Rapture is coming soon! Beware of the false teachers and prophets

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Many believers are waiting for his second coming. But fret not very soon we will be with him in our changed bodies, we just have to believe in his word and keep calling out to him. Jesus said all those who call to him in these perilous days shall be saved. I have already shared my rapture theory how it is going to occur during the so-called cyber pandemic which was announced by Klaus Schwab (Executive head of WEF) as those will be the days of darkness as we will be deprived of our necessities due to lack of power and food and it will be the opportune moment for Satan to tempt the people with his fake promises.

But the topic I want to tread on most right now is the false teachers and prophets. Many people are preaching that we are living in deception but not all are believers in Christ. I know many people online who spend hours decoding the evils and mischiefs in our society but not a single word how it was all written in the Bible and not even a single mention of Jesus Christ.

I’m calling them false teachers because no matter how deep you dig down the rabbit hole, you still change nothing. These false teachers always sing the same tune about how humanity needs to come together to fight off this evil. We need to step our differences aside and stand up to this tyranny. The thing is I’m not against this notion, we should come together. But the problem is we are dealing with murderers here. People so evil and psychopathic who will not stop at anything even in their last breath. What people don’t realize is we are standing in face of absolute evil. And absolute evil can only be dealt with pure and utter violence. Unless we wipe these parasites off the face of the Earth we cannot stop anything. Which is simply not possible. Forget killing them we can’t even send them to jail. Can anybody even touch Bill Gates or Anthony Fauci despite knowing how evil these guys are? And the Bible mentions that this is not a physical but a spiritual war.

So these false teachers preaching the fact that we should stand up together changes absolutely nothing unless you’re right with God. Please understand I’m not saying you should just keep watching and do nothing if you see your neighbor being ill-treated or some innocents being mauled by the cops. You should put your life on the line if you face such evil. What I’m talking about here is from a spiritual point of view. If you are not spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ using the current events, I believe your efforts are in vain.

I was watching a video by a YouTuber today. I have been his long time follower for all the hard work he has done over the years. And how easy it is because of the knowledge and information he presented over the years to decode the current events. I will not take his name, he’s a Gematria expert. According to him, the concept of Jesus being our savior and dying for our sins is absolute bullshit and moronic. People who believe that are delusional and lost. If you think Jesus is our savior then what about other religions? Are other religions inferior? He believes this is the problem that humanity created which should be solved by coming together and standing up against this tyranny, which is against God’s word.

You see I’m not a Christian myself but I believe the holy spirit works in mysterious ways. I’m a Hindu and was raised believing that Hindu gods are almighty and my religion is superior to all. But after comparing the entire history to God’s word in the Bible, one can easily distinguish right from wrong. All the events these satanic people have pulled till now have been in complete accordance with the Holy Bible. Will, you still not believe his word?

These truth teachers, who can put hours into digging grand evil schemes of their governments can’t see something so blatant. I refuse to believe that. Either they are so attached to their lives that they can’t fathom the idea of leaving aside all the wealth they have accumulated, or simply they are doing the devil’s bidding.

Every time these false teachers are put against the question of whether or not they believe in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ? They counter it with either putting other religions forward or some other new-age bullshit.

Yes, Jesus Christ is the only lord, and worshipping any other god beside him is paganism. I truly believe that despite being born into a pagan religion. It cannot be any more clear than all the events that are going on right now. How many prophecies have this generation seen fulfilled? Is it that difficult to understand what God wants us to do?

But what many of these false teachers have successfully achieved is to turn many of the truth seekers into atheists and make them believe that they can only be saved by their works, which is in complete harmony with the works of the devil. A wise person will always use the Bible as their filter to discern genuine from counterfeit.