Feasibility of aerosol vaccination in humans

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Works on Climate Change too!

2003 PubMed Abstract: “We conclude that aerosol immunization seems a promising method of vaccination.”

by Sage Hana

It’s not like they didn’t tell you what they intend to do.

This is that whole “dual use” thing again, homies.

“Vaccine” Storefront.

“Herd Culling Bioweapons” in the back.

The feasibility of using aerosol vaccines to achieve mass and rapid immunization, especially in developing countries and disaster areas, is being assessed on the basis of current available information. The aerosol mode of vaccine introduction, which best follows the natural route of many infections, may first lead to development of immunity at the portal of entry, and may also induce a more generalized defense. The recommended optimal way of introducing an aerosol vaccine is nasal breathing, which is more suitable for geriatric and pediatric populations, permits use of greater antigen volumes, and allows easier monitoring of results. Technical requirements for ideal aerosol vaccines and delivery systems, possible adverse effects, and cost-effectiveness are other issues addressed. Several thousand human subjects have been aerosol-vaccinated over a period of many years in Russia with live-attenuated strains against many diseases. Extensive field trials in South America with aerosolized live-attenuated measles vaccine have also been successful, and excellent results have been reported with pilot projects employing inactivated or live-attenuated aerosol influenza A vaccine. We conclude that aerosol immunization seems a promising method of vaccination. Although some basic information is still lacking, this method has already been used successfully in large populations and has therefore passed the phase of initial feasibility evaluation.


Full paper PDF link here:

Now consider how the Op plays out under the guise of noble intentions.

Say you are a good doctor of medicine/scientist.

In your ice cube tray.

And you think, “Gosh, this is swell. We can mass vaccinate lots of critters. We are doing the Lord’s work and stuff.”

Monster: Indeed. Fine work.

We’ll get busy working on the self-spreading part.

To save more people. And more and more.

*Bonus Stacking* Politico Article, promo code: Lipid Nano Corndog.


The Pentagon is still super concerned about those global threats, namely, Russia and China.

The Defense Department is overhauling its approach to countering biological and chemical weapons, as potential adversaries such as Russia and China rush to create threats that are easier to use and can evade traditional defenses.

Officials are launching a new plan to develop medical treatments, vaccines and personal protective equipment that can adapt to a range of evolving biological and chemical threats, said Ian Watson, DoD’s deputy assistant secretary for chemical and biological defense.

That’s a change for DoD, which traditionally has developed tools to counter a specific list of biological and chemical threats. Recent advances in technology allow potential adversaries to manipulate existing pathogens and toxins and create new ones, leading to an almost infinite number of new hazards for troops. Adding to the complexity of the problem, those dangers can be naturally occurring, accidental or deliberate, Watson said.

He previewed the new framework, officially called the Chemical and Biological Defense Program’s Enhanced Medical Countermeasures Approach, in an exclusive interview.

It’s no longer just the special operations forces fighting terrorists who might be exposed to chemical or biological weapons deployed by regional actors such as Iran or Syria, Watson said. Now, the problem has evolved to threaten the entire force.

U.S. officials are particularly concerned about adversaries that already have advanced chemical and biological capabilities and have proven themselves willing to use them. Russia and China now have the technology necessary both to tweak current threats — from toxins to naturally occurring pathogens — to make them more deadly and to create new weapons, Watson said.

“We see what we have to prepare for, for the National Defense Strategy, for the pacing threat of China and Russia,” Watson said. “We see not only the technology, the intel, the intent, and also the potential impact it would have to our forces if we don’t prepare.”

So yeah. The beat goes on.

Foreign baddies. We have to do this to protect you and our troops (which we just got done forcing to take our Herd Culling Injections.)

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

This is the whole ballgame. This is where humanity finds itself.

These MIIC guys are good. They formed a Grand Plausible “Greater Good” rationale and they just keep going. Their “public-private partnerships” are in the tank.

And one by one, the Good Scientists and Experts may come to realize…and be shocked that there is gambling going on at Casablanca.