The global elite are planning a new fully vaccine-resistant Covid variant by the spring as more people are becoming hesitant to the booster shots

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Dr. Mark Dybul, a professor at Georgetown University and immunologist is warning us to expect a fully “vaccine” resistant strain of COVID to start spreading in the spring. Is this really a warning, or is this a threat?

Dybul, who is currently the CEO of Enochian BioSciences and a professor at Georgetown University Medical Center’s Department of Medicine, is warning that this new variant will hit in the spring unless we all just take the shots. Is anyone else sensing a theme here? We should all just comply and get the shots these psychopaths so obviously need swimming in our bloodstream.

The faster we get boosted, the better off we’ll be for the next couple of months,” he said. “Sadly, every prediction I’ve made has pretty much come true. I hope I’m wrong this time, but I think by March, April, May, we will have a fully vaccine-resistant variant. There’s simply no way you can have such low rates of vaccination around the world with the virus ping-ponging between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. I’m an immunologist. The probability of us seeing a vaccine-resistant strain is very high.”

If the virus is jumping between vaccinated and unvaccinated, what good is it anyway? The vaccinated are still getting it and spreading it (if it even exists) and the shots then won’t protect the unvaccinated either, so aren’t we going to have the ridiculous hoax variant pop up anyway then? They literally planned this scamdemic with Event 201 a few months before they actually pulled this hoax off.

But guess what else this sociopath said? Expect twice-a-year shots. We should all have known this was coming. These shots are anything but “vaccines” and COVID is nothing more than the common cold or the flu renamed and we’re supposed to just allow others to dictate what goes into our bodies to prevent things we can’t stop from getting?

“It’ll become like influenza. We’ll have every year or twice a year therapies, vaccinations, prophylactic treatments, and we’ll be fine. We’ll have some people dying and getting sick and breaking through, but we’ll be fine,” he said according to a report by Forbes. 

Do we honestly believe that the shots will stop at twice a year?

Bill Gates Predicts Covid Rates Will Drop Unless A More Deadly Variant Emerges

Billionaire globalist Bill Gates has claimed that covid deaths and infections may drop below seasonal flu levels next year as more people get vaccinated… unless that is, we encounter a new, more deadly variant.

Speaking during a virtual interview at the Bloomberg New Economy Forum on Thursday, the Microsoft founder stated that vaccines, natural immunity, and the upcoming oral treatments mean that “the death rate and the disease rate ought to be coming down pretty dramatically.”

RT reports: The tech mogul, who has been particularly vocal during the pandemic, said issues around vaccine-production capacity are likely to be replaced by distribution challenges and even waning demand.

“The vaccines are very good news, and the supply constraints will be largely solved as we get out in the middle of next year, and so we’ll be limited by the logistics and the demand,” he noted.

He also told his audience that it remains to be seen how much demand there is for Covid-19 shots in places like Sub-Saharan Africa.

Calling for more work to eradicate flu, Gates claimed Covid-19 rates and deaths would possibly fall below those of flu by the middle of next year unless more deadly coronavirus variants emerge.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has involved itself in the development of vaccines and virus surveillance, calling for a global response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The foundation has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the development and distribution of potentially life-saving shots.

According to the World Health Organization, influenza kills up to 650,000 people each year. At least five million people have died from Covid-19 since the pandemic began in late 2019.

Britain Goes Full Orwell, Says “Fully Vaccinated” Is An Evolving Term

Prime Minister Johnson announced at a press briefing in Downing Street that the British people will need to have received their booster shot in order to be considered “fully vaccinated” and that the term “fully vaccinated” will constitute an evolving term that will be subject to periodic adjustments.

“On boosters, it’s very clear that getting three jabs—getting your booster—will become an important fact and it will make life easier for you in all sorts of ways, and we will have to adjust our concept of what constitutes a full vaccination to take account of that,” Johnson opined. Apparently, it would seem that the unvaccinated in Britain may join those in New Zealand and Austria in becoming second-class citizens in their own country for refusing to take a hastily-approved vaccine from a multi-billion dollar medical conglomerate.

“As we can see from what’s happening, the two jabs sadly do start to wane, so we’ve got to be responsible and we’ve got to reflect that fact in the way we measure what constitutes full vaccination” he continued to say.

Johnson pestered the British people to continue to put up with the continued edicts of the medical tsars and sign up for the booster shot as soon as they were eligible to do so, saying that “It would be an utter tragedy if, after everything we have been through, people who had done the right thing by getting double vaccinated ended up becoming seriously ill or even losing their lives because they allowed their immunity to wane”, apparently unaware of the existence of natural immunity from past infection being effective as a medical shield.

What makes this latest development in the medical saga that is covid rather confusing for those who are trying to pay attention is the fact that Europe, one of the most vaccinated regions in the world, is set to once again become the epicenter of the pandemic, despite the fact that even covid-conscious Singapore among others has accepted the need to live with the delta variant given its contagiousness.

Earlier on Monday (UK time), the supposedly conservative Johnson-led government took the opinations of the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) to provide booster shots to those aged 40-49. This was endorsed by Health Secretary Sajid Javid, who said that “We know immunity to COVID-19 begins to wane after six months and new data published today shows a third dose boosts protection against symptomatic infection to more than 90 percent—this highlights just how important it is that everyone eligible gets their top-up jabs as soon as possible.”

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