Germany’s deaths graph from 2016-2022 tells a shocking story of things to come in highly vaccinated nations

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by Paul Alexander

The tale is stable, where there is high vaccination, there are subsequent high infections, cases, hospitalizations, and then the death curve; Africa will win and have won, they are low vaccine nations

You never ever mass vaccinate across all age groups into a pandemic while there is massive infectious pressure and using a vaccine that is sub-optimal that does not sterilize/neutralize the virus (does not stop infection, replication, or transmission); there will be resulting natural selection pressure on the target antigen and there will be a selection of the ‘fittest’ most infectious variants by the virus that could overcome the sub-optimal mounting population immune pressure. These would then become the new dominant variants and the pandemic will not abate. There will be a massive viral immune escape, antibody-dependent enhancement of infection and disease and original antigenic sin (immune fixation, priming, imprinting).

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