How we are programmed from cradle to grave and manipulated to believe in lies

How we are programmed from cradle to grave and manipulated to believe in lies

Most of us live our lives without realizing that some handful of people have complete control over our perceptions. They manipulate us because it is their right as they belong to certain Elite bloodlines. For them, we are cattle that should be lead according to their wishes and massacred when no longer required.
People often talk about evolution as to how far has humanity progressed in the last few years. But in reality, we have paid a heavy price in terms of our freedom and rationality. We were slaves then and we are slaves now. The only difference is we get to choose our method of enslavement that’s the kind of dream world we live in.


Nowadays, a child is sent to school as soon as he hits three. A three-year-old made to sit in front of an authority figure, cannot even pee without permission. Rationality of the system to feed him anything they want and if he doesn’t comply punishment comes in all glory not only from school but from all society.
The most fascinating thing about our education is we are made to memorize things which will never be worth a dime in our lives. An average person only remembers three weeks of lectures after one year of his complete schooling. Yet they are willing to waste all these precious years.
What people don’t understand is rather than education it is programming. A program is installed in our minds which teaches us how to be poor for the rest of your lives. How to never doubt the authority and behave like cattle that we are. How to choose our method of enslavement for the means of our lives.
Programming to not only tell us what is right and wrong. But rubbing on our faces fake history and fake science which tells us humans evolved from apes. And making us memorize this shit again and again.
Our parents have gone through the same programming and it becomes almost impossible to reason with them because for them we are some mindless jokers who suddenly thinks he is all matured and hot deal now.


The interesting thing about colleges is that syllabuses are so huge that teachers never give two shits about finishing them. But nobody blames them since it is designed like that and I wonder why that is?
A man by the name John D. Rockefeller announced at the beginning of 20th century that “Competition is Sin”. Simple agenda as to no more rich people so few people can manipulate the resources of an entire nation. And they get to choose who becomes rich by simply manipulating the education received by masses.
So what it is actually required of us is to cram that massive nonsense and vomit it on exam sheets. And by doing so become eligible for good for nothing jobs. Not half bad.


Once a person becomes ready to become a corporate dog, the process is almost complete. He is already accustomed to all kinds of abuse which is literally known as hard work and perseverance. For a little glory, one is willing to do things irredeemable. Become part of satanic organizations. For those who join the entertainment industry enter an arena where they can no longer be saved.
A job as the term suggests ‘just over broke’ is designed to break the person both externally and internally. A rat’s race which cannot be won or escaped but grind the person continuously by giving him cheap rewards for his offered freedom.
The idea is to create a monotonous lifestyle and counter it by feeding nonsense entertainment which creates disparity in the human mind so it leads to criminal tendencies and over-ambitious feelings.


The new generation which keeps on becoming immoral by the day by inheriting fake values and beliefs of previous generations. Ancient knowledge which has been manipulated so many times so not a fragment of truth remains.
Parents whose duty is to teach children righteousness impart them the ways of the world. Their wicked experiences become learning curves for their children. Modern parents who spend less than five minutes per day with kids see their kids becoming drug addicts or getting involved in criminal activities at a very young age.
Programming has reached the point where children long for acknowledgment and worldly satisfaction. And this creates a perfect opportunity for Satanists to recruit them and have their way with them.


Whenever our certain desire gets fulfilled dopamine is released in our brain. And elites know this very well. In order to keep us craving for more, they have created this self-enslavement system of jobs. They feed us with this gibberish entertainment in our free time which is more programming.
Society is dumbed down to accept these satanic celebrities as idols. We use social media to sell our identities for free. High graphic games program us of upcoming holocausts. Hollywood movies depict satanic characters as heroes, witchcraft as some holy art and they always mock Jesus Christ. Yet people accept this charade as amusement and continue to fathom this sickness.
I urge you all to wake up or it will be too late for there will come a point where no programming shall be necessary.

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