TedX Says it Will Refer to Women as “Womxn” to Fight “Discrimination”

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Conference organization TedX says it has started referring to women as “womxn” in order to fight “prejudice” and “discrimination,” prompting a backlash on Twitter.

The group announced that it was planning to hold a TEDxLondonWomxn conference this coming Autumn, prompting one user to ask, “what is a womxn?”

“Why we’re using ‘womxn’…No, that’s not a typo: ‘womxn’ is a spelling of ‘women’ that’s more inclusive and progressive,” the organization responded.

“The term sheds light on the prejudice, discrimination, and institutional barriers womxn have faced, and explicitly includes non-cisgender women.”

Numerous respondents on Twitter pointed out that this was just another example of a leftist organization pandering to extremist woke mobs who are trying to control language.

“How do you pronounce Womxn? You dont . Cos its bulshit,” tweeted Suzanne Moore.


“It’s actually less inclusive, considering no normal person knows what the hell you’re talking about,” remarked another Twitter user.

“This is the kind of crap that has made it almost impossible to watch Ted Talks anymore. Too many people pandering to the “woke” crowd. Sorry, but no…..that is not inclusive, it’s just bs,” added another.

Ted Talk’s embrace of social justice warrior lunacy is nothing new.

Over four years ago, they gave a platform to Rachel Dolezal, the white former NAACP chapter president who was exposed and humiliated for pretending to be black.

Source: Summit.news