Graphic: Embalmers Remove Freakishly Long Blood Clots from Covid-Vaccinated Corpses

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A viral clip from the documentary Died Suddenly highlights graphic footage of embalmers extracting strange, long blood clots from Covid-vaccinated cadavers.

The clip circulating on social media features the clots inexorably linked to the Covid jab being removed from bodies under the supervision of the funeral director and embalmer Nicky King.

“Look at the size of this one,” one embalmer exclaims as he stretches a roughly 10-inch clot he extracted from a vein.

WARNING – GRAPHIC FOOTAGE: Viewer discretion is advised.

“As the months passed by, the clots became worse,” King explains. “In each person, the quantity of them was much larger and they were getting larger.”

“We were doing an injection and drainage into the carotid artery, and we were getting fluid in and then all of a sudden it just stopped and we could not get anymore fluid. We were not getting any drainage of any type.”

The clip grotesquely ends with some type of fluid squirting out of a vein toward the camera.

These types of long clots unseen until the mRNA vaccine rollout have unfortunately become commonplace images among jab skeptics, with zero legacy news outlets attempting to explain or explore the phenomenon.

Discussing a massive 10-inch clot recently removed from a live vaccinated person, entrepreneur Steve Kirsch commented the clot had been sent off for analysis — but he never heard back from the lab.

Idaho pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole explained last November the fibrous blood clots represent “unusual amounts of collected proteins,” adding, “there are unusual combinations of proteins that make these very difficult for the body to dissolve.”

Dr. Cole also recently showed firsthand the catastrophic damage caused by Covid shots in an interview with The HighWire.

Check out Died Suddenly for more information about the greatest ongoing mass genocide in human history.

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