New virtual reality vest will enable users to have sex in a virtual world

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As if no one had seen this coming. A new virtual reality vest that lets you feel multiple sensations could be used by long-distance lovers. That’s according to sex tech experts who think the OWO Game vest could be used for more than just realistic gaming experiences.

According to TheSun, The experts at Sex Tech Guide think the vest has the potential to be used by the sex industry. One of its writers, Jamie F, said: “Could we one day see vests like these being worn for VR porn sessions, or for other sextech uses?

OWO Game’s new haptic vest

According to a more detailed report, OWO Game is marketing its product as a gaming and VR accessory rather than anything to do with sex. Sensations the vest is designed to replicate include hugs, wind, rain, fast driving, punches and gunshots: the latter two effects being among those we hope aren’t as realistic as the ‘hug’ sensation.

The haptic vest and the sensations it delivers can be controlled by an app the company has designed to be paired with the device. It’s not on sale yet, but OWO Game is allowing you to sign up for a pre-order.

Similar products made by other companies are already on sale. In January 2022, the firm bHaptics was selling haptic vests in their TactSuit range, starting at $299. Models with 16 and 40 sensation points were available. The vests appear slightly bulkier than the OMO Game vests and are very much aimed at gamers.

“The potential is obvious, but the OMO Game haptic vest’s lycra-based design might have to be developed to make it more bodily fluid-proof.” The vest allows its wearer to feel over 30 different sensations.

Haptic gloves, that allow the wearer to feel the sensation of touching virtual objects, are also increasingly making waves in the VR world. In December 2021, bHaptics announced the $299 TactGlove: a haptic glove aimed at the mass gamer market.

In many ways, it’d be more surprising if we didn’t see these technologies adapted to make virtual sex feel all the more real.

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