Fully Vaccinated Americans, Australians, Brits, Canadians, & Germans are developing AIDS

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Official Government data from around the world now suggests that all double and triple vaccinated people are developing some new form of Covid-19 vaccine induced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, with data from Australia, the USA, Canada, Scotland, and England all clearly showing that their vaccinated populations’ immune system capability has been decimated when compared to the not-vaccinated population.


Official Government figures show that fully vaccinated Australians in New South Wales are 2.2x more infectious than unvaccinated Australians.

Here is a graphical presentation of the case rate in New South Wales by vaccination status from https://www.health.nsw.gov.au/Infectious/covid-19/Documents/covid-19-surveillance-report-20220113.pdf

The ratio of Delta cases to Omicron during the data period was 2,260 Delta (61%) to 1,424 (39%) Omicron according to NSW state government figures. So the Australian figures mainly relate to Delta which the vaccines are more effective against (they have next to zero effectiveness against Omicron, since they were designed against a spike protein discovered in 2019. They are now a 3 year out of date flu shot essentially).

The mid point of the period from 2021November26 to 2022January1 was 2021 December13/14, when 93.2% were fully vaxxed in NSW, and 94.8% were first dosed. So 5.2% were unvaxxed – https://www.covid19data.com.au/vaccine-forecasts

So the ratio of the case rates is 5.2 x 108,056/2,765 x 93.2 = 2.2x

So Australians in NSW are 2.2x more likely to catch Covid if they are vaxxed. So the vaccine passports holders are 2.2x more likely to spread covid than the unvaxxed who are denied vaccine passports and locked up in detention centres. The Australian figures have not been adjusted for age biasing. But age is not a confounding factor in case rates or hospitalisation rates. It only skews death rate figures. So there is no adjustment necessary.

NSW reached half of the present fully vaxxed percentage (46%) on 2021September12. So the average vaccination age there was 3 months at the time of the data above.

We know that vaccine efficiency wanes over time (by which is meant that immune system capability wanes post vaccination since vaccines themselves cannot wane in efficiency because their job to train the immune system is finished after 2 weeks).


A US Veteran study into the decline in vaccine protection offered to 780,225 US Armed forces Veterans in 2021 published in the Journal of Science – https://www.science.org/doi/10.1126/science.abm0620 –  found the following –

This study shows an accelerating rate of immune system degradation in all the vets month on month. No wonder they stopped the study after 6 months!

The Lancet published a study of Pfizer effectiveness for 3½ million Californians against all strains of Covid. They found that vaccine efficiency dropped from 88% to 47% in the first 4 months according. Whereas the drop for sequenced delta was from 93% to 53% after 4 months and for non delta, the efficiency dropped from 97% to 67% at 4-5 months –  – https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736%2821%2902183-8/fulltext


A Canadian study found that vaccine effectiveness start declining sharply within 2 weeks of the 2nd jab !

The sharp decline is particularly problematic for the seniors, because earlier research by Canaday and his colleagues found that within two weeks of receiving the second dose of vaccine and being considered “fully vaccinated,” seniors who had not previously contracted COVID-19 already showed a reduced response in antibodies that was substantially lower than the younger caregivers experienced. By six months after vaccination, the blood of 70% of these nursing home residents had “very poor ability to neutralize the coronavirus infection in laboratory experiments,” Canaday said. – https://medicalxpress.com/news/2021-09-vaccinated-covid-immunity-months-pfizer.html


Here are the UK vaccine/immune efficacy figures calculated from UKHSA double vaxxed and unvaxxed case rates in their  first 7 Vaccine Surveillance Reports for weeks for 36-42, which we accept. They cover UK cases during 4 week periods from week32-35 up to week38-41. These data show a clear linear fall off in vaccine efficiency at an average rate of 4.8% per week for the over 18s. From Week42 onward the data were corrupted by the Office of Statistical Regulation.

The UK’s Statistics Watchdog is The Office of Statistics Regulation (TOSR would be its acronym).

TOSR director general Ed Humpherson yesterday wrote to the UKHSA’s boss Dr Jenny Harries on November1 thanking her for the changes she had made and is quoted in the Daily Mail as saying

‘It remains the case that the surveillance report includes rates per 100,000 which can be used to argue that vaccines are not effective,’
‘I know that this is not the intention of the surveillance report, but the potential for misuse remains.

There is the tacit admission by the Government that the purpose of their stats is not to enable the public to decide for themselves whether the vaccines are effective or not. No their stats should not even be able to support an argument that the vaccines are ineffective. Indeed any such construction of UKHSA statistics would be a misuse of government data according to the Director General.

This is his candid admission that the use of all UKHSA data is exclusively to prove the vaccines are effective. And any government statistics agency which departs from that line shall be re-adjusted by TOSR. He is defining the UKHSA as a pro vaccine propaganda outfit, whose mandate is only to supply information for one side of the debate.

No person in the UK can be expected to make an informed choice of whether to take Pfizer’s experimental gene therapy when it is presented to them by the government as an unquestionably effective Covid vaccination.

The effect of Ed Humpherson’s communication with Dame Jenny Harries can be seen in the table below.

We covered this first on 2021November6 – https://dailyexpose.uk/2021/11/06/uk-gov-lying-and-hiding-the-fact-covid-19-vaccinated-are-developing-ade/

The US veteran’s study, the 3.5 million Californian study show and general medical understanding is now that these vaccines fall off in effectiveness and do not recover. The table above from week42 forward is therefore seen to be a complete political fiction.

The mistake that Dame Jenny Harries made was that for the 1st 7 weeks during which the UKHSA produced a case rate comparison, she actually printed the truth.

England & Germany

In the UK the average vaccination age is now 8 months, because the UK hit 24m 2nd doses (half the present 48m 2nd doses) on May 26 – https://ourworldindata.org/covid-vaccinations
Germany hit half their present doubly vaxxed rate on June 29. So they are around 1 month behind the UK with a 7 month average fully vaccinated age in January..

From the 7 weeks of good UKHSA data, we can now extrapolate using an efficiency drop off of 4.8% per week as follows. Red Bold figures are government data. Black figures are extrapolations.

A Canadian Study Reports: We included 3,442 Omicron-positive cases, 9,201 Delta-positive cases, and 471,545 test-negative controls. After 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccine, vaccine effectiveness against Delta infection declined steadily over time but recovered to 93% (95%CI, 92-94%) ≥7 days after receiving an mRNA vaccine for the third dose. In contrast, receipt of 2 doses of COVID-19 vaccines was not protective against Omicron. Vaccine effectiveness against Omicron was 37% (95%CI, 19-50%) ≥7 days after receiving an mRNA vaccine for the third dose. – https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.12.30.21268565v1

So we start vaccine effectiveness for Omicron in Week1 post 2nd dose at 38%  (the nearest figure in our 4.8% per week degradation list) and simply degrade the response by 4.8% per week from there. The vaccines offer no medium term protection against Omicron according to the Canadian study. They merely offer short term protection (straight after a jab).

Also the decline in vaccine efficiency was steady over time, i.e. linear, i.e. by a constant percentage each week – which CONFIRMS the UKHSA figures from Week35-42 and DENIES their figures from Week42 onwards. The degradation rate of 4.8% will be the same for Delta and Omicron because it is caused by vaccine spike protein production not by the variant.

The first thing to notice is that the Australian figure for Vaccine efficiency (1-2.2)/2.2 = -54.5% after 13 weeks is considerably worse than predicted by the UK delta model and the Omicron model. You would have to go to week 25 to get that drop off with Delta and week 20 with Omicron. This is because Omicron DOES completely evade vaccine generated antibodies a few months after the dose. The Australian variant mix was 61% Delta 39% Omicron at the time of the data sample. That Australian data is considerably worse than predicted above!

The next thing to notice is that the uncorrected German data for Omicron 26 weeks after the 2nd Jab (on average) is also worse than the Delta prediction but dead on for the Omicron prediction. A -87.7% immune system degradation (1-8.12)/8.12 = -87.7%  is predicted for week 26 with Omicron.

So as one might expect. The German figures are precisely correct. Furthermore the Australian model show that our Omicron fall off chart might be a little too optimistic!. Whereas the ‘corrected’ RKI figure, where they found another 911 unvaxxed Omicron cases they had previously lost, of -27.4% (1-1.377)/1.377 = -27.4% is simply impossible. Omicron is more evasive than Delta not less evasive.

The original RKI data had –

Unvaxxed: 186 cases out of 26.5% of the population
Fully vaxxed have 4020 cases out of 70.53% of the population.
Producing a case rate ratio of 8.12

Corrected RKI data had –
Unvaxxed: 186+911 = 1097 cases out of 26.5% of the population
Fully vaxxed have 4020 cases out of 70.53% of the population.
Producing a case rate ratio of 1.377

The final thing to notice is that doubly vaxxed (unboosted) people in the UK have now (as of January 2022) run right out of immune system efficiency against both Delta and Omicron when compared to unvaccinated people according to this projection.

So the question then is: Is the projection true or is there a cut off point where the immune system stops deteriorating? The German data would suggest there is no cut off point before 87.7% degradation (the -27.4% figure from RKI is not possible for Omicron, so we take the 87.7% figures as correct).

The largest negative vaccine/immune efficiency calculated from actually published UKHSA figures is – 60.2%

Cases reported by specimen date between week 49 & 52 2021 – https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1045329/Vaccine_surveillance_report_week_1_2022.pdf

The following graph illustrates the overall immune system performance among all age groups in England over the past 5 months according to the following UKHSA reports –

What we can see from the above is that the immune system performance for adults aged between 18 and 59 has deteriorated to the worst levels yet since they were given the Covid-19 vaccine. Whilst the immune system performance of everyone over the age of 60 has deteriorated dramatically following receipt of the booster shot, but not yet to the level seen between week 37 and week 40.

The over 70’s have however seen the most dramatic fall in immune system performance between month 4 and month 5 alongside 18-29-year-olds.

The 55% boost to the immune systems of the over 80’s given by the boosters between month 3 and month 4 has all but deteriorated between month 4 and month 5. Their immune system is performing 1% better than it was in month 3 but still 54% worse than their unvaccinated counterparts.

The 73% boost to the immune systems of the 70-79-year-olds given by the boosters between month 3 and month 4 has also all but deteriorated between month 4 and month 5. Their immune system is performing 10% better than it was in month 3 but still 63% worse than their unvaccinated counterparts.

The minor boost however, given to the immune Systems of everyone between the age of 30 and 59 by the boosters between month 3 and 4 has been completely decimated by the following month, whilst 18-29-year-olds have seen a 60% decline in their immune system performance between months 4 and 5.


The largest negative figure that can be calculated from data published by Public Health Scotland is -71.4%. They make this absurd age standardisation correction for case rates in their January19 report. But case rates have nothing to do with age. Age is a confounding factor in death rates, not in case rates!

Vaccine efficacy in column 7 is the 0 dose case rate minus the 1/2/3 dose case rate divided by the larger of the two (as per Pfizer’s vaccine efficacy formula).

(Unvaccinated Case Rate – Vaccinated Case Rate / Largest of the two)

The Scottish data does finally show that double vaxxed have lost 70% of their immune response to Covid. It also shows something that I have seen consistently since the very first PHE figures for Delta. One Jab provides way better protection than two jabs.

It always has, with government figures. It also shows that the initial boost from the 3rd dose falls off quickly and has already gone way negative when compared to the unvaxxed. If 2 doses have always been worse than 1 dose in real world, then 3 doses will be worse still.

So the projection would suggest that the double jabbed now have full blown VAIDS. But the writer suspects that the immune system may have a few tricks up its sleeve that still give it a fighting chance even in this circumstance. However there has already been an up tick in immune system disorders in ICU wards and this will only increase, especially in the boosted RNA junkies – https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-10224691/Has-jab-farce-landed-hundreds-intensive-care.html.


Australian, UK and Scottish figures all show that double vaccinated people are twice as likely to become infected with Covid-19 than unvaccinated people.

The most recent Scottish figures show that boosted people are 25% more likely to become Covid cases than unvaxxed people. There is no case for vaccine passports not even for boosted vaccine passports. The case is made to remove all restrictions on the unvaxxed, since they are the safest of all vaccinated types in Australia, in Scotland and in the entire UK.

The original RKI figure of 186 unvaxxed Omicron cases against 4020 vaxxed Omicron cases must be correct because the adjusted figures of 1097 cases would mean that Delta is better than Omicron at evading vaccines which we know is not the case.

It is like Sherlock Holmes said: “When one has eliminated the impossible then what remains, however improbable, must be the case”. So the double vaccinated are 8.12x as likely to catch Covid as the unvaxxed. To put it bluntly. The Germans overcooked their correction. The correction was too large. They should have ‘found’ 300 cases. That would have been a possible result.

The UKHSA figures after week 42 are a fiction designed to hide the failure of the vaccines for as long as possible. The Canadian study found that the vaccines offer NO medium term protection against Omicron. This means that Omicron most likely mutated to avoid the vaccines.

The 37% initial vaccine efficiency found (immediately post 3rd jab) will be due to putting the immune system into a hyper alert state, rather than teaching it about the Wuhan Alpha protein spike which no longer infects anybody and for which the immune system has already been educated twice before with the previous 2 jabs.

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is a condition that leads to the loss of immune cells and leaves individuals susceptible to other infections and the development of certain types of cancers. In other words, it completely decimates the immune system.

Therefore, could we be seeing some new form of Covid-19 vaccine induced acquired immunodeficiency syndrome?

Only time will tell, but judging by the current figures it looks like we will only need to wait a matter of weeks to find out.

Source: DailyExpose