Money Masters: How the financial system we know of is the worst enemy of humanity?

Money Masters: How the financial system we know of is the worst enemy of humanity?

We live in strange times. An average person uses his almost 25 precious years in education to learn that he is not fit for the job he wants. And he is made to believe that he is the one who is not up to the task. Even if the person scores the job, he doesn’t have the clue about the masters he is serving or how finances actually work.

We suffer from massive unemployment, major banking collapses, their indecent bailouts but all we do is blame the governments and get back to sleep because we have no way of finding out that banks and government are two different entities or two different rulers. Our history tells us that our banking system is nothing but a weapon of mass destruction in the hands of few who can pull the plug whenever they want. These guys are so good that even if they bring our society to a state of bankruptcy our law would still favor them.

False Foundations    

These few people wield an overwhelming power over our daily lives. They control the markets, media, industries and all big corporations. Their goal is One World Order i.e. World Dominion. And in order to achieve it they are willing to go to any heights, use any means and wage as many wars as possible. To name a few, they control the council of foreign relations, trilateral commission, Bilderberg group and even IMF and World Bank are their private properties.

Our financial system is created on a debt based paradigm which uses credit and loans to generate money and enslave us.

Debt Based System

These big ass banks creates money by issuing loans. During the course of history they have learned that lending to governments is far more profitable than lending to an individual or an organization because it is backed up by nations taxes. But how does it work?

Mother wants daddy to love her but she can’t pay him. So he can’t pay the kids to do the chores and mom has to do it all by herself. Everybody is doing work as usual.

Son has some extra money from time to time. One day mom asks him to give her a loan. He accepts and there you go. The first credit is there. She gives daddy the borrowed money so he will be kind to her. With the hard earned cash dad wants to relax a bit and hires daughter to do his lawn mowing. She has some extra cash now and decides to buy back her secret diary which the brother hijacked.

The brother is the master of the universe. He injected money as a central bank to increase his criminal activity. The overall level of economic activity is on a higher level than it was before.
Mom is in trouble. Mom is Greece because she borrowed money to work less and now she is in debt.
Dad had increased export activity for a while and decided to use his surplus to buy his leisure time. He could be Swiss.
Daughter is a prudent Brit having sex scandals but paying off when required and the blackmailer is probably oligarch in the making.

Fractional Reserve Lending

Fractional Reserve Lending is the root evil how bankers pile up tons of money. If we go to history people used to deposit their golds for safe keeping and used receipts given in exchange for trading as gold was difficult to carry and also the fear of being robbed. But never had they need to withdraw all the gold at the same time. Which gave safe keepers this evil idea of lending more than already with them. Modern bankers transformed this evil idea into an even greater evil.

Suppose John gets a loan of $50,000 from a certain bank. Now John gives this sum to his friend Ron. Ron deposits the amount into his savings account. Now bank have $50,000 times ten that it can lend. And this ten is not a certainty, it can reach up to 50 depending on amount deposited in bank. So banks creates money out of thin air and lends to people and there is no law which can stop them. Whenever they see there is a collapse coming, crisis happening or panic occurring they manipulate the interest rates and save themselves by investing in gold or other physical assets leaving masses into despair. In short they call themselves gods and this is not an understatement.

Financial Crisis   

Public Money: It’s the one real economy is based on. The currency notes issued by the currency issuing entity (Govt. agency or central bank). It does not create interest and should not be created by anyone other than the state.

Private Money: Virtual money created out of thin air which creates interest and when circulated and expanded leads to inflation and deflation.

People who created private money are well aware of its expansion and contraction cycles. However they are ones who destabilize the economy each time. But they made it look like a natural catastrophe. And the masses are left with nothing but despair because neither this system is taught in schools nor in colleges.

The Four sided Pyramid Scheme

Below is the summary of how these satanic bankers attacks us from all four sides

  1. They reduce the public money that is being pumped in the economy. Most of the times they are ones who issue our currencies so they can do whatever they want. With reduced money supply people have no option but to opt for credit or loans. And these days they tempt people in to no cost EMI’s because they want smallest of human need should be fulfilled on a loan.
  1. When people resort to loans and credits to buy houses and cars. They kill us by fractional reserve lending by charging interests often at usury levels generating colossal profits, which would not be the case if correct quantity of money is generated which satisfies the needs of real economy.
  1. Promoting a Debt based economy. They want every country and every individual in it to be trampled upon by debt. The system is designed in such a way to make us chase our dreams and cripple us on its way of realization. Preaching the false paradigm that what really moves the economy is not the work, labor, toil of people but rather the private investment. Encouraging and indulging brainless politicians of developing countries in to Foreign direct investments (FDI). And taking control of every central bank present on planet.
  1. Making the system as complex as possible for a regular individual because growth and competition are sin. Privatizing all the profits and socializing all the losses. When the system comes crashing down it all falls on the shoulders of tax paying goyims.


We live in a parasitic society whose whole purpose is to enslave us. It’s all in front of our eyes ongoing financial collapses, massive distortions in real economy but we are too distracted to see anything. Virtual finances reign supreme over real economy and we have given our freedom and the lives of the upcoming generation to these few individuals. The current derivative market has ballooned up to 10 times the GDP of the whole world combined. If nothing will be done when the next crash comes it will be Armageddon.

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