Pfizer’s New 80,000-Page Data Dump Is A Nightmare

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Pfizer tested their COVID vaccine on rats and then let pregnant women take it

by Emerald Robinson

You probably didn’t know that Pfizer dumped 80,000 pages of documents this week.

That’s because the American corporate media refused to cover it — and that’s because almost all of them took money from the Biden regime to promote the experimental vaccines and kill any critical coverage of them.

Anyway, it turns out that Pfizer’s COVID vaccine was not 95% effective: the data shows it has a 12% efficacy rate.

Let me repeat: 12%. That’s a “1” followed by a “2.”

But wait: it gets worse.

There were no human clinical trials to determine if the experimental COVID vaccines were safe for pregnant women. They were excluded from all the trials.

None. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Instead, they tested it on 44 rats.

Pfizer deliberately cut off the clinical data trial before the bad news could be collected. We already know that the Pfizer vaccine’s RNA is reverse-transcribing itself into your DNA. We already know that the vaccines increased the risk of getting COVID in children, the CDC intentionally withheld clinical data from the public, and a Moderna gene sequence patented in 2017 was found in the COVID virus spike protein.

Pregnant women in the U.S. military who were coerced into taking the jab have suffered horrific side effects and “congenital malformations” in their babies. There were more than 18,900 babies born with abnormalities in 2021.

We know this because a few brave whistleblowers got their hands on the Department of Defense’s medical database.

More than 18,900 babies. Just think about that.

There’s much more news to come out about the COVID vaccines — and all of it is bad. For example, doctors around the world are starting to notice an explosion in the cancer rates among the vaccinated.

Like I said: lots of doctors are noticing that cancers are increasing dramatically. Here’s a chart with data pulled from VAERS that will make your heart sink.

Let me finish with this thought: perhaps it wasn’t a good idea to reprogram the DNA of half the world to produce spike proteins to “fight” a virus with a 99% survival rate?