The Sun of Righteousness

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I have always had an interest in the sun, moon, and stars, but recently my interest has been RENEWED, and I no longer take for GRANTED (as I once did) these shining “lights” that we see day and night circling high above us.  History tells of a major “religious” deception about 500 years ago that was “skillfully” designed to REMOVE God and the TRUE teachings of the Bible from the divine uniqueness of the creation and from the divine uniqueness of humanity.  Yes, I do believe we are truly UNIQUE and truly ALONE in the VAST “endless” so-called universe.

Later I will explain as to why I believe Jesus Christ in one biblical example is called the “Sun of righteousness” (spelled with a “u” instead of with an “o”).  Yes, the sun has the energy and POWER to supposedly sustain all PHYSICAL life, and is a very bright VISIBLE “glory” that testifies daily of the POWER and GLORY of Jesus Christ; the TRUE sustainer of ALL life.

The purpose of deception from certain evil men that have an evil “political” AGENDA is to CONTROL the minds and thinking process of vast millions of unsuspecting people.  Yes, deceived people are “controlled” to NOT talk about the POWER and DANGER of deception, which is why they generally will accept, tolerate, and even WELCOME all religions with their obvious deceptions about the TRUE God.  There is a PROPHECY and also a WARNING regarding deception found in 2Tim 3:13….

KJV But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

Notice the term, “BEING deceived”.  So just who or what deceives the DECEIVERS?  Rev 12:9 in the CLV states this….

CLV And the great dragon was cast out, the ancient serpent called Adversary and Satan, who is deceiving the whole inhabited earth.

Notice the term, “IS deceiving”; which means that deception is an ONGOING process caused by the SPIRITS of the “Adversary” and “Satan” that INSPIRES the minds and thinking process of evil men and “seducers” to CONDITION the whole inhabited earth to willingly BELIEVE obvious LIES and deceptions!  The spiritual force and power of LIES and deceptions is designed to ENTRAP and ENSLAVE our minds to be in a mental PRISON.  The whole inhabited earth must FIRST be “put in” a mental PRISON by the “Adversary” and “Satan” BEFORE a future glorious event can bring FREEDOM from this REAL mental PRISON of bondage and slavery caused by the spiritual force and power of CONTROL by obvious LIES and deceptions!

Yes of course, as Jesus Christ explained, “the TRUTH shall make you FREE” (John 8:32).  The TRUTHS of God will FREE our minds from this mental PRISON that holds our minds and thinking process CAPTIVE!  This is WHY deceived minds are “locked up” and are NOT ABLE to accept and BELIEVE very obvious TRUTH.  It takes the Spirit of God to “unlock” the PRISON of our minds to be ABLE to identify a LIE about the TRUE God, or a LIE on what our human senses plainly tells us.

I believe in today’s evil deceived world there is a major LIE that is very cleverly designed to INSPIRE our minds and thinking process to DENY our God-given common sense, and to DENY what we plainly see, feel, and experience in everyday life.

Certain evil men and “seducers” that are driven and INSPIRED by the SPIRITS of the “Adversary” and “Satan” are MASTERS of deception, deceit, and brainwashing!  Yes, brainwashing is very EFFECTIVE and can simply be called “systematic” deception, and this “system” of deception has to be GRADUAL so as to CONDITION our minds to BELIEVE obvious lies and deceptions!  Yes, this is WHY people are NOT AWARE that they are deceived about the TRUE God, and on the TRUE design of creation!

Generally people will NOT confess that deceptions and LIES are ENEMIES to their minds, thoughts, and thinking process.  They generally do NOT see the NEED to question and challenge what they were taught all their lives; NOT only taught by our modern churches but ALSO taught by modern so-called “science” that LIES about the TRUE design of creation.  Deceived people are inspired to REJECT obvious facts and plain evidence because this major LIE cleverly “explains” that obvious facts and plain evidence are NOT VALID for our understanding.  Our modern churches will also REJECT obvious facts and plain evidence since they are also brainwashed by this major LIE that this article will present based on what I currently TEND to believe.

Yes, it is so sad and shameful that many church-goers that profess that they “believe” the Bible are INSPIRED to even REJECT the plain and OBVIOUS teachings of the Bible!  They generally believe that the HONEST study of the Bible is NOT all that necessary; which to me just shows their WILLFUL ignorance and just plain lack of interest in the TRUE knowledge about the TRUE teachings of God and TRUE design of creation.

In the past several months I became interested in the function of the SUN.  Yes, that very bright and “glorious” LIGHT that “comes up” in the morning and “goes down” at night exactly on a perfect 24 hour DIVINE “time schedule” that causes day and night and causes the seasons of the year.  It was during this time of my “unusual” interest in the SUN that a friend of mine emailed me web links to several videos which introduced me to some “unbelievable” knowledge.  To me this was NOT a coincidence!  Did this PERFECT function of the sun just randomly happen by “accident” as we are all made to believe by our highly “intelligent” scientists and astronomers?

I became interested in the sun (and also creation itself) when I asked myself; do I want to believe the Bible, or do I want to believe what we are all taught by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) about the distance, size, and the FUNCTION of the sun as it affects the earth?  Our modern churches believe in a creation designed by the creator God, but it is very shameful that our modern churches will believe NASA and highly “intelligent” astronomers that “explain” the earth, sun, moon, and stars INSTEAD of believing the Bible!

I also asked myself why NASA seems to NEVER be questioned and challenged on their scientific “discoveries”, and on how they explain the so-called universe.  Of course, NASA and their highly “trained” scientists with their formulas of physics seem so CREDIBLE!  Most PASTORS of our modern churches seem to also never be questioned and challenged on their theological “discoveries” because they also seem so CREDIBLE!  Hired pastors are PAID to be credible!  BOTH our modern churches and NASA (paid for by taxpayers) are inspired by the SPIRIT of RELIGION to “skillfully” deceive people on the truths of God.  Yes, history says that astronomy and RELIGION have long been closely linked, so therefore RELIGION is a major factor in what is taught today by NASA and highly “intelligent” astronomers!

Please understand; TRUE astronomy and TRUE theology are all a part of the TRUTHS of God!  It is incredible that the vast majority of our people consider it “unthinkable” to question and challenge NASA since it is “unthinkable” that NASA could ever be WRONG in their “scientific” discoveries!  Certain church-goers will question and challenge (as they SHOULD) certain pastors and “ministers of God” on their very “credible” teachings, but “mysteriously” they seem to never question and challenge and EXPOSE the “pastors” of NASA on their very “credible” teachings and on their “scientific” discoveries!

Well, today there are many videos and interviews being done on the internet that are NOW openly questioning, challenging, and EXPOSING what NASA is all about!  I personally am convinced that certain (but not nearly all) of these videos and interviews are very VALID, sensible, intelligent, and thought-provoking.  But “strangely” this type of knowledge is considered as “garbage” by the vast majority of our people.  If you have not already guessed what this knowledge is, I want to warn you to sit down, “buckle your seat belts”, and “hold on to your hats”!  This article will show (for what its worth to others) on what I have learned by carefully listening to videos about NASA and the stationary and motionless FLAT EARTH theory.

At first I rejected this “unbelievable” nonsense, but after carefully listening to certain videos I am convinced that they are indeed VALID, and now I personally TEND to believe in this “nonsense”.  Most of you no doubt are thinking that I have now gone “off the deep end” and have entered in the forbidden territory of “loony land”.  But I want to clarify that I DO NOT yet consider myself a “flat-earther” since there are certain issues NOT yet resolved in my mind and thinking process.

As I mentioned, I rejected the earth being FLAT since the sun “comes up” in the morning and “goes down” in the evening as it supposedly follows the “curve” around the “round” global earth.  I also knew that a flat earth HAD to have an “edge”, but certain videos explained WHY Antarctica became FORBIDDEN territory during the 1950s.  During that time certain major nations (later 53 nations) “strangely” agreed that NO nation could claim ANY territory at Antarctica, and they all agreed to make it ILLEGAL for anyone to travel to this NOW “off limits” strange area with a huge WALL of ICE that was the furthest south of the equator.

Several videos claimed that someone was even put in JAIL for traveling to Antarctica!  I listened to videos that claimed that captains of ships reported that they sailed many months along a huge WALL of ICE and could not find any openings.  As we all know, Admiral Richard Byrd also reported of “unusual” sightings at Antarctica, but “strangely” he never went back.

Another big problem for me on the earth being flat was that the photos of the earth that NASA provides are always showing the earth as a SPHERE and a globe.  But I saw videos showing that these photos show that the boundaries and sizes of continents are NOT the SAME, so obviously these photos do NOT show the TRUE shape and design of the earth.  There is a photo of the supposed round global earth that NASA says was a 25 hour video, but “strangely” the cloud formations stayed the SAME during these 25 hours!  Another photo I saw had EXACT copies of cloud formations that obviously were composites added into the photo.  In other words, these photos were all FAKE!

But didn’t the first moon landing show a photo of the total round global earth?  Or was it?  It is never considered or never questioned that this “special” photo of the earth just might be a FAKE just like the other very obvious FAKE composite and edited photos showing that the earth is a sphere and a globe.

But surely, NASA could provide an accurate photo of the earth from the hundreds of US satellites that could be fitted with cameras that are high enough to plainly show a large part of the curve of the supposed sphere of the earth.  But I do not recall ever seeing a photo of the earth from ANY satellite, or any photo of the earth from the Hubble space telescope.  NASA of course had to make sure that all the photos taken from our space SHUTTLES show a curve of the earth, and several videos explained that these shuttle photos were taken through windows fitted with “special” glass, or from cameras that had “fish eye” lens that will DISTORT the TRUE view of the picture.

NASA was founded in 1958 for the purpose to make “space travel” BELIEVABLE.  Several videos explained in detail how “space travel” is IMPOSSIBLE in the vacuum of space, and there was also the major problem known as the “Van Allen” radiation belt.  But NASA never explained HOW they got PAST this very DEADLY radiation belt on the way to the moon.

It seems to be common knowledge on the internet that the moon landings were all FAKE!  Several videos explained HOW the moon landings were all filmed in a movie studio, and Stanley Kubrick was identified as the man that was hired to film this FAKERY.  But how were the FAKE moon landings kept SECRET from thousands of employees and many companies involved?  Of course, only a very few wicked men had to have organized and arranged this total FRAUD, but they needed to make sure that the many employed people of NASA were working in classified departments on a “need to know only” basis.  This major FRAUD was a “stroke of genius”, but keep in mind that these wicked men OWN our “informed” news media!

Also as was shown in Rev 12:9 CLV; these DECEIVERS were (and are) INSPIRED by the “Adversary” and “Satan” to be on a spiritual mission of total CONTROL of the whole inhabited earth!  The majority employed by NASA believed that space travel and the moon landings were REAL, just like all of us were also “skillfully” made to believe!  The videos “fed” to huge monitors and the audio recordings of astronauts talking back and forth with Houston HAD to all be taped and recorded BEFOREHAND.

NASA is very skilled with this type of “space” FAKERY, and could simply be called “Hollywood style” movie producers of the make-believe world of “space” FANTASY.  Yes, Hollywood has made many “space” movies and they look very REAL, and NASA is also in the FAKE “real space” movie business; paid for by many millions of deceived and brainwashed taxpayers!

We were recently told by our news media that an astronaut’s space helmet somehow got WATER in it, and the astronaut could have drowned!  NASA’s Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory in Houston holds over 6 million gallons of water, and is where astronauts are “trained” to do tasks in space.  But could it be that it is actually WHERE the so-called space tasks are filmed?  Yes, filmed underwater to be made public to show how supposedly REAL space tasks are done, and we wonder HOW water got into the helmet of a space suit while doing supposed tasks in “space”!

I saw a video showing an air bubble escaping out of a space helmet while an astronaut was supposedly doing “real” space tasks.  Why would NASA allow the world to see this obvious FAKERY?  Just maybe certain men on the “inside” of NASA just might WANT this fakery to indeed be made pubic!

I now want to address what is known as the “law of perspective”, and how it AFFECTS our human eye sight.  Please read very carefully this one definition of the term “perspective” by an online Cambridge dictionary….

the way that objects appear smaller when they are further away and the way parallel lines appear to meet each other at a point in the distance.

“Perspective” is simply HOW objects appear to our very LIMITED eye-sight at a far distance.  But our BRAIN tells us that objects DO NOT get smaller when further away, and our BRAIN tells us that parallel lines are ALWAYS parallel and DO NOT meet each other at a point in the far distance.  Standing on a shore of an ocean we plainly SEE that the ocean seems to go “up” to meet the sky, and the sky seems to come “down” to meet the ocean.  But our BRAIN tells us that the ocean DOES NOT go “up”, and the sky DOES NOT come “down”!

The major point is this; our eyes are NOT designed to actually SEE what our BRAIN tells us; therefore we “naturally” have to believe our EYES.  Our eyes tell us that we truly DO SEE the sky and the ocean “meet” in the far distance, and we truly DO SEE the SUN “come up” in the morning and “go down” in the evening.  But these are just ILLUSIONS that happen at the horizon, and that is where the sun and all clouds seem to VANISH, but our BRAIN tells us that the sun and all clouds do NOT vanish, but are the SAME height above the earth.

Yes, the “perspective” of our limited eye-sight tells us that the horizon is ALWAYS at our eye-level, and “below” our eye-level everything is “hidden” (as an ILLUSION) “behind” the horizon.  A slight “curve” of the horizon can be seen from high flying airplanes, but cameras on high flying BALLOONS will show a FLAT horizon, but this FACT is “mysteriously” IGNORED!  We are also NOT told that the FRICTION of fast moving air on airplane windows can have a “fish eye” effect, and that cameras with “fish eye” lens will also show a FAKE “curve” of the earth.

I saw a video showing a laser test that was done 5 miles across a large body of CALM water, and the laser test PROVED that the water did NOT “curve” UP whatsoever.  So please understand; our God-given common sense should therefore tell us that the many miles of horizon that are viewed from ocean shores would always HAVE to be perfectly LEVEL and FLAT!  Modern science has NEVER proven a “curve” in the many miles of the horizon as seen from the shores of oceans.  The horizon is NOT a gradual CURVE!

It is at the horizon that the hulls of ships “seem” to vanish at a certain distance that is far enough away that the horizon becomes “distorted” by the “perspective” of our very limited eye-sight.  This is the ILLUSION as to WHY the hulls of ships at a certain distance cannot be seen.  But by seeing through a telescope the entire ship comes into full view again, and this could NOT happen if (yes, IF) the ship was simply following the “curvature” of the ocean.  Please accept the very obvious FACT that telescopes do NOT follow a “curve”!

But the entire ship will VANISH when eventually it is too far away to be seen from our limited eye-sight “perspective”, and the SUN also vanishes (as an ILLUSION) as it goes “behind” the horizon.  Yes, the sun only appears to “rise” in the morning and to “set” in the evening, but our BRAIN tells us that the TRUE path of the sun is always the SAME height over the earth.

It is a known FACT that passenger planes flying south of the equator have to refuel in cities that “seem” to be much further north of the flight route to reach their destinations.  This is because it goes UNNOTICED that their TRUE flight route is much more in a straight line on a FLAT earth.  But the passengers are assuming they are flying above a round global earth, which is why their flights seem to be “unusually” long.  Maybe certain pilots are aware of this “mystery” and they know WHY their flights take longer than “necessary”, but “strangely” they do NOT want to mention this “mystery” to their employers.

On a flat earth ships and airplanes can indeed travel “around” the earth, and will “end up” where they started from, but they must travel east or west, which are the two directions that go UNNOTICED in a HUGE circular course “around” the North Pole.  But traveling AWAY from the North Pole is traveling toward this huge WALL of ICE, which is the BOUNDARY of all oceans.

If (yes, IF) the earth is indeed a SPHERE then the TRUE physics of the curve is calculated to “drop” 8 inches the first mile, and additional miles are squared times 8, and at six miles the curve would have already “dropped” 24 feet!  There is a photo of the city of Chicago taken from 60 miles across Lake Michigan, and this would NOT be possible IF this lake water was “heaped up” to form a “curve” to supposedly “prove” the earth is a sphere!  The city of Chicago would be 2400 feet “below” the horizon and would NOT be seen, and this photo would NOT be possible!  There are other landmarks, mountains, sky scrapers, and cities at great distances that can be SEEN sometimes over a hundred miles away!  Yes, our BRAIN and our EYES tell us that this obvious FACT most certainly PROVES a flat earth environment!

The natural physics of water is that when water FLOWS it is seeking its own LEVEL to always be perfectly FLAT.  On an earth shaped as a SPHERE the waters that make up the vast oceans and seas would “magically” have to be “heaped up” many miles high to form the supposed curve of the earth shaped as a sphere.  But NASA has the incredible “answer” to this most obvious “difficulty”!  We are taught by NASA that the POWERFUL “magical” force of gravity is very consistent and constant, and is so STRONG that it can hold vast ocean waters “in place”.  But it is never explained how this very POWERFUL consistent and constant force is USELESS on objects that become lighter than air; such as balloons and airplanes.

It is also NOT explained how gravity “forces” rivers to flow UPSTREAM on an earth shaped as a sphere.  But we KNOW it is a FACT that rivers ALWAYS flow DOWNSTREAM!  In a FLAT earth environment the ground water drains into creeks and then forms into rivers that will eventually find their own natural “plane” (a perfectly level and flat surface) as they flow DOWNSTREAM into the perfectly level and flat plane of oceans.

Why not use weight and density INSTEAD of gravity to explain HOW things are “held down” on the earth?  The force of weight and density is very consistent and constant and ALWAYS works.  Gravity is an invented THEORY (NOT a law) to “prove” an earth shaped as a sphere, but the supposed “force” of gravity has never been proven as a FACT of TRUE science.  Again, it is only a THEORY!  And we are supposed to believe that gravity has the tremendous POWER, force, and strength to hold “in place” trillions of tons of water many miles high to “magically” form the curve of a round global earth!  Yes, NASA just uses gravity to “answer” the unanswered issues of a round global earth.

NASA and “brilliant-minded” scientists and astronomers tell us that the sun “mysteriously” came into existence 4 to 5 billion years ago, and is 93 million miles away from the earth and many hundreds of times larger than the earth.  But NASA does NOT explain how and why this 93 million mile distance is “mysteriously” EXACTLY the right distance from the earth!  History tells us that Nicolaus Copernicus first estimated (guessed) the sun at 3 million miles away, and Johannes Kepler estimated (guessed) the sun at 12 million miles away, and Isaac Newton later stated that “it matters not if the sun is 24 or 56 million miles away, science will find the answer”.

The vastly changing distances to the sun shows how WRONG these certain very “credible” men were.  NASA’s supposed “law” of physics NOW has the distance at 93 million miles from the earth, which might NOT be just more “guess-work”, but a deliberate “scientific” LIE!  We are also made to believe that the enormous heat and energy from the sun is produced by the explosive power of nuclear reactions equal to 100 billion tons of dynamite every second!  WOW!  But NASA never explains HOW they know this to be a FACT of TRUE science, but to me this is “science fiction” and just another deliberate “scientific” LIE!

NASA also cannot explain how the sun produces the PERFECT heat and energy at ALL times at a PERFECT distance to sustain and maintain all physical life.  We all know that physical life would NOT exist without the heat and energy of the sun.  But NASA goes one step further and confesses that all physical life is CAUSED and comes FROM the heat and energy produced by the sun.  But our God-given intelligence tells us that the sun of ITSELF does NOT cause and produce physical life on its OWN!  Yes, all TRUE believers KNOW that all physical life comes from the TRUE life-giver; which is from the creator God (NOT the sun).  This now brings us to the term, “Sun of righteousness” (spelled with a “u” and NOT with an “o”) found in Malachi 4:2….

KJV But unto you that fear my name shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall. 

Just WHAT is that very bright “glorious” LIGHT that we see and witness in the sky high above us?  Keep in mind, the sun is NOT the TRUE source of all physical life; therefore the sun could simply be a temporary “glorious” SYMBOL that reminds us daily of the TRUE eternal GLORY of the TRUE source of life.  The term, “Sun of righteousness” could also be called the “light” and “illumination” of righteousness.  But our God-given common sense tells us that the SUN of itself is not (yes, is NOT) the TRUE “light” and “illumination” of righteousness!  That very bright shining “glorious” LIGHT in the sky high above us might simply be a created SYMBOL to continuously “shine” as a WITNESS of the TRUE “light” and “illumination” of righteousness, and the TRUE source of all physical life.  Now notice this very interesting scripture….

Psalms 84:1 KJV for the LORD is a sun and shield.

The LORD is called a sun (yes, a SUN) pointing to the TRUE source of life, and also a “shield” pointing to the TRUE protector of life.  This possible SYMBOL of the sun would NOT FIT with the sun at 93 millions away that for 4 to 5 billion years was continuously REPRODUCING this tremendous heat and energy ON ITS OWN, as NASA and “brilliant-minded” scientists tell us.

It does not matter WHAT the sun is composed of since this “glorious” symbol could also serve as a “reflector” of the POWER and GLORY of the TRUE “light” and “illumination” of righteousness”!   This powerful “reflector” could be very CLOSE to us as it circles high above our flat earth plane.  A video claimed that the movements of the sun, moon, and stars are perfectly controlled by the power of electromagnetism.  But I believe this powerful “magnetic force” is under the PRECISE control of the power and force of the Spirit of God!

Yes, the sun HAS to be on a perfectly CONTROLLED path as it “seems” to circle higher for summer and to circle lower for winter as SEEN from our location on the earth, and from our eye-sight vision of “perspective”.  The moon also has to be on a perfectly controlled path to cause the “moon phases” and the NEW moon to divinely “announce” a NEW month.  But why does the SUN seem to be the SAME size as the moon?  Maybe it’s because IT IS the same size!  I know this statement sounds unbelievable, but keep in mind that ALL the knowledge that is taught to us about the earth, sun, moon, and stars is from NASA and from highly “intelligent” astronomers and scientists!

A man doing a video calculated the distance of the sun by forming an imaginary triangle with two sides at 45 degree angles that included the sun overhead that formed the three imaginary sides of the triangle.  The distance to the sun was calculated at 3,113 miles above a flat earth plane, and he demonstrated this by using the TRUE science of TRUE physics known as “trigonometry”.

I now want to make a “crazy” suggestion about WATER.  As we know, the first mention of water (Gen 1:2) was when the Spirit of God “moved” (H7363) over the face of the waters; which means to brood or to be relaxed, and was translated as flutter, move, and shake.  Could it be that “heavenly” waters existed with God BEFORE the creation?  This would mean that the Spirit of God “brooded” to “relax” these waters in order to “shake” and “move” these waters OUT of their “heavenly” realm (as a hen “broods” over her eggs to “relax” her eggs to hatch them).  This would also mean that the firmament (Gen 1:7) divided the NOW liquid BLUE waters from these “heavenly” waters (also BLUE) that STAYED above the firmament.  Now notice WHAT this very interesting scripture is explaining….

Job 37:18 KJV Hast thou with him spread out the sky, which is strong, and as a molten looking glass?

The BLUE sky that is spread out is STRONG as a “molten looking glass”; which indeed could be this strong BLUE “FIRM-ament” high above us.  Then of course, ABOVE this strong blue FIRM “barrier” (firmament) would be these “heavenly” BLUE waters, the habitation of God, and the spiritual realm of ETERNITY that space, time, and distance have absolutely NO EFFECT ON!  Therefore ABOVE this strong BLUE “FIRM-ament” is NOT a realm of unexplainable “endless” space in an “endless” so-called universe.  Of course, NASA and their highly “trained” scientists have to confess that they do NOT have the answer to the “mystery” of the “endless” so-called universe.

I want to now talk about Joshua’s “long day”….

Joshua 10:12-13 KJV (12) Then spake Joshua to the LORD in the day when the LORD delivered up the Amorites before the children of Israel, and he said in the sight of Israel, Sun, stand thou still upon Gibeon; and thou, Moon, in the valley of Ajalon. (13) And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day.

Our modern churches believe and teach that it was the EARTH (NOT the sun) that suddenly “stood still”.  We are talking about traveling 1000 mph on a round spinning globe (as NASA tells us) that came to a sudden STOP!  This would mean that all animals and humans in Joshua’s day would have instantly flown off the surface of the earth, including uprooted trees and everything else that was not firmly anchored deep in the earth.

We can only imagine what would have happened if the earth suddenly started moving again, which supposedly it DID according to the premise of our modern churches.  Of course, NASA just uses gravity to explain how this 1000 mph on a round spinning globe is NOT FELT.  So if (yes, IF) the earth did indeed come to a sudden STOP then NASA would AGAIN just pull the “magic” of gravity out of its “scientific hat” to explain HOW a round spinning globe coming to a sudden STOP would also NOT BE FELT, therefore CENTRIFUGAL force would NOT EXIST!  Common sense tells us that our modern churches (that trust in NASA) cannot have it BOTH WAYS!  Our modern churches “mysteriously” NEVER consider and they NEVER acknowledge that IF indeed the SUN came to a sudden STOP from circling high above a stationary and motionless flat earth, then this would indeed explain Joshua’s “long day” perfectly!

Millions of church-goers TRUST the Bible as being ACCURATE, but the incredible IRONY and dilemma is that in the minds of these church-goers the Bible was NOT ACCURATE when it stated that the SUN “stood still” (and also the moon) and NOT the earth!  On the premise of what our modern churches believe and teach it is indeed shameful that Joshua’s “long day” must go through the “scientific” FILTER of NASA and “expert” scientists to see if Joshua was CORRECT.  What nonsense!

It would be so easy to simply believe what Joshua was INSPIRED to write, and all these “difficulties” would be SOLVED!  There are over 60 scriptures that speak of a moving SUN, but there are NO scriptures that speak of a moving EARTH!  Isaiah 40:22 speaks of the “circle of the earth”….

KJV It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in:

As we all know, a “circle” could simply be called a “ring” formed by a CIRCULAR course on a flat surface plane shaped in a literal CIRCLE.  On this premise, a literal “circle” would NOT apply to a ball, a sphere, or a globe.  A LITERAL flat earth would explain how God can sit upon the “circle of the earth” simply because it would cover ALL the inhabitants INSIDE this literal circle.  Isaiah 40:22 also says that the “heavens” (plural) are stretched and spread out to serve as a TENT that the inhabitants dwell in; which is an ENCLOSED environment shaped in a literal circle in which God “sits” upon.  But if (yes, IF) God “sits” on the supposed “circle” of a literal round global earth then most the inhabitants would NOT be literally covered.  Sure, I confess this is all spoken in a literal sense, but you do see my point.

But why are the inhabitants as grasshoppers, as Isaiah 40:22 mentioned?  Well, since they are generally in rebellion against God, they “figuratively” HOP, leap, and jump (as grasshoppers) to “figuratively” ESCAPE the loving care and loving guidance of their CREATOR, and this could be WHY they are ENCLOSED in a TENT, canopy, or the DOME of a STRONG blue “FIRM-ament”!

The biblical phrase, “face of the earth” (found 29 times in the KJ Bible) goes a long way I believe in explaining the “surface” (face) of a flat earth.  Using common sense, a “face” is what is always “facing” in ONE direction.  But the earth shaped as a SPHERE could theoretically have many “faces” that are facing in ALL directions, but on a flat earth there could only be ONE “face” that would always be facing in the direction of UP.

In Gen 1:1 KJV the term, “heaven” in the original text is plural, which would include the THREE heavens that the Bible mentions (2Cor 12:2), and these three heavens would have to be ABOVE the flat earth plane.  “Above” is always going UP (toward the three heavens), but the direction of “UP” on a round global earth theoretically would go in ALL directions.

Humans and animals are designed to live only in an UPRIGHT position.  Please understand; living on a SPHERE in an upright position would be an ILLUSION, and we would NOT be able to physically FUNCTION as designed!  Again, NASA and “brilliant-minded” scientists just use the “magic” of gravity to explain how we can “magically” always stand UPRIGHT (NOT slanted or upside down) anywhere on an earth shaped as a SPHERE!

Keep in mind that the firmament was called “heaven” (Gen 1:8 KJV); which would HAVE to be ABOVE the flat earth, and therefore the enclosed DOME of a strong “FIRM-ament” ABOVE the flat earth theoretically could NOT be “around” or “under” an earth shaped as a SPHERE!  Above the enclosed DOME of this “FIRM-ament” could also NOT be the “unexplainable” so-called space that would be “endless” in distance.  The concept of “endless” is NOT physically POSSIBLE, and therefore cannot be applied to so-called “space” in a physical so-called “universe”.

But NASA with their highly “intelligent” scientists just come up with the incredible numbers and SIZES of many trillions of stars and billions of galaxies with some stars and galaxies billions of “light years” away from us.  These highly “intelligent” scientists all have to confess that the mysterious “end” of space in the so-called universe has NOT yet been “discovered”.  I truly believe all this “scientific” knowledge is TOTAL nonsense and TOTAL “science fiction”, and our “mad” scientists are “pulling out their hair” trying to figure out HOW to explain a creation WITHOUT a creator!  This is utter nonsense and INSANITY!

The words “he made” in Gen 1:16 KJV are in italics; which means that they were ADDED and were NOT in the original text.  The KJ translators assumed that this was WHEN God made the stars, and then they just ADDED the term, “he made” (the stars also).  So WHEN were the stars made?  I believe the stars were in existence BEFORE the sun and moon for the divine purpose that represented something God had already planned BEFORE the creation.  This of course would mean that the sun and moon represented something FUTURE about the plan of God, as will be explained soon.

The stars were made as SIGNS (Geneses 1:14) that could point to the seed of Abraham that could number into the billions!  The Concordant Literal Version in Genesis 22:17 indeed says that Abraham’s seed (offspring) were to increase (multiply) as the STARS OF THE HEAVENS (“heavens” being plural)….

CLV that, blessing, yea, blessing you am I, and increasing, yea, increasing your seed am I as the stars of the heavens and as the sand which is on the sea shore. And your seed shall tenant the gateway of its enemies,

This of course would mean that God placed ALL the stars in the three heavens.  Yes, it could be that the billions of “twinkling little stars” placed in the three heavens are shining to TESTIFY of the innumerable “seed of Abraham” with EACH STAR shining to TESTIFY of its OWN “glory”.  It could be that the brightest visible stars are SIGNS that testify of the “first-fruit” saints that will rule with Jesus Christ, and will SHINE as “morning stars” (Rev 2:28), and these brightest stars would be the VISIBLE “brightness of the firmament”, as explained in Daniel 12:3….

KJV  And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever. 

I believe that these innumerable glorious “twinkling little stars” are not NEARLY as large and not NEARLY as far away as we were all deceived and brainwashed to believe!  The mysterious “star of Bethlehem” was a SIGN of the PROMISED KING of the seed of David (Jesus Christ) that the “wise men” KNEW ABOUT!  Please open your Bibles and carefully read Matt 2:1-12.

This “glorious” star LED them directly to the young Christ child (NOT a new born babe).  This star might have been in the FIRST heaven (atmosphere), and HAD to be very SMALL that God lowered very CLOSE to the earth, and when this star (as a divine “spot light”) stopped moving it stood DIRECTLY over the house where Christ was, as explained very plainly in Matt 2:9.

I now want to explain why I believe that the eternal PLAN of God can be visibly SEEN by the “glorious” SIGNS of the sun, moon, and stars.  The sun (the greater light) would be the “Sun of righteousness” (Malachi 4:2) that represented the FUTURE birth of Jesus Christ as the TRUE “light” of righteousness.  The moon (the lesser light) as a “darkened light” would represent the FUTURE “darkness” of a sinful world with the moon shining in “phases” in measuring the days, months, and years for the temporary NEED of “time” for the “darkness” of sinful mankind.  The moon ITSELF is called a “light” and therefore could be self-illumining (just like the sun and stars), and could be divinely “programmed” to create its OWN phases.

But NASA says that moon phases are reflections of the sun, but reflected sunlight is STILL sunlight and NOT moonlight, and this is WHY moonlight is much COOLER than sunlight, which NASA does NOT explain!  There are videos that show STARS shining THROUGH the dark side of the moon, and this “mystery” is also not explained by NASA.  Yes, there is a whole lot of MYSTERY about the sun, moon, and stars, and maybe this mystery is deliberate for a temporary (yes, TEMPORARY) divine PURPOSE!

So the issue is not WHAT the sun, moon, and stars are composed of; but God simply calls them “lights” that could simply be the “glorious” VISIBLE energy and power that SHINES from the spiritual INVISIBLE energy and power of the Spirit of God!  These VISIBLE “lights” are designed to SHINE so as to shed “spiritual light” on the GLORIOUS plan of God.  Yes, we have all taken these “lights” that we see day and night way TOO MUCH for granted, simply because of the very FLAWED teaching about these “lights” as taught by NASA and highly “educated” teachers and professors in our schools and colleges.

We never consider that when we look up (it should be with sunglasses) at that very bright “light” in the sky we are looking at the “Sun of righteousness” (Malachi 4:2) used as a glorious SYMBOL pointing to the righteousness of the Jesus Christ.  The stars are simply “twinkling little lights” placed in the three heavens, and Jesus Christ said that some day these “twinkling little lights” will all fall out of heaven (Matt 24:29).  This indeed could be the GLORIOUS event when the shining “glory” of these innumerable “twinkling little lights” will no longer be NEEDED!  Lo and behold, this is also when the shining “glory” of the BRIGHT light of the sun and the shining “glory” of the DARKENED light of the moon will also no longer be NEEDED!  This is very plainly explained in Rev 21:23-24….

KJV (23) And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof. (24) And the nations of them which are saved shall walk in the light of it: and the kings of the earth do bring their glory and honour into it. 

The governments of major nations might all be controlled by the RELIGION of secret societies with a SECRET “religious” AGENDA of controlling the whole world.  These religions all get their spiritual “marching orders” from the POWER and FORCE of the deceptive SPIRITS known as the “Adversary” and “Satan”!

The United Nations flag has the logo of a FLAT EARTH showing TRUE Antarctica as being a huge WALL of ICE shown as the boundaries along the sides of the logo divided into 33 sections which would represent the 33 degrees of the RELIGION known as “freemasonry”.  It is said that the first astronauts were all freemasons, and no doubt knew all about the SECRET “religious” agenda of LIES, and the true purpose of the space program.

But there was this huge problem; they needed to get far enough into “space” to take an “actual” photo of the complete global earth.  NASA had to find a way and a good EXCUSE to land a man on the moon, and Russia was IN ON this conspiracy since they STARTED this “race” into “space” with the “supposed” sputnik.  This could be why Russia (supposedly an ENEMY) never questioned the “supposed” moon landings!

This also explains the “success” of the International Space Station (ISS), which is all the more supposed “proof” of a round global earth, and all the many satellites “up there” also supposedly “prove” a round global earth.  I listened to videos that claimed that the ISS and all the satellites are just more FAKERY, and all the ISS “in space” video clips and photos are all provided by (yes, you guessed it) by NASA, of course!

There have been “suspicious” deaths of certain men employed by NASA and the space program.  It is said that the astronaut Gus Grissom several times voiced his frustration and distrust of NASA and the space program.  We all know of the “accidental” fire that took the lives of Gus Grissom and two other astronauts in a SEALED capsule on top of a rocket.  There is a reason why Neal Armstrong repeatedly refused to be interviewed, and there is also a reason why he sold his home in Wapakoneta, and more or less went into seclusion somewhere in Cincinnati.

People applying to become astronauts no doubt are very carefully interviewed about everything concerning their personal lives including their personal RELIGIOUS beliefs.  After being “checked out” if there is ANY discrepancy in all these careful screenings they of course are NOT selected and hired as astronauts.  If they are hired and put on a payroll they will then be told of the REAL agenda of NASA and the REAL agenda of the space program, and they will KNOW it would be in their BEST interests to be “quiet” and to go along with NASA’s program of LIES and “scientific” deceptions!

The LIE of a “global earth” LED to the LIE of “global warming” (but “strangely” it is NOW called “climate change”), and the lunacy and INSANITY of brainwashed leaders of nations have the “solution” that will FIX this DANGER that “global warming” has on a “global earth”, but this solution is PURPOSELY a real THREAT to a “global” economy.  We are always reminded of the term “global” in front of certain “trigger” phrases.  Ever since childhood our “educators” made sure that a “globe” of the earth was displayed in every classroom starting with the first grade.

So WHY are wicked men so determined to brainwash the whole inhabited earth to believe in a round spinning globe?  It is called RELIGION passed on as a LEGACY!  It is a SECRET belief system of CONTROL that HAS to take the “God-factor” OUT of creation to CONVINCE us that human life is MEANINGLESS since we are living on a spinning tiny “grain of sand” AMONG trillions of stars in billions of galaxies in unimaginable distances and SIZES.  These wicked men INSPIRED by the “Adversary” and “Satan” believe that all governments will eventually “fall into their hands”, so that they then can take total CONTROL of the whole world (so they think) to become the world’s “GOD” so that a brainwashed world can be “saved” through THEM!

In conclusion; carefully read the links, “Babylon” and “Eternal” on my web site which will compliment this article.  We should all CONFESS that what we plainly see, feel, and experience in everyday life is a stationary and motionless FLAT EARTH experience!  IF you had lived 500 years ago and CLAIMED that you are living on a round spinning globe traveling 1,000 mph at the equator, and 70,000 mph around the sun, and the sun ITSELF was traveling 450,000 mph in a galaxy called the Milky Way in an AIMLESS journey in “endless” space; then you no doubt would have been considered to have completely “lost your mind”!  Welcome to a world that believes exactly that!  It took the legacy of RELIGION and systematic brainwashing to GRADUALLY convince the whole inhabited earth to BELIEVE in this incredible FRAUD!  But I have good news!  We can all call upon our Father to open our minds to experience the FREEDOM from the PRISON of this major LIE and deception, and our Father will become much more REAL to us in everyday life!

By Mahlon Wickey  December 2015