High-Bred Globalist Kids: Elites Want to Genetically Alter Children in the Womb

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People’s desires to expand their human capabilities will give globalists an instrument of total control over our lives.

Globalists have big dreams: to have godlike power over human beings, their reproduction, and their genetic code. Under their new buzzwords “human upgrade” or “body tuning,” they are selling their plans of providing people with chips for everyday use. With their desire to be able to rule over life, they don’t even stop at unborn children: You even want to tinker with babies’ genetic prerequisites in the womb.

Gene scissors in the womb

In a “Welt” interview, virologist Prof. Dr. Hendrik Streeck from the University Hospital Bonn spoke about “body tuning” or “human upgrade”: more resilient babies or implanted chips in your hand that you can use to pay at the checkout or unlock your door.

He believes that everyone has dreamed of improving their cognitive abilities. “To be able to think faster or improve performance.” Dr. Streeck explains there are three types of body tuning to make this possible.

Being chemically upgraded with medication. Through technology, by having an implant or something attached to the body. Lastly, DNA manipulation, by editing things out or in, already before birth, and having a child, a baby with an upgrade.

“There are no limits to the imagination. Anything goes”, explains Dr. Streeek. Streeck ponders CRISPR technology (genetic scissors). The possibilities are far-reaching: “We can use this to change all sorts of things in unborn people. For example, we could create children who are immune to certain diseases or more resistant to colds. And there is also a lot of research in other areas, i.e., technology and pharmacy. He compares it to the administration of Ritalin for ADHD to make them more efficient and think faster.

High-bred globalist kids

Dr. Streeck warns of the negative effects of tinkering with the human genome. Children whose genetics have been altered this way could face unpredictable and long-term side effects. You must always remember that this genetic modification is passed on to the offspring. However, he believes that every second German could be open to such “body upgrades.”

Like so many transhumanist horrific visions, the World Economic Forum (WEF) and its leader, “Great Reset,” lead architect Klaus Schwab have long fantasized about equipping children with brain chips. Just this past August, on the WEF website, they explained how brain chips would not only improve health by eradicating impairments like learning disabilities and depression but pave the way for children to attain superhuman capacities:

“Superheroes have been dominating big and small screens for a while, but there’s a subtle change happening. Many children expect to develop superpowers themselves. These expectations may sound unattainable, but we’re already making the first strides towards an “augmented society,” writes WEF agenda contributor Kathleen Phillips in a blog post titled, “Augmented tech can change the way we live, but only with the right support and vision.”

World leaders have boasted of the so-called advantages for the youngest – and wiped away ethical concerns by highlighting they would be like “superheroes.” One feels ominously reminded of the vaccination propaganda deployed to inject small children with experimental gene therapies.

Chip implants for everyone?

Streeck also spoke about the technological possibility of having a chip implanted under the skin to pay at the supermarket checkout. Long dismissed as a “conspiracy theory,” it is now apparently, at best, a question of ethics. “Do we really want our information detected everywhere? The boundaries are slowly disappearing concerning what we can do,” says Streeck.

As Xiao Liu wrote on the World Economic Forum (WEF) website in June 2020, “We’re entering the era of the “Internet of Bodies”: collecting our physical data via a range of devices that can be implanted, swallowed or worn.”

Apple is already boasting of a new implant in the clinical trial phase, which will grant users the ability to use their brains to control their iPhone or iPad with their thoughts. In addition, app stores are already being dreamed up for the future brain chips.

Transhumanistic God Playing

WEF advisor and transhumanist thought leader Yuval Noah Harari even goes one step further. He dreams of an “anti-virus program for the mind” to drive out negative – and probably also critical – thoughts from people. Then, in the future, Harari believes, “bioengineers will take the old Sapiens body, and intentionally rewrite its genetic code, rewire its brain circuits, alter its biochemical balance, and even grow entirely new limbs. They will thereby create new godlings, who might be as different from us Sapiens as we are different from Homo erectus.” So basically, in less than half a century, Cyborgs will replace humanity.

In this world of machine-made elite gods, conventional, ordinary people without such “upgrades” only appear as a herd of cattle to be controlled and ruled over. Even human reproduction is to be controlled; the beautiful and rich can choose their desired children from the test tube. In any case, Harari doesn’t think much of humans. As he explains, there is no scientific evidence that sapiens, unlike pigs, have a soul. Transhumanists want to overcome humanity and cement their power. Sadly, people’s desires to expand their human capabilities will give globalists an instrument of total control over our lives.

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