Evidence: We are not from this planet. Human Species is Hundreds of Millions of Years Old! We have been lied all along

Evidence: We are not from this planet. Human Species is Hundreds of Millions of Years Old! We have been lied all along

All history of humanity that we have read in our school books and mass media is nothing but pile of shit. There are many archeologists whose works are being ignored and truncated all to fit the official lies. So today let’s dive into our real history and find out why it is forbidden?

I. Have We Really Evolved from Primates?
II. How Old is The Human Species?

  1. Have We Really Evolved from Primates?

    Official story says that humans evolved from primates and made sudden evolutionary leaps:the first about 450,000 years ago and the second one about 200,000 years ago, thus becoming Homo sapiens (Latin for ‘wise man’ or ‘knowing man’), the modern human.

But geneticists believe evolution doesn’t work this way. For such major changes to occur, evolution needs at least millions or even billions of years, while the official version is trying to convince us that we basically evolved ‘overnight‘.

  1. No matter if humans evolved from apes or not, the evolutionary process needed billions of years. But are we really similar to apes?

    Well, humans are similar to apes, but also very similar to dolphins (and other animals). In fact, we are so similar to dolphins that a new theory emerged, stating that chimps and dolphins had a common ancestor about 5 million years ago.

    II. How Old is The Human Species?

    The oldest official human footprints are 1.5 million years old!

According to National Geographic News (February 26, 2009), human ancestors walked upright with a spring in their steps just as modern humans do today, suggests an analysis of ancient footprints found in northern Kenya.

A rounded heel, pronounced arch, and a big toe parallel to the other toes just as modern humans have.

Through evolution, we created a platform from which we can step up on and balance ourselves.

But the official story states ‘Homo erectus’ are the first species ever to stand on two legs.

There are many missing links that question the age of humanity and numerous discoveries that are kept hidden for many years:

1. The 3 to 4 Million Years Old ‘Castenedolo Skull’ of Italy
2. The 145 – 195 Million Years Old Footprints of Turkmenistan – Jurassic Period
3. The 205 – 250 Million Years Old Human Shoe Print of Nevada – Triassic Period
4. The Human & Dinosaur Footprints of Texas
5. The 280 Million Years Old Human ‘Coal Skull’
6. The 260 – 600 million years old Human Shoe Print of Utah – Before Animals Existed

I can ramble about these discoveries but it would seriously kill your mood to continue and you would move on without bothering anymore, nonetheless you can still search them.
The true implications of this findings suggest that the very roots that we are holding onto up till now are artificial. There is a community of people who want to keep all the truth and knowledge to themselves.

Extraterrestrial Interference

Personally, I have no doubt that the human species is extremely old.
Also, I have no doubt that extraterrestrial species interfered in our evolution. All major ancient civilizations talk of aliens who came to Earth and taught us everything we know right now.
The Sumerians, Babylonians, Mayas, Incas, American Indians, Asian Indians, African tribes, Egyptians, the first Asians, etc., ALL have written or spoken history regarding extraterrestrials and their intervention in our evolution.

Even though these civilizations were so far apart from each other in both time and space yet their creation stories are strikingly similar. Our true history, not taught in schools, is filled with accounts of extraterrestrials genetically modifying us according to their needs. 

The African history states that the humans were not allowed to depict their so called ‘creators’ in their TRUE FORM. Those breaking this rule were taken away by the creators, never to be returned. So, they depicted them in different, but clearly non-human shapes.


Example of sculptures depicting the ET colonizers

Apparently this extraterrestrial species was serpent / dragon / reptilian in aspect. They stood on two legs, just like us, but their skin was covered in scales. They were 2.5 – 3 meters tall and pretty aggressive. Basically, they were ruthless warriors.

The Mayas and Aztecs, for example, tell stories of their creator gods, Kukulkan and Quetzalcoatl (both names meaning ‘Feathered Serpent’), who came to Earth in a ship from the Pleiades constellation, showered Mesoamericans with great knowledge and then went back to stars. These extraterrestrial ‘gods‘ could take both human and serpent/reptilian shape (something we still don’t quite understand). In fact, even America’s name derives from the Peruvian name Amaruca, meaning ‘The Land of the Feathered Serpents’.

The Egyptians tell the story of Ra’s arrival from the Pleiades constellation, depictions showing Ra landing with an UFO, then descending to his underground base, located beneath the Sphinx. Egyptian pharaohs are depicted in both human and non-human forms. When shown in human form, they always have a serpent coming out of their third eye .Which attested their extraterrestrial origin.


The Indians tell the story of extraterrestrial beings who imparted wisdom, waged atomic wars and left, never to return.
Chinese and Japanese ancient cultures told stories of an extraterrestrial ‘dragon race’, which gave birth to alien-human hybrids.

But the most interesting evidence comes from the Sumerian tablets, stored in UK and translated by some very dedicated historians.

Both the Sumerians and the Babylonians tell the story of extraterrestrials coming to Earth in search of a metal they greatly needed on their home planet: gold. If one sees pictures of these ancient gods, in almost every civilization whether Indian or Egyptian, one can easily point their gold rush. They established bases in the areas richest in gold, and created humans to be used as gold miners. Thus starting slavery.

They combined our DNA with that of ape, making us suitable species for their use. Later on, they upgraded us by combining our DNA with their own.

There are evidences that more life forms visited us and played with our DNA and they still live with us but it is difficult to ascertain between creators and corrupts but as long as humanity can understand that there is a war going on and one cannot afford to watch from sidelines. We can still save ourselves.

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