Health Canada: 99.6% of Covid Deaths in Vaccinated – 70% Boosted

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by Sheldon Yakiwchuk

Health Canada has just updated their COVID dashboard. 99.96% of the COVID deaths in the last 1 week period were Vaccinated. 70% BOOSTED!

Last Sunday, I decided to drill out some information for a share on Twitter and showed the colossal failure of vaccines, reported by Health Canada and the Injuries caused by the vaccines.

You can check the thread out:

This was shared because the last look at the figures for Canada, showed that 81% of the COVID deaths in Canada were in the vaccinated population, where 55% were Boosted!

81% of COVID Deaths from the Last Week are in the Vaccinated Population – Canada Data

Because I watch this information more obsessively than I probably should, as soon as I refreshed my Health Canada Tab…I full on knew that the proverbial shit was hitting the fan in the numbers. You can visit the Health Canada information site: Link

If you want to actually keep historical tracking by PHAC or have a printable copy from the site, at the top right-hand corner, click the PDF button and you’ll get a downloadable format.


So I can keep some consistency, instead of using the more colorful screenshots of the site, I’m going to use a snapshot of the data from the PDFs. At the top of this, you will see the 2 dates we’re looking at, April 10th and April 17th, 2022.


And in checking out the bottom, highlighted in Red, you will see the Deaths. Column 1 is Unvaccinated, which shows that over the last week, the deaths increased from 9,511-9,512 or by 1 death, as in, there was only one unvaccinated COVID death over 7 days.

For some reason, the Cases not protected were reduced by 1, from 783-782 ->(-1). 5 Deaths for the Partially Vaccinated, 63 for the Fully Vaccinated but the largest category of COVID death comes from the Boosted Population tipping in at 160 out of the 227 total deaths – 70%.

Where the rankings of all vaccinated deaths make up a total of 226/227 deaths working out to be – 99.95% of the total COVID Mortality on the week. Now for all of us, this should be pretty shocking info. For me, it’s a fucking nightmare…reason being…I’ve now got to go through the AB Provincial site for this same time period and see if I can figure out where Doctor Deena lied about the numbers of deaths in the vaccinated vs unvaccinated communities. And this will be a challenge, and may not even be able to be done.

Quick update and I will be doing a better dive.

Just wanted you all to have a copy to spread this as fast and far as you can.

We need answers.

We need action.

We’re done with this!