Rasmussen Survey on Covid Vaccine Deaths Proves Antivaxxers Right!

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by Igor Chudov

What a Change in Public Opinion

A new Rasmussen report is out today. Rasmussen asked people about COVID vaccine deaths and polled them on whether vaccine dangers are baseless conspiracy theories.

The key findings are:

  • 28% of adults say they personally know someone whose death was caused by side effects of COVID-19 vaccines, while 61% said no, and another 10% are not sure.
  • More people (48%) are concerned about Covid vaccine injuries than 37% who think that Covid vaccine injuries are conspiracy theories. The things we have discussed are no longer considered “conspiracies” and are believed by the majority! (thank you for spreading the word)
  • Republicans are more likely to be concerned about vaccine safety.
  • Many more findings will be mentioned below.

Survey Proves People are NOT Lying About Acquaintainces Killed by COVID Vaccines

The survey provides two independent proofs that people are not making things up when discussing Covid vaccine deaths.

First Proof

I know two people who died from Covid vaccines. One, a nephew of my friend, died around May 21, 2021, after his safe and effective J&J vaccine. He died the next day due to a blood clot. His death is NOT in VAERS (I checked by searching for the date range, vaccine, and state).

Another person is my wife’s friend’s ex-husband, with whom the friend maintained a co-parenting relationship. That man died suddenly while drinking tea with his buddy.

Am I telling the truth, or am I just making stuff up? (spoiler – both deaths are real) Are other people mentioning their friends’ vaccine deaths dissembling? Vaccine advocates always accuse us of lying!

However, the Rasmussen report proves that we are NOT lying:

more married (33%) than unmarried (23%) Americans think someone they know personally might have died from vaccine side effects.

Why is there such a difference? Why do married Americans know MORE vaccine victims who died from COVID vaccines? The answer is very simple:

Married people have a larger circle of friends! (husband’s friends and wife’s friends) No wonder they are more likely to know a COVID vaccine victim – this happens because their social circle is larger.

If antivaxxers lied about vaccine-killed friends, the frequency of their positive responses would NOT depend on their marital status. The dependence shows that the size of their social circles determines whether they know vaccine victims.

Consider, again, the example that I gave in the second paragraph of this chapter. The man who died suddenly while drinking tea was an acquaintance of my WIFE. Had I not been married, I would never hear about him!

Second Proof

Fortunately, the Rasmussen report provides another, completely INDEPENDENT proof that people do not simply fabricate vaccine deaths:

More Republicans (60%) than Democrats (44%) or the unaffiliated (43%) think there are legitimate reasons to be concerned about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines. However, there is less political difference in the number who suspect someone they know might have died from vaccine side effects – 33% of Democrats and 26% of both Republicans and the unaffiliated.

Think about this: fewer Democrats think that there are reasons to worry about Covid vaccines. And yet, MORE Democrats know someone killed by the vaccines than Republicans!

Is that a paradox?

Not at all!

The explanation is right here:

More Democrats (85%) than Republicans (63%) … have been vaccinated against COVID-19.

Democrats are more likely to be vaccinated. Their social circles include more (highly vaccinated) Democrats. Republicans are the opposite – they are less likely to be vaccinated, and they are more likely to be friends with (less vaccinated) Republicans.

So, no wonder Democrats, whose social circles are more vaccinated, know MORE people who died from Covid vaccines than Republicans! Democrats are more exposed socially to Covid vaccine effects – and report more of them.

And yet, those Democrats, while knowing more Covid vaccine deaths, are less likely to question the safety of Covid vaccines due to their party brainwashing and the TV programs they watch. Very sad. Democrats are good people – but sadly influenced by the wrong news sources.

Vaccines Kill More Young People?

I framed the above as a question because the conclusion is less certain than in the previous chapter.

The younger the people are, the more likely they are to know a Covid vaccine victim who died from Covid vaccine.

35% of adults under 40 believe someone they know personally might have died from vaccine side effects, compared to 28% of those 40-64 and just 14% of Americans 65 and older.

As people tend to have social circles mostly made of friends of their own age, the higher proportion of deaths in younger groups may be because Covid vaccines kill younger people disproportionately. This cannot be easily proven, however, because perhaps older people’s social circles may be smaller.

Yet, this question about whether Covid vaccine is more likely to kill young persons is extremely important. This is indeed the case for myocarditis, which mostly affects younger men.

So-Called “Conspiracy Theorists” are NOT Old Farts!

There is a trope and a purposely spread myth that people who believe in what authorities call “conspiracy theories” (such as the dangers of Covid vaccines) are unkempt older individuals who slowly go down the rabbit hole as they age.

Rasmussen puts this trope to rest with their private data, which I could afford to subscribe to, thanks to your subscription revenue.

It turns out that only 34% of young people label vaccine safety concerns as “conspiracy theories,” whereas more (43%) of old people call vaccine safety concerns “conspiracy theories.”

Thus, young people are rejecting the false labeling of vaccine injuries as conspiracy theories.

This gives me hope for the young generation!

Are Hispanics 40% more Likely to be Killed by Covid Vaccine?

The private data that I had to pay for using your subscription fees (thank you again and please consider subscribing) also includes disturbing findings based on the “race” of reporters.

The race of reporters was White, Black, and Other. We know that while people have a wide variety of friends, they mostly associate with friends and relatives of similar ethnic backgrounds.

While “Other” is a wide category, most of them are Hispanics. White and Black people have 25% and 26% prevalence of those who know Covid vaccine victims. So about the same rate.

How come Hispanics have a 40% greater chance of knowing Covid vaccine deaths? This is strange and needs to be explained.

Thank you, Rasmussen, for confirming that our anecdotal reports of associates killed by Covid vaccines are not made up!

A friend of this blog, a Midwestern Doctor, has a very interesting take on how the American public is becoming very worried about “sudden deaths” and vaccine damage:

The American Public is Extremely Worried About the Vaccines

Covid vaccine victims were mostly nice and good people. They wanted to help others and participated in vaccination to stop transmission of the Covid virus. They hoped to end this pandemic and save old people! Some were coerced into getting vaccinated.

Sadly, they died, poisoned by Covid vaccines, while transmission and Covid deaths continue unabated.

Please help us remember the victims of Covid vaccines. If you know someone who died because of Covid vaccines, please tell us their story. Besides the manner of the death, please also report on what kind of person it was. Was it a mom? Was it a young soccer player? Was it a child? Did they do any nice deeds that you want them to be remembered for? Why did they decide to get vaccinated? Did they have any future plans?

Please describe their deaths and what kind of people they were! They deserve to be remembered.