Generation “Z ombie” – The Illuminati Generation

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Generation “Z”, (b. 1990’s) has been under the mental programming of the mass media and social networks from the day they were born until the present.

Soviet defector, Yuri Bezmenov warned the West that the corruption and demoralization of Western culture was planned and implemented decades prior with the entrance of the Frankfurt School and their infiltration of American teacher colleges.


Today, we see the results of their unrelenting subversion:  an aimless, rudderless population devoid of any permanent values, addicted to pornography and immediate gratification, massive drug addiction, chronic depression and highly elevated rates of suicide.

Generation “Z” has drifted from one crisis to another.  In 2001, when the oldest of them were 6 years old, the atrocity of 9/11 happened in New York City, sending psychic shock waves throughout our society.

Those Generation “Z” babies born after 9/11 continue to be rocked by its wake. Generation “Z” is told repeatedly that we only have less than a decade to save the planet from climate change.  They have been burdened with guilt for driving a car, traveling by plane, eating meat, using straws, plastic bags, or making too heavy a “carbon footprint.”

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Inundated by nagging negativity, they are saddled with massive debt from school loans, a debt obligation that Saint Obama ensured could never be forgiven even through bankruptcy.


“Generation Z” is told the very worst crime is being a “racist.”   Being labelled a racist is worse than being a thief or a con artist, rapist or murderer.  At the same time, Generation Z’s is told that if they are a minority or “person of color,” not only is it impossible for them to be a racist, but are”victimized” by the “The Man.”  “The Man” (in case you haven’t guessed) is always a SWM – straight, white Male.

The value of human life is denigrated and cheapened by abortion; pedophile priests continue to prey on young boys and girls, while politicians, media stars and royalty party with and sexually abuse young children. Known pedophiles like Jeffrey Epstein are heralded for their financial acumen and mix with the most elite members of society while their sexual predations are ignored and swept under the carpet for years.

The “woke” are actually the brain-dead Illuminati Zombies of Generation Z — The Illuminati Zombie Generation — who are obsessed with “virtue signalling” rather than do the hard work of understanding who is really pulling their strings to sow division, hatred and discord.

The end result of all this lunacy is found in some very troubling statistics.  In 1999, in the United States, drug overdoses took the lives of 8,048 young adults; in 2017, drug overdoses resulted In 47,600 deaths, nearly a six fold increase! 

Our active and retired military are now killing themselves at a rate of 22 per day, far beyond the statistics due to our never ending wars in the Middle East. Our police are murdering themselves at 4X the rate they are being killed on the job. Death by suicide has doubled since 1999, and rates are now 30% higher than they were just 20 years ago among all ages groups.

Something has changed that is terribly new and terribly wrong in America over the past 20 years.  What has emerged is a subtle form of programming and mind control that seems destined to depress whomever it touches.

Generation Z’s screams of suicide and despair fill the alleys and avenues throughout this nation as the Illuminati inject their venom throughout our population.

The only thing that can stop this madness is the realization that all our lives truly matter, that there are eternal spiritual principles based on unwavering Truth.

The God of Love is the only answer to this spiritual, satanic catastrophe that the Illuminati have visited upon humanity as they strive to turn the world upside down in preparation for the arrival of Lucifer’s representative here on Earth.

I am quite familiar with this generation as my son is in it (16).  There are two groups within one of Gen Z.  The first group started being born around 1995.  That wave was tail end millennial, but also fairly different.  This early group is much more radical in some ways, even than their millennial elders.  I’ve met many of them, and they can be “the road less traveled” types.

Years ago, I interviewed one that left his house at 18 and traveled across the country with no money and had an amazing story to tell.  Another came from a very musical family, went to the prestigious Berklee school of music and dropped out, eventually matriculating to Colorado to study ecology and environmental science.

The second group, born between 2001 and 2009 are much more conservative.  They despise millennials and often display a brand of humour that would make the hit parade at the SPLC.  They are wickedly anti-PC.  Just look up the banned youtuber, Soph and you will see what I mean.

Some of the early Zoomers, the ones that have been politicized on campus will have a radical turn of their dispositions in the next 3-4 years and some members of this generation will actually begin to re-embrace religion.

They will in many ways be less, not more controllable than the millennials, who have helped mid-wife identity politics.  That can be both positive and negative.  They’re wild cards.

Source: by LC Vincent HenryMakow