Secretary For Kenya’s Atheist Society Announces He’s ‘Found Jesus Christ’, Resigns

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The Atheists in Kenya Society, which advocates leftist cultural policies and secularism in the mostly Christian nation, abruptly announced that he has “found Jesus Christ” and, accordingly, resigned from the organization.

In a statement posted to the organization’s social media and website, the Atheists in Kenya Society reveals that “regretfully, the Secretary of the Atheists in Kenya Society Mr. Seth Mahiga, informed me that he has made the decision to resign from his position as Secretary of the society.” The press statement continues, “Seth’s reason for resigning is that he has found Jesus Christ and is no longer interested in promoting atheism in Kenya.” The organization thanks Mahiga for his “dedication over the last one and half years” and notes that the position of Secretary “has been rendered vacant” and the Society is accepting resumes from other Kenyan atheists.

The Society’s Twitter account also features a short clip that apparently shows Mahiga attending church on Sunday and testifying about his decision to leave the secular group. “I’ve been going through difficulties in life, and then I decided to resign as the Secretary, amen,” said Mahugi as the congregation of Christians began to cheer. The pastor noted, “The Bible says every knee shall bow.”

The church broadcast appeared on Elevate TV, a Kenyan media outlet that features “live interviews, live sermons & services, Christian music” and another Christian-themed programming. On Facebook, Elevate TV shared the same clip, and wrote, “Seth Mahiga, former Atheist Secretary-General, confesses Jesus Christ at Life Church International Nairobi after resigning.”

The Society’s most prominent event, at least during the COVID-19 pandemic, appears to be a Zoom conference call styled as a web show called Atheists Late Night (ALN). In the most recent episode, the Society taught its members about the differences between biological sex and gender, ostensibly explaining transgenderism to the audience of Kenyan atheists. Before the May 28 broadcast, a tweet was posted revealing, “One of the things you will learn tonight is the different [sic] between gender and sex.”

The organization also strongly opposes Kenya’s National Prayer Breakfast, and released a statement claiming it “is a waste of taxpayers money and an insult to Kenyans.” The statement continues, “Prayers will not solve KENYA’S problems. We need good leadership.” In a separate tweet posted the day before, the Society wrote, “Kenya doesn’t need a National Prayer Breakfast. Waste of taxpayer’s money.”

Over 82% of Kenyans identify as Christians, with the majority identifying as Protestant or Catholic. According to Cultural Atlas, the remaining 18% of the population, 11.2% identify as Muslim, 1.7% identify as traditionalists, and 1.6% identify as “other.”

Source: NationalFile