Kids and Young People Targeted by Bill Gates’ Exercise, “Catastrophic Contagion”

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Remember Event 201 in 2019 and Monkeypox Preparedness Exercise in 2021?

by Igor Chudov

Remember “Event 201”, a preparedness exercise featuring a coronavirus pandemic, conducted in October 2019 under the auspices of the World Economic Forum and Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and involving China’s CDC and others?

The timing was exquisite, and the COVID-19 pandemic started within weeks of the exercise and went on just as predicted.

Catastrophic Contagion

Be aware that Bill Gates just conducted another exercise, aptly called “Catastrophic Contagion (I am NOT kidding), on October 23, 2022. Bill himself showed up:

Here’s Bill speaking — no record of what he said is available.

Bill Gates Predicted Monkeypox Pandemic — Down to the Month

Bill Gates is a brilliant man and a visionary. He has an uncanny ability to foresee future pandemics. In addition to preparing for the Covid-19 pandemic via Event 201he also conducted a “monkeypox preparedness exercise” in 2021 that predicted the emergence of monkeypox down to the exact month when it emerged!

Monkeypox “Preparedness Exercise” has Pandemic Start Date as May 15 2022

Amazing Timing of Bill Gates’ BioNTech Investment

El Gato Malo also reminded us that Bill Gates is a brilliant investor: he bought equity in a barely-known biotech startup BioNTech just two months before the Covid-19 pandemic started and made well over a billion dollars. Remember, BioNTech supplies the Pfizer Covid vaccine — despite having never worked on vaccines before the pandemic.

The timing of his investment shows his exemplary foresight! One has to wonder… What did Bill know?

So, I recommend listening closely when Bill Gates predicts a future pandemic. He knows something we might not be aware of.

Listen to this 19-second video of Bill saying, “We’ll get attention NEXT TIME”!

I pray for the young people threatened in the “Catastrophic Contagion” exercise and hope they will be somehow saved!

Do you think “the next pandemic is just around the corner”?