Klaus Schwab’s Cyber Pandemic and 40 days of Darkness in the Bible

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Many people are waiting for Rapture these days. I don’t think there is any prophecy left to be fulfilled before the rapture.

The year 2020 made us One Step Closer to Rapture. Things proceeded at an alarming rate this year covid-19 changed our lives and we can never go back to our previous lifestyles.

Klaus Schwab head of the world economic forum in his latest interview mentioned a cyber pandemic in which he said covid-19 will feel like a breeze and if we get hit by a digital virus and told us to prepare in advance. He mentioned his ‘Great Reset ‘ will bring about a merger of our physical, digital, and biological identities. This is not possible unless we give up our current identities i.e. it can only happen if give up on being human and take their DNA changing mRNA vaccines.

Let’s try to decode his cyber pandemic. We all know for a fact that to make massive changes to society big chaos is required. Order out of chaos has been their motive all along. So the major question is where do things stand? How far away are we from Rapture? And where do we go from here?

Let’s see major NWO goals:

  • One world government
  • One World Currency
  • One world army
  • One world religion etc.

Cyber pandemic as the word suggests a computer virus that can easily turn down the power grids, bringing all digital operations to a halt. Most of the transactions are digital these days so we are talking about a financial catastrophe. A health nightmare that could almost lead us into early man-days.

But why do they want a cyber pandemic?

They cannot control the flow of information. But the main reason is to wipe out all the currencies including cryptocurrencies. The Crypto market is growing exponentially and to wipe it all out and bring their one world currency, they need to do something massive. Also to achieve their one-world government agenda they want a merger of political, religious, and social spheres of our society which is not possible unless they bring the economy down.

The Bible mentions something similar. After being baptized by John the Baptist, Jesus was tempted by the devil for 40 days and nights in the Judaean Desert. … Jesus having refused each temptation, Satan then departed and Jesus returned to Galilee to begin his ministry. During this entire time of the spiritual battle, Jesus was fasting.

We are being lead to the time where we will be tempted by Satan and we will be tested whether we belong to this world or his heavenly kingdom. 

It is not difficult to see what’s happening, I think 40 days represents the time where everybody will be tempted to take the upcoming vaccine and if they refuse they will not be allowed back into society. This cyber pandemic will bring life to a complete standstill and then governments all over the world will present us with the same solution i.e take the vaccine and become part of the beast system or else.

How long until this cyber pandemic? I don’t think we are too far off maybe a few months because the crypto market is rising and also their main motive is to administer the vaccine to the global population one way or the other. So when the vaccine becomes available in every country they can easily pull off this stunt.

I truly believe people who will get past these 40 days will be raptured. So we are heading into very dark days ahead but also our blessed hope is approaching quickly.