Kobe Bryant, dead at 41, 1-day after being passed by LeBron James in points scored, January 26, 2020

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Kobe dead at 41. His daughter dead at 13. 41 is the 13th prime number. Today’s date 1+26+20=47. The helicopter officially crashed at 9:47 A.M. LA Lakers were founded in 1947. Kobe’s jersey # 24, Lebron’s jersey # 23. 24+23=47. America founded by Freemasons on 4/7. All professional sports were founded & credited to Freemasons who just so happen to be obsessed with numbers, numerology, rituals & Gematria especially # 47. Another undeniable piece of evidence proving all mainstream media events are staged hoaxes & the undeniable use of Gematria.  Watch this video for the complete picture.


This news comes the day after LeBron James passed Kobe Bryant in Philadelphia in points.

It is the 26th of January, the 26th day of the year.

The death was announced as the Pro Bowl was kicking off:

He died off the 101.

Kobe has died on a Sunday, the day of the week that sums to 33, and LeBron just passed Kobe in points in the 33k range. *Keep in mind this is the 74th NBA season, and you know how ‘they’ love to pair 33 and 74.

This comes on the day of the 62nd Grammy’s.

And about that 62, again…

Again, a ‘Faustian Bargain’ is a deal where you sell your soul for fame and material success.  The character who makes the deal in the story is known as Doctor Faustus, or for short, Faust.

1/26/20 = 1+26+20 = 47

1/26/2020 = 1+26+20+20 = 67

Keep in mind the first Grammy’s were in 1959, and on May 4, or 5/4. This matters because ‘Black Mamba’ sums to 59 and ‘Kobe Bean Bryant’ sums to 54.

The helicopter died in Calabasas, on a 67 date numerology.

1/26/2020 = 1+26+20+20 = 67



This comes right before Super Bowl 54.

Kobe was singing Fly Eagles Fly the year of Super Bowl 54, Eagles @ Rams.

The King passed him in points last night.

Recall, Kobe retired in 2016, 41-years after his father was drafted by Golden State, 14th overall, in 1975.

And don’t forget, when Kobe scored 81-points, his team scored 41, with a total sum of 122-points, on January 22, or 1/22. *Kobe Bean Bryant = 81

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