Rapture Watch: This is how lucky you’re if you believe in Jesus Christ as your savior

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Without a doubt, we’re living in end days. So many people are having visions and dreams of the upcoming tribulation and possible rapture. Although nobody can be sure on which date Rapture will occur, we can certainly predict the season. And with the current events, we’re sure Earth is ripe for the harvest.

God’s holy spirit is poured out in so many people, which has never happened before. Many are making prediction videos and expressing their dreams which beget what exciting times we are experiencing. We may be moments away from the rapture but let’s not forget many people are undergoing difficult trials right now.

Some have lost their loved ones who were wishing to depart together. Many are struggling financially or have critical health issues. I have compiled this article for all those whose everyday life is nothing short of a battlefield and who are wishing for the soon return of Lord Jesus Christ.

Let’s start with how many people will get raptured pretribulation period? Bible mentions around a hundred million or more. Now, the world currently has 7.8 billion people and counting. That comes out to be around 1.3%. That’s how lucky you’re for seriously waiting for Christ’s return.

To be inside one percent of all the people on Earth, I consider myself extremely lucky. We complain to God about many things but we don’t understand the predicament our God is in right now. How much he would have gone through to see his people suffer?

This is the age of vast deception, and one can figure that out by trying to convince a brainwashed person. This world is nothing short of a horror movie. Truth is hidden within plain sight yet few wish to see it. Our father in heaven would have tried so hard to bring the people to his side, but only a few listened. Sometimes the way he chooses can be quite arduous but fear not, our reward is waiting for us when we meet him.

Let me iterate my story here. I have struggled financially and with health issues throughout my life. So many of my hard efforts have gone in vain. I have suffered from chronic anxiety and never understood why me? But now I realize all these trials were to make me come closer to Him. None of my friends or relatives have the knowledge and information that I have today. I come from a non-christian family, so it becomes almost impossible for me to convince them that Jesus Christ is the one and only savior and no one else. Even if someone listens, he forgets the next time I meet or talk to him. Such is the importance of trials I went through that keep me awake at all times.

If I would have got the job like all my friends, I doubt I would have ever met Jesus. People love their lives more than anything, and they would not throw them away at any cost. If a person has a decent job, a good salary, a loving family, and a fair amount of respect among his peers, I doubt he would have met Jesus because, for him, all these end-time revelations are nothing but fiction. This is also true for so many truth channels out there who talk about everything that is wrong with this world yet not a word about Jesus Christ.

You may have gone through many difficult situations throughout your life, but that is all the more proof that our father wants to keep you by his side. He is guarding you under his strict watch and punishes you if you lose your path or go astray. Please understand this is also the time when the attack of demons is at an all-time high. A little bit of room for the devil, and it can cost you your salvation. Would it matter to you if, saw some random children smoking weed? But what would you do if they were your children? The same is the case with God. He only punishes his people.

Now let us take it one notch forward and see how lucky are those who are spreading his true gospel. How many people do you know online or offline that are spreading his message? You can probably count them on your fingers. Say you know a hundred people. That comes out to be 0.0001% from chosen hundred million. Can you imagine the reward our lord will bestow on these people?

Now you can clearly understand how lucky you are right now despite all the trials you have gone through. But if still don’t know Jesus Christ. You can do so by believing and saying out loud that he died for your sins and God raised him from the dead on the third day for your sake. Please believe in him so we can meet in the clouds.