The Great Reset: “You Have Less Than One Year”

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The Great Reset is scheduled for 2021 according to YouTube creator, Richie from Boston. So far, he’s been spot on about the coronavirus hoax and why the elites are using it, but the Great Reset will be devastating for humanity’s freedom.

It’s important that we do no consent or use their currency when they do the Great Reset.  We have to start standing up for ourselves.  The elites DO NOT own this Earth and we DO NOT need their permission to be on it. They will not stop until we are all completely dependent on the government making accepting their tyranny easy.  Unless you break free from the system and stop using their money, you will be stuck in a position of being forced into deeper enslavement.

“They are getting you ready for a second lockdown. And if Americans even consider for one moment locking themselves in, putting up with this bullshit all over again, you deserve to be the biometrically coerced slaves that you’re going to be,” say Richie.

Americans are already enslaved and were long before this plandemic surfaced.  But the willingness to fasten the chains around their own necks has been what has surprised me the most, to be honest. At 3:36 Richie says he can decipher the occultic message coming from Christine Legarde, the President of the European Central Bank. According to her occult numerology, the Great Reset (one-world digital currency) will happen in 2021.  That means you have one year, give or take to prepare yourself. If you accept and use this new currency, you will be owned permanently.

The elites have already come out and declared that they are going to do a global reset. This is not even close to a conspiracy theory. This is a fact, and they have told us. The Great Reset will be the focus of the elitists during a “twin summit” in January of 2021.

“Do not be fooled. Do not be afraid. Do not stand for this and do not consent,” says Richie.  It all starts and ends with our compliance. If we stop killing people for the elites on demand, war ends. If we stop obeying tyrannical orders to lockdown, lockdowns end. This is the big secret.

They MUST have compliance from the public for the New World Order to succeed. We have been trying to tell people this from the beginning. We DO NOT need them. Stop depending on psychopaths in suits and become self-reliant. That’s what really scares them.

The Establishment Doesn’t Fear Trump, And It Doesn’t Fear Bernie. It Fears You.

They need us. We DO NOT need them. The sooner you wake up to that reality, the easier this all gets.