The American Airlines Pilot Bob Snow Cardiac Arrest Incident Explained

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Six minutes after landing his plane, Captain Snow collapsed due to cardiac arrest. Snow had been forced by Americans to receive the exp. injection in November or lose his job

by Sage Hana

  • American Airlines Captain Bob Snow landed a plane and was incapacitated due to cardiac arrest six minutes later.
  • Incident happened immediately after touching down in Dallas on April 9. American Flight 1067 had just arrived from Denver.
  • Captain Snow is a 31-year veteran pilot. He was mandated by the airline to get the exp. injections or lose his job.
  • Josh Yoder, US Freedom Flyers, when interviewed by Steve Kirsch said this incident: “…could easily be chalked up as a near-miss at the airlines…”
  • Yoder’s org. US Freedom Flyers has been warning of a catastrophe due to pilots having adverse reactions to the exp. injections, wrongly labeled vaccines.
  • Yoder: “We rec’d hundreds of reports of people flying with all types of adverse reactions.”
  • US Freedom Flyers is a grassroots organization comprised of thousands of pilots and others in the transportation industry.

World-renowned cardiac specialist Dr. Peter McCullough, M.D., as well as other Global Covid Summit Doctors, have been alerted and are coming forward to discuss the ramifications of pilots flying post-injection of non-FDA-approved products.

Tip of the Spear Steve Kirsch is once again doing the journalistic work that our heretofore declining heroes of Truth Telling are snoozing through, hoping that it will all go away.

Spoiler: It’s not going away, Giant Independent Platform Snoozers.

Per Josh Yoder of US Freedom Flyersthe FAA, airlines, and the unions are reluctant to take safety precautions to stave off injection injured pilot catastrophe, as that would be an admittance that they, like everyone else, were derelict in their duties.

Turns out that when you push a lot of people to undergo unsafe experimental medical procedures before they don the cap and fly the friendly skies that you are rolling the dice some disastrous results may be in your near future.

Thus the airlines and the FAA are basically doing what everyone who fell for this giant scam are doing…pretending that there is nothing to see here.

The airlines and the FAA are trying to avoid liability.

If passengers actually knew what is going on with the airlines and the FAA…they would be livid.

Steve suggests that the airlines are basically just ignoring the potential risks.

It’s actually worse than ignoring it, Steve. They’re covering it up.

Six minutes after landing the plane, Captain Snow collapsed due to cardiac arrest.

Snow was rescued by a nurse and a naval corpsman who performed CPR; he was then quickly transferred to Baylor Scott and White Hospital. He has no recollection of the event.

Per Yoder, the hospital is ten minutes from American Airlines HQ, and yet not a single person from the airline or the union came to see Snow.

Magical. Corporate America is just…so damn sinister.

In the following video, the 31-year flight veteran explains from his hospital ICU room, how he was mandated by American to receive the exp. injection.

Snow is angry. And you should be as well.

On Nov. 7, I was mandated to receive a vaccine. Quite literally, I was told that if I did not receive the vaccination, I would be fired…Under duress, I received the vaccine.


This…(pulls up hospital smock)… is what the vaccine has done for me.