Kissinger and Rockefellers: AIDS and Ebola origins, a plan to depopulate the planet

Kissinger and Rockefellers: AIDS and Ebola origins, a plan to depopulate the planet

Do you really think viruses like cancer, AIDS, Ebola etc. came into existence due to natural reasons or created by forces of nature to teach humanity a lesson?
It was a secret plan enacted by Elites whose whole purpose is total dominion by depopulation of the planet.

A Secret Document

In 1970 a department of Defense Appropriations requested for $10 million for the development of immune system ravaging Viruses for germ warfare.

The document read like this:

Within the next 5 to 10 years, it would probably be possible to make a new infective microorganism which could differ in certain important aspects from any known disease-causing organisms.

This microorganism will be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes of the human body.
A research program to explore the feasibility could be completed in approximately 5 years at a total cost of $10 million.

It was, in fact, the National Academy of Sciences-National Research Council (NAS-NRC) that had informed the Defense Department that this research was possible.
This report leads to the origin of AIDS and Ebola and all the epidemics you see in the world today.

Dr. Henry Kissinger

The proposal to create biological weapons as an alternative to nuclear weapons came from this gentleman. Who gradually placed himself as National Security Advisor under President Richard Nixon. And the man who aided him to this place was none other than Nelson Rockefeller.

When traced, all the money went to a firm called Litton Bionetics. A subsidiary of the mega-military contractor Litton Industries. Whose President, Roy Ash, was being considered as an alternative to Henry Kissinger for the National Security Advisor post.

Litton Industries was given over $5 billion in military contracts during the first term of the Nixon administration, $10 million of which went towards the development of AIDS-like viruses. A mere drop in the bucket.

Rockefeller Family

Most influential patrons of Henry Kissinger was Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, the son of Standard Oil that is Exxon, heir of John D. Rockefeller, Jr.

Before World War II, major administration of medical research, or financing by federal agencies, had been generally opposed by America’s scientific community.

But according to Paul Starr, author of The Social Transformation of American Medicine. The rise of a sovereign profession, the most richly endowed research center, the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research was established in New York in 1902. And by 1928 had received from John D. Rockefeller $65 million in endowment funds.

Contrasting to the fact that as little as $2.8 million in federal funding was budgeted for the entire U.S. Public Health Service at that time.

This Rockefeller foundation played a huge role when Nazis purged Jewish scientists from German universities and biological laboratories. These changes, according to Starr, significantly altered the course of American health science and medicine.


Many of Germany’s most brilliant Jewish researchers immigrated to the United States just as the movement burgeoned to privatize war-related biological and medical research.

In fact, it was Henry Kissinger’s job to seek and find such Nazis that might be of service to America, and Kissinger became the chief of Army Counter-Intelligence in this regard. He trained other agents to hunt down Nazis at the European Command Intelligence School in Oberammergau. Which were not to be tried for war crimes, but rather serve U.S. military interests.

The people they recruited were:

General Alexander Bolling’s who was the Godfather to the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency that ran “Project Paperclip”.
Erich Traub, Hitler’s top biological weapons developer and virus expert.
Walter Emil Schreiber, Hitler’s chief medical scientist.
The Angel of DeathJoseph Mengele, and his assistant, “the Butcher of Lyon,” Klaus Barbie among many others.

It was this operation that principally spirited the creation of the CIA as a cover agency for the powerful Gehlen Org, the German intelligence agency run by Reinhard Gehlen — an organization whose power superseded even the Nazi SS because of its prewar connections with German military intelligence.

Who paid for all this:
• “The Sovereign Military Order of Malta” (SMOM), perhaps the most powerful reactionary segment of European aristocracy.
• Nazi war chest that was largely funneled through the Vatican and the Rockefeller owned Chase Manhattan Bank.
• Thirdly, American Taxpayer.

Wars and Kissinger

It was during this period, the Council on Foreign Relations, along with the CIA, grew in power under the leadership of Nelson Rockefeller. And in 1955, while serving as President Eisenhower’s assistant for international affairs, Rockefeller invited Kissinger to discuss national security issues at the Quantico (Virginia) Marine Base.

Following their meeting, according to Walter Isaacson’s biography of Kissinger, the diplomat became Rockefeller’s closest intellectual associate. And soon after, Kissinger authored several military proposals for Eisenhower to consider. Unimpressed, Eisenhower turned them down.

As a result, Rockefeller sent Eisenhower his resignation and then launched a Special Studies Project that explored the critical choices America faced militarily in the coming years. Kissinger agreed to direct this new project and published a 468-page book on his findings.

It proposed tactical nuclear weapons be developed and a bomb shelter in every house in preparation for limited thermonuclear war. The willingness to engage in nuclear war when necessary is part of the price of our freedom, Kissinger argued.

Bent on creating what President Bush openly heralded as a “New World Order.” Few people realize the current international alignment of economic powers is a direct result of actualizing Henry Kissinger’s contemporary manifesto tribute to the Sovereign Military Order of Malta entitled “The Meaning of History.”

In his 1955 Harvard doctoral thesis, he argues that the concept of peace on earth is naive. Peace must be secured by the creation of small wars around the planet on a continuing basis so as to maintain an international order of economic powers, and of course, keep the military industrialists happy.

Diseases and Viruses

In U.S. Naval Medical Research Institute, under the expertise of Dr. Traub experiments on animals were conducted to determine the lethal doses of more than forty strains of highly infectious viruses.

Within ten years, the Navy’s Biomedical Research Laboratory, in association with the University of California, along with Litton Bionetics, became a chief supplier of viruses and cell cultures for NCI researchers throughout the world. Funding for this work was largely controlled by the NCI, Rockefeller and Sloan Foundations.

Sloan foundation is another ghastly organization which funded programs like ‘MK Ultra’, vaccines causing AIDS, and many other genetic engineering stuff.

Dr. Robert Gallo, the famous NCI molecular biologist, pardoned by President Clinton for scientific fraud and misconduct, was credited with the discovery of the AIDS virus. He developed immune system ravaging, AIDS-like viruses, along with other Litton Bionetics researchers.

They took monkey viruses that were humanly benign, recombined them with DNA, RNA, and enzymes from other animal viruses that caused leukemia, lymphomas, and sarcomas. And then to get them to jump species, they cultured these new mutant viruses in human white blood cells in some studies, and human fetal tissue cells in other studies. They produced immune-system-destroying, cancer-causing viruses that could enter humans and produce virtually identical effects to what the AIDS virus is currently doing in people around the world.

Live viral vaccines, including the oral polio vaccine, are littered with simian (monkey) virus contaminants since they are developed in monkey kidney cells. U.S. Food and Drug Administration turns a blind eye to as many as 100 live monkey virus contaminants per vaccine dose. They are even barred from telling health professionals and health scientists this truth because of pharmaceutical industry which dictates proprietary laws and non-disclosure agreements.

Source: The article was written in 1996 by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz
Please visit the website
His Book: Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola-Nature, Accident, or Intentional?

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