CLOT PROFITS: Medicare spent over $15 billion on blood thinners last year, after covid jabs grew CLOTS

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How many millions of Americans will be prescribed blood thinners for the damage the COVID-19 clot shots are doing to their vascular system right now? Yet, those blood thinners won’t even work for the bizarre, rubbery, nano-tech clots formed in the bodies of the injected, because they are not the same as normal blood clots. Do the doctors at all the hospitals already know this? Will the “blood” thinners work at all for those crystalline structures and nano-wires that are accumulating heavy metals in the blood of the jabbed?

Big pharma cashing in on vaccine-induced clots causing a huge boom in the sale of blood thinners

Yes, Big Pharma is cashing in on the COVID-19 “clot shots” by prescribing (and jacking up the price) blood thinners for Americans who have no clue what’s happening to their bodies or why. Pharma is “treating” the clots, even though these kinds of clots can’t be thinned out or dissolved by rat poison (prescription Eliquis and Xarelto).

Since the fake election of Resident Biden, ZERO has been accomplished to address the skyrocketing prices of blockbuster drugs, including blood thinners. Every year, about 30 million prescriptions for blood thinners are filled by pharmacists in America, with about half of those written for the ultra-expensive brand-name ones.

One in every 10 Americans older than 75 years is taking some daily. Expect that number to skyrocket now that the clot shots are taking effect, and the nano-clots are accumulating heavy metals inside the blood and growing. Expect the booster shots for COVID-19 to add millions of toxic spike “protein” prions to the vascular system of 270 million Americans of all ages, adding to the chaos of blood clots and the prescribing of rat poison (blood thinners) that won’t even help. In other words, look for many more people below age 75 to be prescribed blood thinners now, since three-fourths of all Americans have been injected with Fauci Flu nano-tech jabs.

Blood thinners Eliquis and Xarelto have already bankrolled nearly $50 billion since 2015, now they cost over $500 per month

The price of brand-name blood thinners has somehow outpaced Biden-flation, and there’s no stopping it now. Every year the cost goes up significantly. These cost TEN TIMES the amount of Warfarin, a now-generic version of the same. They all cause horrific side effects, risking death by internal bleeding should the victim (prescribed patient) slip, or trip, or fall down and bang their head or hip on a hard floor or bathtub, for example.

America pays FIVE TIMES MORE for these costly drugs than other countries, and blood thinners won’t even work to prevent or dissolve COVID-19 vaccine-induced clots. What a shame and a huge, illegal scam. Eloquis is the 4th top-selling drug in the world, since 2020. Imagine that. Plus, it’s the costliest drug for ALL of Medicare. Coincidence? We think not. Every year, about 35,000 adverse event reports are filed for anticoagulants taken orally, including 3,000 deaths, plus thousands of cases of internal bleeding and hemorrhaging, usually in the head.

Xarelto is the world’s 10th top-selling drug and the 3rd most costly for Medicare, prescribed to over a million patients. Got atrial fibrillation, irregular heartbeats or rhythm disorder, or maybe myocarditis or pericarditis? That’s most likely from the Fauci Flu clot shots. Expect doctors across America to prescribe these pharma-lucrative pills that won’t help at all.

One congresswoman is on the record, stating, “The prices for these two competing products have risen every year since they entered the market at a rate far outpacing inflation, without any meaningful improvements to the medications or any apparent increase in production costs.”

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