The CDC could end all the COVID misinformation in a heartbeat… why aren’t they?

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Here are two ways they could settle the question of safety. They are both easy to do. I find it very troubling they have no interest in doing either of them.

by Steve Kirsch

Executive summary

The US government (or any foreign government) could instantly end the safety debate by doing a couple of studies.

Why they don’t is a mystery to me.

Could they have something to hide?

The studies

Trial #1: Run a prospective double-blind randomized trial where they look at the parameters in the Thailand study PLUS d-Dimer before the shot and 3, 7, 14 days after the shot. Don’t limit it to just kids. A 30% rate of cardiac injury in the Thailand study wasn’t predicted by anyone in mainstream science. I’d have thought that the US government would want to see if it is even worse for the elderly and younger kids. But maybe nobody wants to know because they all seem afraid to want to look.

Study #1: Just do autopsies on anyone who died 2 weeks after their shot and actually do the correct histopathology and stains that can implicate the vaccine instead of skipping those tests. Autopsies using STANDARD tests (which is what we are doing now) will NEVER implicate the vaccine because they were never designed to find COVID vaccine damage.

How hard is that?

My personal guess as to what they will find

It wouldn’t surprise me at all to find more than a 20% rate over all ages of measurable cardiac injury caused by these vaccines (18% had abnormal EKGs post-vax which is extremely troubling). I talked to Charles Hoff today and he found more than 50% of his patients had elevated d-Dimers post-vaccine. There was a cardiac screening in Puerto Rico using an FDA approved cardiac monitor that picked up an abnormal signal in 70% of the 177 people tested (age 8 to 84). I heard that a study in the US military discovered a 68% rate of cardiac injury. A study in Switzerland of 777 healthcare workers showed that 2.8% had elevated Troponin just 3 days after the booster.

So 7 million Americans with heart damage is a minimum.

I’m guessing it will be around 50 million Americans overall who have had their hearts damaged by these vaccines (based mostly on the 18% abnormal EKG post jab and that’s just ONE measurement).

Think about it… 50 million Americans have been harmed by these vaccines and nobody is saying a word.

But don’t worry because if you are injured, it’s your fault for getting the vaccine. It’s not like you were forced to get it or anything like that. It was your free choice. The government isn’t liable for your injuries even though they didn’t warn you about the side effects.

Is there any wonder why nobody wants to find out the true numbers?

Any thinking person should be wondering why nobody in the medical community or mainstream media is speaking out.


The Thailand study should be concerning for everyone. It showed close to a 30% rate of cardiac injury (which they called “cardiovascular manifestations”) after the 2nd vax shot on kids who were perfectly normal before the shot.

This suggests that:

  1. All of the previous estimates based on observational studies were wrong… in some cases by a factor of nearly 1,000X. That is a huge goof by the medical community. However, nobody seems to be upset by that… I guess science is OK when the peer-reviewed papers are off by close to three orders of magnitude. See this description of the Swiss study for the reference (“2.8 percent instead of the expected [post-COVID vaccine of] 0.0035 percent”).
  2. We have no idea what the numbers will look like for older or younger people. They could be far worse. We have no idea because we’ve never measured it.

Everyone in the medical community, mainstream media, and Congress should be calling for both of these studies, but all I hear is crickets.

I wonder why?