Ica Stones: History of human civilization before ours

Ica Stones: History of human civilization before ours

In 1961, the majestic river of Peru, Rio Ica burst and flooded parts of the Ocucaje Desert. Local farmers were devastated as their meager fields were destroyed and even the thin layer of fertile soil was swept away. But while they walked across they saw something incredible. Powers of nature had unearthed rocks of varying sizes, which for a long time been lying in the bone-dry ground. The river had probably polished the stones for eons.
Stones had strange engravings on them and were smooth, rounded and very hard, ideal for road building. The impoverished farmers were delighted and sold the works of arts to tourists. The entrepreneurial locals made the engravings popular as ‘Inca Art’.

Plundering the dead

So, the local inhabitants went out at night, searching for engraved stones. They were no longer satisfied with simply picking them off the ground. They had begun to systematically dig. They weren’t new to it. Agriculture had for centuries produced less than meager yields, and grave robbing was much more lucrative. Veritable armies went on their way, especially during clear, starry nights.
There would always be a find: textiles, among other things, from pre-Inca times, which the dry desert ground had preserved astonishingly well. The grave robbers systematically searched for, found and plundered tombs that also dated from pre-Inca times. They wore amulets during their work, to protect them from the wrath of the spirits of the dead. During their nightly activities the raiders were less afraid of the police, but all the more of the dead, for they were robbed of their grave goods.

What were these Carvings?

As pictures said there were people who rode on dinosaurs and there were those who performed surgeries in prehistoric times. Many architects conducted independent research to see the validity and came to the conclusion that these stones were indeed from prehistoric times. They tried their best to arouse the interest of modern archeology but to their disdain, it was all in vain.

There were engravings of heart transplants, people using a telescope to watch the heavens, an Indian using magnifying glass, mending arteries after surgery and many others. One can read those stones like a book.


As you would have imagined modern science could not come in terms with such findings. Because according to orthodox science humanity has reached such level of medical precision through centuries of perseverance. There is no way for these ridiculous surgeries to have taken place in those times. Many independent researchers and excavators shouted but all they could do is set up independent libraries in their own homes and that’s what they did.
Then there were those who regarded these stones created out of dentist drilling machines. Books were published to disgrace the findings and discredit the preachers and fake personalities were created who claimed they engraved the stones in their basements. Nothing new to be honest.


Stones tell us that there was an iteration of humans who existed way before us. They were intelligent, groomed and possessed some incredible knowledge.
Yet instead of teaching about them in schools all of the independent research has been concealed from our society. Few who came forward are mocked. These stones raise various astonishing questions like what iteration of humanity are we? Does every iteration have a time period? Are we nearing that time period?

Original Article: https://www.ancient-origins.net/opinion-guest-authors/library-stone-ica-stones-professor-cabrera-part-i-006637

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