Queensland Premier announces two-tier society by banning the Unvaccinated from all social, hospitality, and care settings whilst “rewarding” the Fully Vaccinated

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You are currently viewing Queensland Premier announces two-tier society by banning the Unvaccinated from all social, hospitality, and care settings whilst “rewarding” the Fully Vaccinated

The Premier of Queensland, Australia has announced that fully vaccinated Queenslanders will be “rewarded” by December 17th, 2021, by being allowed to live their lives again, but they will only be able to do this by not mixing with the unvaccinated because Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is banning them from all social, hospitality, and care settings indefinitely.

By mid-December, authorities in Queensland are set to ease restrictions for entry into the state, citing that this is the date they expect at least 80% of Queenslanders, 16 years and older, to be double vaccinated.

However, Premier Palaszczuk has decided that restrictions will remain in place for unvaccinated people once they reach the target of 80% double vaccination.

This means that from mid-December unvaccinated people will be unable to:

  • Visit vulnerable settings, including hospitals, residential aged care, disability care accommodation, and prisons.
  • Attend hospitality venues such as hotels, pubs, clubs, taverns, bars, restaurants, or cafes.
  • Attend indoor entertainment venues such as nightclubs, live music venues, karaoke bars, concerts, theatres, or cinemas.
  • Attend outdoor entertainment activities such as sporting stadiums or theme parks.
  • Attend festivals – either indoor or outdoor – such as musical festivals, folk festivals, or arts festivals.
  • Attend Queensland Government-owned galleries, museums, or libraries.

The Queensland Government states that “these activities are not essential for people to meet their basic needs, but present a considerable risk to contributing to an outbreak in our community when our borders reopen”.

There is, however, an exception for weddings in which the unvaccinated may attend, but only at the detriment of the entire wedding party as this will then mean the wedding is restricted to a maximum of 20 people attending.

Meanwhile, the fully vaccinated, who Premier Palaszczuk said “will be rewarded”, will be allowed to go back to their lives as normal, almost. Because they will still need to use a “freedom pass” to check-in to venues with the Government describing it as “important to support contact tracing” because “vaccinated people can still carry the virus”.


In the meantime, Queenslanders must obey the Queensland Governments enforceable “New Normal” which involves –

  • Maintaining physical distancing of 1.5m
  • Wearing a face mask
  • Maintaining good hand hygiene
  • Staying home when sick
  • Checking in to premises or events using the Queensland app for effective contact tracing
  • Getting vaccinated

But are the current restrictions on all Queenslanders and the upcoming restrictions on the unvaccinated justified?

Well, the Queensland Governments Covid-19 dashboard certainly suggests that they are absolutely not.

In the 24 hours prior to November 9th, 2021, the state of Queensland conducted a total of 8,121 Covid-19 tests. Of these, there were zero local cases and just 1 case defined as “other”.

You may be thinking that the lack of cases is due to the restrictions and the Covid-19 vaccines doing their job? Well, you’re wrong.

Between March 1st, 2020, and November 9th, 2021, a period of 1 year and 8 months, the state of Queensland has conducted 4,736,216 Covid-19 tests. Of these just 0.04% have resulted in a positive test, with 529 local cases confirmed, and 1,570 “other” cases confirmed over twenty months.

That equates to just 105 positive test results for Covid-19 every single month since the beginning of the alleged pandemic, but remove the 1,570 “other” cases and you find that Queensland has actually only recorded an average of 26 cases every month since the start of the pandemic. For context, over 5.1 million people reside in the state of Queensland, Australia.

But it gets even harder to justify the loss of freedoms for the entire population of Queensland, and the introduction of a two-tier society by December when you realize how many people have died of Covid-19 in twenty months.

Official stats show that the last recorded Covid-19 death in Queensland, Australia occurred April 12th, 2021. Prior to that, the last recorded death was 26th May 2020.

The entire state of Queensland, with a population of over 5.1 million people has recorded just 7 Covid-19 deaths since March 2020, an average of 0.35 deaths per month, yet Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk is planning to ban the unvaccinated from all social, hospitality, and care settings.

How much more evidence do you need that this has absolutely nothing to do with a virus and everything to do with control?

Source: TheExpose