End Times Prophecy: Humanoids, Serpent People and The Return of the Nephilim

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by Celestial

Note: If you don’t want to read through this you can watch the below video.

This will be written the best I can. It’s a lot for me now, it’s been a long day. I can’t write much as before so these are the facts as God revealed them; readers may believe as they are led. I ask you to please check with the Holy Spirit first concerning these things, just because you may have never heard them before doesn’t mean they don’t have their place in reality. I have seen these things for a long time and many of my personal dreams [things not for the blog] involve what it will be like when demonic entities suddenly ‘uncover’ themselves as long-term dwellers among us.

Therefore seek the Lord about what you read before you discard it as untrue; unless these matters are revealed to you by God you may not understand them or what their role in the end times will be.

I was trying to read my Bible tonight but the voice of the Lord kept beating in my chest: “They have to be exposed. They have to be exposed” so I’ve come to do what the Lord wants me to do. Obedience is better than sacrifice. I’ll copy from my journal, add some other notes from long ago and that is the end of it.

This morning as soon as I opened my eyes the Heavenly Father said:

Hollowed out, plasticine, robotoid people. 

Empty shells, no wires, full of hardware, metal chips. Not people.

Serpents among men, false humans, serpents mixed with human flesh. Not people.

Right after that, I saw human shapes like dolls sitting in a long row or bench with many wires and tubes coming from their heads. Words alone will never explain this properly so I need a picture to help. Luckily (*mercifully) I found one quickly, perfect for what I want to explain.

Do you see this female thing? See how it has flesh, skin, hair and everything we have? The only way you can tell it’s not like us is that middle part that God would never give us. There are hardly any men who would be strong enough (or have discernment enough) to tell that creation “No” if they met her at a party with her abdomen closed up, yet look at what she is.

Now imagine a row of these (except mostly men and fewer women, that’s what I saw), sitting on a bench in business suits with no consciousness in them yet. Like new computers- nobody’s bought the computer so it has no username, no passwords, no software- nothing. It’s empty, flat, dead and brand new. God showed me a row of empty shells looking exactly like people except there were many wires and large white tubes coming from their heads and from the mouth. They hadn’t woken up or grown any hair yet. Their eyes were blank and all the wires and big white tubes went up in the ceiling to a kind of big, flat, round, silvery thing glowing with light that kept them alive.

When I saw this the knowledge flashed into me that when one of these ‘shells’ was needed the tubes would be taken off. It would be ‘woken up’, consciousness would be loaded on it like new software then after giving it time to grow hair, get used to walking and talking it would walk out the door and go live with real people. It was so real that nobody would ever know there was nothing human inside that shell but hollow space, microchips, and uploaded brain-ware.

‘Hollowed out, plasticine, robotoid people. Empty shells, no wires, full of hardware, metal chips, not people.’

I  was still sleepy, I tried to say Wait God… what? but before I could ask anything I saw myself on a train in New York City. My typical week involves NYC trains but this was different: I was surrounded by people who were not human and they were glitching like hell because of me.

In the vision the train arrived, I got on and we left. After a while, I noticed some people around me grew extremely uncomfortable, a flush rose on their neck but it was not your normal flush. Not a real flush that creeps up the collar into the face when someone is hot or embarrassed, no, these ‘flushes’ showed as rainbow-colored fish scales on the neck or deep-green lizard scales on the neck. Some had rubbery black snakeskin on their neck… okay let me explain this better for my own sake.

I got on a train and saw that some people got more and more uncomfortable because of me. Mostly men but some women too, mainly business suit types but other people too. I was emitting a very high-pitched radio signal that simply said “JESUS”. I saw it like a bright golden light coming out of me in the ‘wifi rings’ pattern – the inaudible sound it made was “Jesus”. Most people on the train didn’t care about me at all but I saw some who were INTENSELY aware of my presence and what it did. My signal made these people start glitching; there’s no other way to put it- They were GLITCHING. 

It’s like when you need the bathroom but you don’t want to get up and rush off because everyone will know it’s the bathroom. So you sit still trying to see if you can hold it but it makes you more and more uncomfortable with every moment you hold it. That’s how they were. They were trying to be cool but what they didn’t know is their BODIES couldn’t be cool. I saw patches of fish skin, snakeskin and lizard skin-pop on and off on the cheeks, forehead and necks of certain men and women in the train car with me.

The patch of reptile or fish skin flashed clear as day all the way down one side of the neck disappearing into their shirt collar, then right before my eyes their flesh would correct the glitch and be smooth and pale again. Then poof- rainbow scales of a fish would pop up like a big rash on a person’s entire cheek or forehead then ‘poof’- the skin would correct itself and be smooth again. I sat watching this during the train ride thinking God… These are not real people. These are other things in a human shell LOOKING like people but when the presence of God comes around them they can’t maintain the spiritual wall they create to look like us and their real self shines through.

The vision shifted abruptly to an aerial view. I saw the tops of our heads in the train like a shoebox. A loud, yellow wifi signal came from me, it made a sound nobody heard but me: tweeeeeeee! ? It also emitted the name ‘JESUS’ (but without words). The wifi signal moved out from me in rings just like this icon: I was the dot and the rings were both gold light and the silent sound ‘JESUS’.


The wifi symbol signal reached about 75% of the car but not the far corners. Human beings weren’t aware I was in the car, they were unconcerned about their kindles or listening to music. However, all the fish people, snake people and lizard people in the direct path of the signal were glitching like crazy. Real people didn’t care one bit about me but the demonic beings cared a lot. They wrung their hands, fidgeted, tapped a leg rapidly on the floor- I saw all kinds of nervous tics but mostly it was their skin going crazy without their knowledge that fascinated me. I don’t think other people could see the weird skin but I sure did, you can’t miss the entire side of somebody’s face turning to green scales or rainbow fish scales then back to flesh. That’s what the Lord showed me this morning.

‘Serpents among men, false humans, serpents mixed with human flesh. Not people.’

I’ve had these things in my archives for years but when exactly is the right time to share? Who would believe me if I said this in a Bible study? If God did not press me I’d probably never share, certainly not in a public space like this. Some readers won’t be surprised by this while others will find it one more difficult thing to process on top of everything else. All I can say is, the less you know the more dangerous this world becomes for you. If you’re in the dark it’ll be dangerous for you and your family, it truly will be. The reality is I’ve said on TMV many times as a warning from God- We don’t live down here alone. It’s not only heavy hitters like fallen angels we have to watch for, it’s all the Nephilim and wicked inventions of Satan that have been living here with us for DECADES, maybe even centuries. If you befriend or marry and procreate with fish people or serpent people then… what next? Won’t you be their prey, won’t you become a part of the ancient Nephilim chain without even knowing it?

I’ve come this far so here are notes from my archives. The entire thing is long so I will post just enough:

Things The Lord Showed During Prayer – June 2, 2020

Today at 5 am I was moved to cry out to God for mercy. Afterward, the Lord held a conversation with me about things He wants me to know.

He spoke about peculiar characteristics among the human population- He’s been covering this topic for a long time now teaching me things I need to know. This time it was webbed digits. God said there are people on earth with webbed hands and feet. He said they don’t have five separate fingers and toes as most do but are distinctive in that their fingers and toes have WEBS. Webbed digits are only found in AMPHIBIANS, aka dwellers of the water kingdom. Otters, platypus, ducks, frogs and most water birds, all of them have webbed feet while four-legged creatures like weasels, beavers, etc have webbed hands and feet. Such markers are never supposed to show up among people.

Speaking of them the Lord said some of them won’t have the obvious, stretchy webbing of a duck or frog, what you’ll see is too much skin in the area between fingers and toes. So while most of us only have a tiny ‘groove’ joining fingers and toes together you’ll see a much higher ‘wall’ of flesh between their fingers. However some will have proper webs, that more delicate, transparent flesh joining fingers or toes. Either these people are the real thing or they are manifesting the gene showing that other beings have tampered with their family line. As I listened I thought of the days of Noah and what happened so long ago.

God then spoke of scales on the body- people with scales under their skin, small U-shaped scales laid right next to each other like snakeskin. These scales are tightly meshed to form a waterproof barrier on the bodies of these serpents or water people. He said they are here right now on earth with us. Their scales are usually green or blue- occasionally they can be yellow or black, but leaf-green and sea blue are the most common colors. As He spoke I saw bright green scales, the green of new leaves. I also saw sea blue scales.

Next, I saw a man in a pool swimming with great happiness, the way you might imagine a goldfish feels when you bring it home from the pet store and slip it into its own big fishbowl for the first time. This person was diving and twisting happily like a seal, doing many tricks in the water.

Then they stood up, shook the water out of their hair, and looked straight at me (I wasn’t there, I was sitting in bed looking straight at them from a camera perspective.) This man’s skin was IRIDESCENT. Let me clarify, no human skin of any race can ever be iridescent because the skin is matte. None of us are shiny. Skin is opaque, it can’t reflect light because it’s not made of anything shiny. Skin can glow if it’s oiled maybe but this person I saw was not glowing. It wasn’t water sparkling off them either but a RAINBOW GLEAM coming off their whole body, shimmering in different colors red/ blue/ yellow/ green as the sunlight hit the scales of their body. I saw it for about 5 seconds then the vision ended.

The Lord said these scales can sink deep under the skin to not to be seen at all but at times due to external factors- anger, stress- they rise right to the surface and can be seen under the ‘human’ skin.

[End of notes]

It is late. Let me cover the main points as the Lord would have us know.

(1) Not every prophecy refers to natural things- governments, wars, famines etc. Those things have always been part of human history and there’s a place for them. (2) Christianity by its very nature however is a supernatural exercise. We follow a God we can’t see whose power in us fights foes we can’t see either. Therefore sometimes prophecy is transcendent, it rises to cover things we rarely have any precedent or filter for at all. This particular word (like many others) falls under the return of the days of Noah. (3) Satan is wicked but extremely hard-working, he’s always on the job finding new ways to circumvent the covering fence of God’s love over his people. (4) One way Satan has found to do that is by using man’s own disobedience against him, by sending demonic things in packaging Man can’t resist.

(5) Another is by the tried-and-tested methods of deception, lies, infiltration, trickery. This is where evil things are hidden in plain sight by making them look like the real thing- unless you have spiritual discernment you may never suspect any difference. Think back to that robot woman above: If her stomach were closed up and she was chatting and laughing in a group would you ever believe she wasn’t one of us?

That’s what infiltration means: To mingle, to join with, to blend seamlessly just like Daniel warned would happen in the last days: “And they shall mingle with the seed of men but shall not be able to cleave to them. Just as iron does not cleave to clay they will not be able”. Daniel 2:43. This speaks of an iron [demonic, metallic, technological kingdom] trying to blend with an ‘earthy’ clay kingdom [human beings], but just like iron and clay can’t be mixed and stay put Daniel warns that the mixtures of these other types of lifeforms with God’s precious clay won’t be mixed and stay put.

(6) The deceptions of the enemy include seeding the human population with beings that are not human, something that’s been happening for centuries. Stories of human-animal hybrids abound since ancient times. These are not “whos” they are “whats”. In one message [I can’t recall which, when I do I may add it here], God said these beings outnumber us by as much as 60%. Sixty. Percent. That means if ten human ‘shapes’ decided to fight and made two teams, 6 of them would lump on one end and 4 of them on the other, and if those 4 don’t know Jesus then the fight’s over before it even starts.

I think that’s a fair assessment of the facts, may God bless you and try not to always read this blog at night. Take care and stay under the shadowing cover of the Lord. Shalom (Psalm 91).