Microsoft To Resurrect The Dead As Holograms & Chatbots

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By Lee Austin

Microsoft has been awarded a patent permitting the international conglomerate to create a chatbot that will enable families to talk with their deceased loved ones. 

Known as “conversational agents” chatbots are software applications that imitate a person’s voice and speech pattern with the goal of engaging a real human in conversation.  Chatbots utilize the same natural language processing technology as Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple’s Siri, and Google. Some chatbots already in use present a conversational experience so real it’s almost impossible to tell if the chatbot is a machine.

This brings us to Microsoft’s idea of a specific person conversing with oneself. implying that living users could train a digital replacement in the event of their death. Microsoft has even included the idea of 2D or 3D models of specific people being generated from photographs and videos stored on a person’s smartphone.  To create another simulation of you based on your previous audio and visual recordings.

In an episode of “Black Mirror” called “Be Right Back,”  a young woman signs up for a service to retrieve data from her dead boyfriend in order to create a chatbot and a robot. Attached is a link to that episode… 

Last year Kanye West gave Kim Kardashian West a hologram of her deceased father Robert Kardashian. Another reinforcement of the idea is that a chatbot and hologram can reach up from the digital grave.

Now imagine a demon entering a chatbot or hologram.  For edification, I believe demons are persons without bodies, who crave to inhabit human bodies.  Their purpose is to kill, steal and destroy. And if given a choice a demon will always choose to enter a person first and a material object second. In this case, a demon could inhabit a chatbot or hologram as a familiar spirit, which is a spirit familiar with the members of a family. Demons have the ability to mimic and imitate deceased loved ones. When someone goes to a psychic to speak to a deceased family member, they are in fact talking to a familiar spirit.

So how close is man to developing the technology needed to become the “master of the universe?”  Well, Google is developing a new quantum computer called “Sycamore.”  Compared to today’s most advanced supercomputer, Sycamore can compute in 200 seconds, which a supercomputer would need 10,000 years to accomplish. Unlike a binary computer, which is comprised of ones and zeros a quantum computer can simultaneously be a one or a zero. Thus Sycamore has the capacity to unlock a digital Pandora’s box of unlimited possibilities and the advent of the AI Beast system spoken of in the Book of Revelation.

In the occultic religions of Egypt and Assyria, the Sycamore Tree was known as the “Tree of Life.”  It is also connected with the gods and mystical forces in nature. Sacred to  Hel-i-op-o-lis, the sun city, and inspiration of the fictional heliocentric model.  In the occult, it is believed the juice of the sycamore tree is the fruit and sap of the “Tree of Life” which bestows man immortality. Is this the fuel the Luciferian elite will use to create the  Singularity?

The final seven-year Luciferian Stone Kingdom will be an age of upgrading human beings into Human 2.0. Commonly referred to as the Singularity. When man uploads his mind into a machine. becoming an immortal human hybrid. The final step is transferring the new digital mind from the machine into an avatar, with an incorruptible body. Thus man has becomes a little god and death has been defeated. This is also known as The Golden Age. The promise of eternal life from Lucifer. Reflecting the light of The Light Bearer.