End Days: Ghoulish Pro-Trans Demonstrator Shreds and Eats Holy Bible (Video)

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A radical pro-trans demonstrator at the University of Wisconsin shred and ate pages of a Holy Bible as a group tried to stop Matt Walsh from asking the question “what is a woman?” on campus.

A mass of left-wing, pro-trans demonstrators sought to stop the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh from speaking at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as part of his nationwide “What is a Woman” fall campus tour.

As they gathered earlier this week on taxpayer-funded campus property to protest Walsh and basic biology, the pro-trans demonstrators vandalized buildings, walkways, and a statue of the school’s mascot.

One group of far-left demonstrators even shred a Holy Bible outside of Walsh’s “What is a Woman” speaking engagement.

As demonstrators destroyed the Bible on video, one of the apparently more unhinged members of the crowd took things a step further and started eating pages of the Bible.

In video footage of the incident, a demonstrator with bright red dyed hair can be seen taking a chomp out of a newly-ripped Bible page.

A fellow Bible-destroying leftist can be seen looking prepared to join in.

Watch the bizarre video below:

Despite the evidently extreme nature of the left-wing, pro-trans demonstrators opposed to Matt Walsh asking what a woman is, school officials sided with them against Walsh.

“We are aware that a speaker is coming to campus on Monday whose viewpoints we believe are harmful toward our trans community,” an electronic University of Wisconsin statement addressing Walsh’s presence on campus read. “We feel the impact this is having on our campus and we wanted to reach out,” the school added, giving credence to anti-speech complaints about Walsh’s reality-based speaking tour.

Colleges and universities have played a key role in advancing the LGBT lobby’s trans agenda, both ideologically and in medical practice, including when it comes to the genital mutilation of kids.

Recent coverage from the Stew Peters Show exposed East Carolina University’s diabolical plans to perform genital mutilation operations on children as young as four. The public university even set up a statewide grooming program to go into public schools and find underage “gender reassignment” surgery candidates.

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