boosted!


So, I thought I’d flip this into the last report I had from May 8th and well, this is what it looks like:


You can see that 97.5% of the Cases, 90% of the Hospitalizations and 89% of the Mortality was in the Vaccinated Camps.

56% of Cases, 62% of Hospitalizations and 68% of the Mortality in the BOOSTED!

Now, check Canada’s Vaccination Rate:


And feel free to compare the pair of these.

And the next time you have somebody trying to screech about “Base Rate Fallacy”, forward them this email.