Prophetic Dream: No social credit means “No place in the New World Order.”

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By Celestial

 “Behold, I send you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves.” (Matthew 10:16) 

*This is an older, in-depth revelation from God on the same thing I spoke of earlier.

On Sept 14 the Lord spoke about the strange world of the future. The Beast System. I was dreaming about a work task then God told me how to handle the task and moved on to other things.

He said living requirements will be so stringent in the future. To pay the light or phone bill will need the imprint of your hand. Not just a fingerprint, your entire palm will be placed against a console and at your touch, a biometrics payment will transfer remotely to where it needs to be. I saw people in lines, they walked up one by one to these curious glass stands (or highly polished plastic that looked like glass), palm payment stations that looked like little lecterns.

Either these stands came up out of the floor as you approached or they were already in place as you came up to transact business. You put your palm on it and it ran your data in seconds; it paid what needed to be paid without any paperwork and you walked away secure that it was done. This payment station glowed with bright blue light- it was either a clear station with blue light shining inside the glass or a black console with blue light ringing the upper part.

I saw that bright blue, laser-looking light everywhere in the future– it was around smart doors to show when they were active (i.e. open)- when a smart door is not active it is orange around the rim or red. The plastics and metal of the future interact with this blue light to show when they are “on”. I once saw this blue light on a sign at the top of a faraway building; I was so surprised to see it in real life I took out my phone to get a photo and forgot I was standing too close to traffic.

Imagine this is a door and the blue light shows when the door is active for use.


I saw that people gave an imprint of their bite to the banking system. In signing up for a bank account there was a curious glowing wall of many dangling plastic tubes with a malleable soft plastic ‘lump’ at the end. You put the lump in your mouth and bite into it like Playdoh- just as millions in the USA receive “teeth straightening packages” with that soft putty that they “bite” and ship it back to the company with their dental imprint. Well… There will be a wall in the future with living tubes coming out of it with lumps on the end. The entire tube and lump are alive with energy and blue light coursing through the tubes- it is one of endless ‘living components’ that will exist in the future. I wish I could draw what I mean but I can’t and there is not a single image online of what I’m trying to say. So we will have to read carefully and imagine it.


You put the lump in your mouth and bite, then take it out and the tube pulls the lump back into the panel like a retractable string- this is the best I can describe what I saw. The lump with teeth marks goes back into the living wall and files that data along with many other identifiers. It came to me how this data will be used later: in crime scenes, if you ever do anything where part of the evidence involves teeth (including for death identification purposes) it is your dental imprint from this tube that grows out of and back into that glowing wall, that will be used against you.

To think that this was part of “required banking info” was shocking to me yet people lined up to bite that glowing plastic lump. They gave so much biometric data to the Beast that it was astounding. Fingerprints were considered old technology- it was even believed that fingerprints could be counterfeit but your hand size does not change. So palm scans and palm recognition were all the rage- your palm and face were as good as money in that world and people were scanned endless times a day for everything. 

“Everything will be automated” is what the Lord told me. Every conceivable thing will be automated to the point where human interactions of daily life are greatly reduced. Robots and AI will talk to you about EVERYTHING until it feels invasive and very, very irritating.

As the Spirit of the Lord spoke I heard those fake ‘soothing’ female AI tones say to me, “How are you feeling today Celestial?” I was sitting on a couch facing a screen, having a mandatory counseling session. I was angry about being there but I didn’t show it because the computer could detect minute changes in mood, body temperature, body language, facial expression and many other things that humans read without even noticing that we do it. I knew if I looked angry it would make a negative report against my name and it would affect my credit society score.

Everyone will have a credit society score, or maybe social credit score is another way to put it- this number is a general scorecard that will control your life. If it is low enough you can and will be excluded from society. It will mark you as a model citizen or a rebel based on countless metrics that cover everything from how you pay bills and perform at work (things you can control), to what other people feel about you, how they see you if they like you or not. (These are things you cannot control but you will still be judged on them- it is your “social credit”).

Your credit society score or social credit score will be the go-to number that determines everything about your life. What job you can apply for. What apartment you can rent. What car you are eligible for. If any upgrades can be applied to your account. If any perks should be allowed to you or in the event of an adverse reading in your score, removed from you. It was very stressful being in that world and even though it was only a dream as the Lord showed me flashes of myself there > I held on to His hand tightly because I did not want to be left in that time where everything is glowing luminous blue plastic and nonstop pretending all the time to appear happy, well balanced and at peace with everybody.

I stood with the Lord in a corner of the room, watching myself appear relaxed and patient on a couch when I knew that I was mad. I did not want to talk to the AI in the counseling session but everybody has to talk to it to be sure everybody is rational and making the best possible decisions for their lives. Otherwise, they will be asked why are they not optimizing their results for life. People who do not want to optimize their results for life will not live long in the beast system. It is a system that doesn’t leave you alone with your thoughts for one minute so you will not be independent, you will not think too much, you will not have time to evaluate life. The idea is to wear you down until you are not yourself but conform to everyone else around you.

There is also the subtle murdering intention behind it because the people who created the system know it is not possible to live that away without cracking. So people try to live that way until they can’t anymore; eventually, they crack and “do something” totally not allowed by the system; then they can be arrested. It is called BEING DETAINED. Even if they kill you, it will be only be said that “So and so person was detained”. If they kill you your state of detention is indefinite, it will never be updated to say ‘dead’ even if we never hear from you again.

I sat before the AI and answered all its questions in a state of deep anger yet there was no evidence of how I felt on my face, in how I sat, in my expression or my vocal tone. It concluded the interview and a big green check ✅ appeared in a white circle on the screen indicating I’d passed with flying colors. I thanked her and went outside thinking how much longer can I live here God.

If you did not pass, if you had “concerning symptoms” by which I mean normal things anyone would feel living in a sick matrix like that one- fear, upset, anxiety, anger, irritation- depending on the severity of your ‘symptoms’ you got a yellow or orange checkmark (which means you needed further sessions to get to the root of the problem- which of course was only going to make you crack if you were not mentally strong enough).

If you failed completely- if you were highly angry and prone to outbursts or even victim to too much crying, whining or fear you get a red X. Your social credit score was immediately impacted and they may even detain you right away. It is possible to lose social credit in that world altogether and if you do you will end up like the siblings I saw in another dream. That boy and girl ruined their lives totally and lived near the garbage cans of the building I lived in. I had to buy them food and leave it there because they had no social existence whatsoever. Without social credit you will not qualify to have a house or vehicle or state benefits or nothing; you will live by the garbage can or wherever you can hide out in society and get by. No social credit means “No place in the new world order.”

In my dream I was able to live wisely, keep all my thoughts to myself and be normal. I hated it but I could. However many people could not, they simply could not adjust to “This is not America anymore.” They said stuff and fought back and had outbursts- many were detained and that was it, we didn’t hear from them again. It is a place of extreme restraint otherwise you will be killed.

I have seen these scenarios for almost ten years and I must say, in the early years I wondered what was causing it. God did not speak of the New World Order back then so when I dreamed of desperate people on the run, breaking into their parents’ homes asking for help, for money or anything to help them run yet the parents were saying ‘Well Jessica you should’ve known this was going to happen, you offended the system when we told you not to now you have to accept the consequences of your actions’– I would think Lord what is this I’m seeing?

I dreamt of people with government friends, connected friends who called them and said “Jerry what the — did you do?! There’s a LIST Jerry. There are people on that list YOUR NAME IS ON THAT LIST JERRY! They’re putting together a Taskforce, they’re going to wipe every last name off that list. The list is public enemy #1 Jerry, you have to get out of town.”

I wrote down my dreams wondering what Jerry did, who was the TaskForce, what is the list and all that- I just wrote everything down and waited for God to reveal it.

I’ve been seeing these things for years till finally God began to speak and speak and SPEAK about the coming of Beast- that information is what you find on this blog. The Beast system is the fulfillment of Daniel 7 and Revelation 13, the Beast that rises from the sea and receives power from the dragon. Right before us, it is evidence of global mandates reducing the world population so there won’t be so many to govern in the future. The Bible has all this information right there but if God does not reveal it to you you will think all that matters in life is this foolishness of ‘Biden and Trump’, who are nothing more than toothpicks in a greater scheme than we can ever imagine.

I always say on The Master’s Voice that Christianity is wisdom and obedience but a HUGE part of it is CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. That’s the Spirit-led process that makes us more like Jesus- meek but wise, knowing what ought to be done and when. Wisdom is not only knowledge, wisdom is knowing what to do and WHEN. Without wisdom, men perish for no reason at all, and that is the tragedy of life.

All that Jesus tells us: Be wise as serpents, gentle as doves. Do not fret, it only causes harm. Love one another and so demonstrate the love I’ve shown you. All those things are godly wisdom, they’re not just “rules”. Obeying His wisdom changes us, it is how we develop GODLY CHARACTER that will save us many times in the future when there isn’t enough time to pray.

Look at this statement: Be wise as serpents. In real life we know finding a snake is the hardest job in the world. A snake is very wise. A snake can hang 3 inches from your eyeballs in the jungle looking exactly like a leaf, you won’t know it’s a snake until it strikes suddenly- taking your eyeball with it. Yet if someone says it is not God’s desire that any perish but we should learn how to live with silent patience until the time for the separation of wheat and tares truly comes- that time when God will make it clear to us we must not abide any longer but reveal ourselves and flee- many will accuse you of sedition. They will say “Oh you are assisting the Beast! You’re not a real Christian at all!”

Yet out of kindness, I am warning you. All the red and orange people will be found with ease and taken away. Where to, let God reveal it to you, but this blog has already told you where I saw them going. They will go where people are “detained” and their status is never updated. Red and orange people with no wisdom or self-control will be the first to go. After that, the Beast will look around and think “That was too easy. That can’t be all of them. There’s no way I found all the remnant.” He will begin to look for the green people, the ones wise as serpents like he is. The Beast will see all Christians as cancer and attempt to take every ‘lump’ of us out just as it says in Revelation 13:7 –

And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them. And POWER WAS GIVEN HIM OVER ALL KINDREDS, AND TONGUES, AND NATIONS.

People expect Rapture tomorrow yet right there Daniel 7 and Revelation 13 reveal a global power transition – the entire world given over to guile, stealth and global control while men slept– “power given unto him” in front of everybody. Despite all the obvious and brutal changes we see around us only a fraction of the church is saying ‘Lord strengthen me to survive those days and not take any mark when the time finally comes to worship the devil or die for my faith.’ The majority are convinced Jesus is coming just because they want Him to-and I have nothing to say about that.

Society is already birthing the Beast all around us, open your eyes and take notice. In preparing this post I had to look for pictures- I was shocked to find articles dating all the way back to 2016 that prove this word. Palm banking in Japan. Face boarding for flights in Miami, pioneered by Lufthansa. AMAZON OFFERING A TEN-DOLLAR CREDIT FOR YOUR PALM PRINT. Singapore running an entire convenience store for students at one of its biggest universities with no staff, no cash registers, nothing. Just scan your hand, tap in the last 4 digits of your phone number, take the burger and go. So why is it hard to believe God? Why is it so impossible to accept that this world God says is coming, a world-building itself right now in front of us, is real? Why can’t we see it will get here before the sky opens to take untried, unready people who don’t want to suffer persecution to Heaven?

No pre- or post- Tribulation belief will ever do away with the need to prepare the heart, mind and spirit for what lies ahead. Therefore when the jungle leaf turns into a snake one day, let nobody say the Lord did not tell us beforehand. Matthew 24 and the entire book of Revelation are instructions sent by God for somebody. I am sent to the modern world to ask if anyone has read those instructions? If there are any somebodies out there besides me let us open our ears and Hear The Words Of The Lord. Amen. Here is the prophetic summary:

(1) A social credit score is coming.

(2) Extreme AI monitoring, a probing of the human mind under the guise of WELLNESS. When you see the word ‘wellness’ begin to pop up everywhere not only at spas, remember this word.

(3) Enforced AI interaction. People will talk to AI regularly. Many insist they won’t do this yet they sit on the phone now for 40 minutes letting a robot voice help them pay their light bill. What do you think that is? Where are all the people who used to handle bank questions and wifi problems? They have gone away so AI can talk to you, so AI can learn exactly how many “Please hold” prompt it takes to make you hang up in rage. Wake up and see where we are because we are already there. The Iron Kingdom is rising, mingling with the clay.

(5) AI will be learning from us. It will draw on the GLOBAL POPULATION as an educational source, running tons of faces, emotions, words and actions across screens to get smarter about the man and how he behaves. The more it interacts with millions of different people the more hyper-real, hyper-sensitive and hyper-predictive it will get. I know next to nothing about AI in real life, all I know comes from my dreams and the Lord’s downloads to my spirit. AI gets a few lines in action movies but in the Beast system it runs EVERYTHING and everyone is answerable to it. Not at first, but bit by bit it will gain control until we who wait for God become El Fugitivo Grande, fleeing from the face of the Beast.

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Blessings from Celestial