The New Normal: Dying In Your Sleep

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Just the latest of a string of healthy people who die in their sleep after the vaccines/boosters rolled out.

I got this in my email this morning from a friend:

Later today, I get this message:

From the local newspaper.  Beautiful, smart 26 year old dies suddenly in her sleep from a pulmonary embolism. She went by Kris Petterson. Not sure of her vax status but her parents were vaxed and her politics were very liberal. She may have recently been boosted.

From the WaybackMachine, the story read “Jenna Kristine Petterson, age 26, whose adventurous spirit, curious mind and enthusiasm brought joy and unconditional support to her family and friends, passed away unexpectedly in her sleep due to a pulmonary embolism on Oct. 16, 2021.”

Her gofundme page is here.

These are known as “Black Swan” events… events that nobody is expected to ever see or hear about in their lifetime that can be rationalized by domain experts (who in this case point to the vaccines).

Healthy young people generally don’t die in their sleep. Ryan was not out on a run. He was sleeping. Kris Petterson was sleeping as well. Pulmonary embolism is strongly elevated by the COVID vaccines by 954 times normal. There is no doubt she was killed in her sleep by the vaccine. See line 24 in the VAERS X-factor analysis.

With the COVID vaccines, these events are occurring now on a regular basis now, so watch out for them. They are happening to very young, healthy people as well. All of these people have one thing in common: a recent vaccination. Sometimes, that vaccination can be less than 24 hours before they die. Other times it can be months. I know of a case of a man who will die soon and his debilitating symptoms only started 6 months after vaccination.

How do we know it was the vaccine? Because the set of symptoms fit the “signature,” because there is no other explanation, and because doctors are mystified as to the cause (since they rule out the vaccine could have caused the problem).

From my followers on Gab:

by Steve Kirsch