Dr. Zelenko on why enemy’s strategy to keep us in fear works like a charm(video)

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Dr. Vladimir ‘Zev’ Zelenko exposes the Satanic agenda behind this mass psychosis Covid plandemic. We’re god’s people and unless we understand that we’re being attacked on the soul level we can never overcome it. 

By keeping us in constant fear enemy expands his stronghold on our divine consciousness. And they have this very evil agenda to disconnect us from God and install their fear-based consciousness. Just isolate yourselves and understand there is an invisible enemy. Why has this worked like a charm? Because people have lost their connection with God. We rely on outside sources to make us feel safe and at peace.

Dr. Zelenko says firstly we should not fear humans. Our God has given us a beautiful gift of choice and we should exercise it. We have this divine connection with the infinite and in order to have a brief moment of enjoyment we give up on that connection. We should look the primordial Serpent in the eye and say ‘no’ decapitating it. All the things that are happening right now are only because we allowed it to happen.

Our society has become morally corrupt due to the brainwashing we have received in public schools. Immoral society can be easily confirmed to their Satanic principles. Every parent should pull their children out of school. Schools are teaching depravity and making children immoral. One of the basic reasons the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed was because the government made immorality the law of the land. And now they have decided to harm the children physically.

The government has already announced by sending your kid to school you are giving informed consent for the Covid vaccine. There is absolutely no reason to send your children to these death camps unless you hate your children. In Germany, teachers are shaming unvaxxed children while vaccinated are applauded.

Dr. Zelenko recalls Dr. Yeadon once told him for every one child that would die from Covid there are 100 vaccine victims. In other words, the vaccine is 100 times more lethal to children. This is child sacrifice. Only a paganistic society will sacrifice its children. This is a Biblical war and we can only win it by getting right with God. Fear and despair will remain in your mind if you have no connection with the infinite. Although it’s a difficult task we must realize that God made us in his image and we must try to conquer fear like He conquered death.

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