The Closing Ceremony from the 1984 Olympic Games ‘Prepared the World for an Alien Invasion’

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Hollywood and other government propaganda have groomed to believe that aliens are real. ​Over the years many whistleblowers have testified that they have witnessed species, not from this world. To most of us who are Bible followers, it is to hide the truth that demons don’t exist but aliens do.

The bizarre closing ceremony at the Los Angeles Games raised eyebrows at the time, but alien enthusiasts still claim that the Olympic event had a more sinister purpose.

There has been much talk nowadays about inter-dimensional worlds, especially what with the Large Hadron Collider in CERN officially being fired back up recently to go hunting for them. Whilst we are all considering where the Aliens could be coming from and IF other Dimensions are actually a fact rather than Fiction, along comes this VERY important piece of evidence courtesy of the F.B.I!

And this is a very true story people, the FBI admitted that we have been visited by “beings from other dimensions”.
FBI link here:

To be fair it is very surprising that the FBI has shown such a vast amount of interest in the whole study of the UFO phenomena?! But is it really that surprising when people have been reporting UFO sightings pretty much since the beginning of time, no not really!  I guess it could even be possible that there are a lot of science fiction movies that are actually based on real events, or as some may even call them “leaks” to the general public, given by the government in order to deliberately raise awareness among the population? Subconsciously planting that seed into all of our brains that the Aliens truly are with us! READ MORE

Are we repeatedly prepared for false flag alien invasion which many believe is due to occur this year? If you are a Bible-believing person you can clearly see through the predictive programming. This Alien Invasion is the cover-up for our blessed hope i.e Rapture which our God promised that he will pluck us from this world. We are on the cusp of Biblical tribulation and before that certain events must take place.

People of this world are already deceived to the point they take pleasure in lies and attack the ones telling the truth. But God said he will send an even greater deception in these end days which could very well be a false alien invasion.