Sentient World Simulation: A real World modelling machine which can predict human behavior in any environment

Sentient World Simulation: A real World modelling machine which can predict human behavior in any environment

We’re living in an astonishing age where almost everything is available at a press of a button unheeded by the evil that has crept beneath our beds. Conspiracy theorists have become a daily part of mockery, humor and ridicule. But this guys is no conspiracy but a technology available for us to see some light into what’s going on in reality.

What is it?

Sentient World Simulation is a modelling machine which was created to build a synthetic mirror of the real world with automated continuous calibration with respect to the current real world information as mentioned in this9 page PDF.  In other words, a real world simulation to predict or to deploy major events, opinion polls, demographic statistics, economic reports and shifts in trends. It has the ability to sense, adapt and react to real world events. You can also call it a parallel verse in which your exact replica is made to do tasks which you would rather avoid and there is nothing you can do about it.

But the question arises why is it created? Why does a world need a synthetic mirror in the first place?

Obviously large scale catastrophes can be predicted or avoided with its use. But one can make out for themselves because it was already in place before 2008 financial crisis. Even a simple mind can understand, it is a tool in hands of elite and evidently not for the betterment of humanity.

How does it work?

SWS (Sentient World Simulation) can capture any new event occurring anywhere in the world and gather sufficient detail. Then it applies all the gathered information into its synthetic environment encompassing the behavior of individuals, institutions and organizations, simultaneously gathering the trends from its interactions. And also, any new model can be inserted in between in order to enrich it with information.

The core component of SWS is an agent-based environment named the Synthetic Environment for Analysis and Simulation (SEAS). It looks at the world events in an agnostic way that allows experimentation at all levels and gathers data from all perspectives. What makes it different from fractal simulations is its basic building blocks. It thinks on granular level and bases its approach on individual, institutional and organizational behavior which makes up a society or nation. Now you can easily make out why these evil organizations collect your data.

This is how it predicts real time or future events:

  • Exploring multiple courses of action by taking different sets of actions in its created synthetic environment.
  • Applying classified data and altering behavior levels.
  • Excluding the part of the society and constructing different environments using different parts of society.
  • Forming ideal societies in which everybody is able to access classified data. Etc.


As you can make out this is ‘God Tier’ technology in which if the user wants to bring about certain event he would already know how the masses would behave and in no way he can be touched because there would be already millions of simulations in which he can manipulate the masses and subdue them. Things we saw in movie ‘Matrix’ are reality now. It’s only just the matter of how much do you want to know and believe?

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